Art Auctions In London And Berlin

A completely different atmosphere than the noble silence in museums, art lovers in the auction houses of the European metropolises can experience sightseeing with adrenaline. It is not necessary to bring your own commandments. Alone the exorbitant amounts for which the works of art under the hammer come, generate high voltage. online travel portal presents the traditional auction houses of in London and Berlin. In London are located with Sotheby’s as the largest and most influential and with Christie’s as the oldest, the most famous auction houses in the world. The auctions at Sotheby’s, meanwhile, determine the prices in the art market.

Although the House has now also the largest Internet Kunstauktionshaus, the auctions in the main building of posh London Bond Street lose not appealing. Finally, the charm of earlier, legendary auctions awaits the visitor upon entering the House. For no less than $82.5 million, Van Gogh’s portrait of Dr. Gachet came”at Christie’s under the hammer. Since its Founded in 1744, the bidding at Christie’s rise regularly to dizzying heights.

Because the visitor is not required to increase, visit an art auction for London tourists who ( travel) would thrill a little on their journey as well as art. In Germany, the Villa Grisebach in Berlin is one of the internationally important art auction houses. Works by German artists of the 19th and 20th centuries are traded primarily in the Wilhelminian style villa. In addition, the visitors bid both contemporary paintings and photographs. The height of the commandments is here also nothing to sneeze at.

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