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Thanks to him, you can put your the device in his pocket, and not taking it comfortably listen to music. In many cases it is very convenient! Battery life for many people, the battery of the device plays an important role. Not only does bluetooth causes faster discharge your MP3-player, so more and you have to monitor the level of charge headphones that will agree, it is inconvenient. For myself, I do not think this is a big problem because I have enough charge headset for a few days, and the player even more. The sound quality Finally, we turn to the question that worries many: how good sound quality technology provides bluetooth? It depends on 2 devices – headphones and the player. Good headphones will sound bad with a bad player and good player will have a bad sound bad headphones. So a bunch of headphones, the player is more important than the connection settings. Headphones (including headset), made phone manufacturers often have problems with sound, which creates a bad reputation bluetooth.

In truth, the people with music phones do not care about quality sound for music, why, then, producers headphones deal with the fact that people do not care? Here they are not particularly care about the quality. At least most of them. But it's not so bad, more and more manufacturers make a decent bluetooth-headset. For example, model Jabra BT620s, one the best in its price range can be ordered from Amazon for just $ 35. There are other things that confuse some people – this version of bluetooth and streaming audio format. Basically, the version of bluetooth technology determines bandwidth of headphones, and what it is, the better the sound quality. Audio format, in which the device transmits the sound is also important. The file can be in MP3 or FLAC format, even, but most of the players before the transfer convert it to A2DP SBC-format, and only then transmits to the headphones.

Speaking of the majority, we mean all, because you're unlikely to find on sale a device that renders sound in their native format MP3, although it is theoretically possible. Now that we've covered the most important aspects of technology, bluetooth, try to answer the question: Does the technology bluetooth good sound? Perhaps 90% percent of people satisfied with the sound, since many users MP3-players do not so finicky. The sound quality in the wireless connection is not as good as a wire, but if you will pick up and properly configure the device, you are likely to be enough. In conclusion, a good word describes the use of technology bluetooth, will be a compromise. You are doing a lot of concessions, going to use bluetooth between sound quality, distance, time, battery life and price, but you have the freedom of movement (You would not be hooked on the wire!), And you can control the player using the headphones, without taking the player out of his pocket. In general, we recommend you try it, and if you like, you can hardly go back to regular headphones. Many useful articles and reviews you can read on the forum Cowon D2.

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