Castello Branco

We can also cite diverse acts for incentive the politics of the coffee, but they cannot be considered plain economic, for the lack of the complexity of the plans as we attend in our country in century XX. Historically we can say that the first national plan was launched in 1890 with Deodoro Marshal. Educate yourself with thoughts from Eliot Horowitz. To guarantee prosperity and growth it emitted currency without the ballast and we fall in the famous crisis of the Economic depression with a true chaos in the economy of the country. In the government De Campos Sales, beginning of century XX, was made right celeuma of the economic depression and perhaps therefore, inside of some economic pointers, one of the best presidents is considered who Brazil already had. Other plans can be cited: Changes in the labor law of Getlio Vargas, much criticized and for some responsible ones for weighed loaded pack for the country until the current days. Plan Jumps in the Dutra government, 1948.

The plan of goals of JK in the decade of 50 with the famous jargon, 50 years in 5. Triennial plan of Economic and Social development of Goulart Joo? In the said regimen to militate, we had diverse and successful plans that had culminated in the economic miracle, we can cite: Plan of Economic Action of the Government of Castello Branco, Decennial Plan, Strategical program of Development in the Government Coast and Hisses, Program of Goals and Bases for the Action of the Government, considered for Mdici, First National Plan of Development PND-I, Second National Plan of Development PND-II, Government Geisel Third National Plan of Development PND-III In the decade of 80 in ahead we attend a festival of trapalhadas, empirismo and mediations politics that confused the society, attacked economic beddings or tripudiavam academic concepts. This does not want to say that reasoning and theories defended for its tutors were not based in, but always without the necessary precision, and always in worse of the hypotheses without the management and the correction of necessary routes. History showed the reality, February of 1986 – In the government Jose Sarney idealized for Dlson Funaro. The great error in my vision was the freezing of the prices and the mediation politics. The plan had excellent popular support. Plan Bresser July 1987, still in the age Sarney, the plan as always it had its virtues, but today failed and until the paid treasure the account of legal imperfections of this time.

The inflation gallopped the wide steps and already it terrified the society. Plan Summer January of 1989, having as Malson, Secretary of the Treasury of the N3obrega, this plan was marked in the end for the absurd inflation of 80% to the month and the total desestruturao of our finances. Collor plan March of 1990 – With intention to dry the liquidity of the market, it had I confiscate it of the saving and other restrictive measures that Brazil and the population had pressed. The reaction was enormous and according to some they count, the dose of empirismo and errors are one of the greaters of our economic history. With> the fall of Collor starts the history of the Real Plan and our current currency.



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