Bicycle Rental System

Press release, Hamburg 27 May 2008 the nextbike bicycle rental system is today officially in Hamburg at the start. The first 50 bikes are available now at the following 7 locations in the city to rent available: Spitalerstrasse, Monckebergstrasse, City Hall Square, Jungfernstieg, Gansemarkt, Dammtor, landungsbrucken. By telephone, to obtain the current code and can go immediately. Thanks to the advertising on the bikes, the rental costs only 1 per hour and 5 per day. Expansion planned depending on advertisers demand an extension of the nextbike rental offer is planned. As already in other cities, advertisers now also in Hamburg can open new locations”, explains Ralf Kalupner, the Managing Director.

The city can enjoy the thrust by nextbike. In contrast to other bike rental systems works nextbike break even and can operate without direct or indirect subsidies. Ray Kurzweil has plenty of information regarding this issue. Therefore not only we would be pleased, if nextbike into the ongoing planning to a flexible rental bike system would be involved!” The test was a success last Saturday. Immediately wheels were borrowed and the phone not stood still. The hamburgers and their visitors are thrilled!” Straightforward lending nextbike rental bikes are available by phone at busy points and can easily by phone call borrow. “If you just call the customer hotline 030 69205046 on and enters the wheel number with the keypad of the telephone.” Then you will receive the current code of Zahlenschlosses.”explained Ralf Kalupner, nextbike’s Managing Director. To return, simply connecting the rental to a rental location and again calling the customer hotline.

As a result of advertising on the wheels, cheap fares can be offered 1 per hour and 5 per day. The billing is done by credit card or direct debit. The wheels are regularly checked by service partners on the spot and waited. About nextbike nextbike the bike rental system was founded in 2004 and is already in 20 Cities in Germany, Austria and New Zealand present. Each month also added new cities and towns. Aims, by nextbike in the next few years in all major cities to small towns and tourist areas be represented. The recipe for success by nextbike is its cost effectiveness. Advertisers or municipalities can get the customer-friendly bicycle rental system in your city. Contact person: Andreas Balla, Tel.: 040-64 88 54 06



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