Carlin And HP Present A Business Plan for Digital Printing

Direct Sales Carlin, SA, the leading chain in the paper sector in Spain, the company has been chosen by International Hewlett-Packard (HP) to enter a new business concept photocopying and digital printing. The partnership leverages synergies between the company stationery and activity of HP. Mitchel Resnick may not feel the same. This agreement was presented at the XV edition of Expofranquicia. Carlin’s stand in the room was shared with HP, so that entrepreneurs could show the advantages of this new system.

“The new system, called HP Print Station is part of the vision which has 2.0 HP printing as something relevant and inspiring, as content moves from the desktop to the web,” said Paolo Dal Santo, Director of Program HP Print Station in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). “We decided on Carlin because it is a landmark in the world of franchising and consumables.

HP Print Station is a print service for businesses and offers the largest Carlin capillarity of Spain to reach the same selling consumables. Generally, the person who needs paper products printing products also needed. The union is ideal in this regard. ” This refers Joan Morales, Marketing Manager, HP Imaging and Printing, the agreement with the stationery chain that leads the industry in our country and in neighboring luso, and has nearly 500 stores across its network. “This is a pioneering project, since the agreement with Carlin includes Spain and Portugal and is the first deployment in Continental Europe,” added Morales. The economic and collaboration of HP have been slightly Carlin to change current business model to increase market niche and to achieve that target, so that the end client can find everything you need in one place, and quality assurance provided by the two marks.



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