For Sandroni (2002), company is one ' ' organization destined the production and/or commercialization of good and service, having as objective lucro' ' (SANDRONI, 2002, 203), and for it, they can be distinct in agricultural, industrial, commercial and financial companies. The business administration, however, can be defined as ' ' a set of directed activities the efficient and efficient use of the resources, in the direction to reach one or more objective or goals organizacionais' ' (IT HISSES, 2001, 6). Amongst some branches of good or services that a company can offer it meets logistic, which according to Barbosa and Rabaa (2001), management all the necessities of a company, providing the same one with resources, equipment and information. Still according to them, the logistic one in a company involves ' ' activities of development, acquisition, construction, installation, provision, storage, transport, distribution, movement, information, controle' ' (BARBOSA & RABAA, 2001, 440) among others. According to Barsa Encyclopedia (2000), the logistic one in the antiquity and the average age, was under guardianship of the military, having as main example the Romans, which needed to move great contingents of men and resources, however to expand its territory long ago to defend its borders. For Aiming (2004), it was after World War II, that the necessity to reconstruct the cities devastadas for the same one, was that the logistic one left of being a strategy to only militate and started to be part of the strategy of the companies.

From this form, according to it, the area of performance of the logistic one suffered great transformations, being used, mainly, as tool of satisfaction of the customers in the following decades. In this period, the management of the processes of logistic was executed manually. All spare solicitation and withdrawal of materials, as well as the description of the products and its available amount, were written down in kept fiches and in closets.



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