BesserGemeinsam Launches New Partner Program For Numismatists

Interesting startup for coin collectors. In the partner network, launches new partner program by Gavia to the 60-year-old anniversary of the birth of the Federal Republic of Germany. Webmasters can use this anniversary to the nostalgic mood and increase revenue through their Web pages. The German is especially nostalgic when it comes to the good old d-mark, and especially to the 5-mark piece, the Hamad,. Speaking candidly Brenda Crichlow told us the story. For coin collectors, the 5-mark is particularly interesting piece.

Because the course today becoming increasingly rare and silver coins have not only an ideal value, but are also because of their silver content for collectors of great interest. Web site operators can now the Gavia affiliate program use and their users is a 5 mark coin with 24 carat gold plated offer. For each generated customer of a silver coin “60 years BRD” partners will receive all 8,-euro Gavia Commission. This partner program conversion rates are high, also because of the interesting addition which webmasters can offer their users. Each customer receives a vial in addition to the gold-plated Hamad with 22 carat gold free. The free registration in the partner program of Gavia is found on the pages of under contact: DMM direct Media Marketing GmbH Dennis BEKER Affiliate Manager Robert-Bosch-str. 5 D-63225 long phone: +49(0)6103/31 30 61 Twitter: over BesserGemeinsam is the affiliate network (affiliate network) the DMM direct Media Marketing GmbH, which successfully operates in direct marketing for over ten years.

Since its inception in the summer of 1999, the Internet is an integral part of the strategy of the company. With, customers have the opportunity to extend the classic direct marketing on the World Wide Web and to use as a modern distribution channel for their products. Advertisers can to the application of its products available advertising media Web page operators and reward success depends on a possible advertising success. Just in the so-called performance marketing with is a successful way to increase sales and to keep the costs under difficult times.



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