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Spam has today become a bad word in the vocabulary of the Internet kind. Cybernetic everyone hates the spammer, no one wants to be linked with this type of people, and why is that different types of filters and techniques are inventing to completely eliminate spam email, but busy day everything is in vain and always some other escapes. Spam is nothing more than a junk mail in large quantities and also with texts or informative images generally little relevant to the reader, which is almost always relative to products for sale that have little or doubtful morality. At the beginning the spam emails may seem innocent, but then were becoming something very annoying, bulky, and above all very relevant. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. Techniques that uses the spam today have known very well as exceed the borders of the mails, and have even reached different sites such as social networking, blogs, forums and cell phones. Something very important to keep in mind is that many spammers aren’t really aware of what they are. Most of them are individuals with very little knowledge of Internet tools and are accustomed to talk too but do not hear anything, it is that they use the most common techniques as the fill us with information with the remote hope of someone to buy. Instead, email marketing or mailing is a useful, informative, and tool that uses an organization or company to publicize their products to readers, but again ignorance of newbies stigmatized it as a different way of spam.

Email marketing has as main objective to form a base post office, known as mailing list, to send interesting information to the service or product offered by the company and most relevant promotions, usually through its Bulletin of news or newsletter. The mistake by email marketing in spam is when sending mails, abused by filling the email of the user with too much information, which although important, becomes annoying.

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