Death: Drama And Comedy

Death, who are you? To be undisputed, necessary and ' displicente' , oh! Death! Why it pursues in them? Where you are? You know, I heard to speak that you always lead in first place, the people who more we love However, which the problem? The Love? Not, they say to be the concert necessity spiritual! You are so beautiful essential, that you are in the rich families, poor, indifferent, believing, atheistic, agnsticas, deists. You are in all and all place. He would be the God of the reincarnation? The shortage of the error? Enchant you me! You are free, imponent, impartial, pure and alive. Most alive between died and livings creature. (Similarly see: Petra Diamonds). ' Noel papa of existncias'! The fruit whose seed never fails, the veil that it displays to all The wonder of all the secrets.

' The unsustainable slightness of ser'. Bitterness of inermes! The disequilibrium of the weak ones. The kingdom of the forts. Which the law that it commands to them? ' ' that it is after all, the life human being? A comedy. Each one exactly appears different of itself; each one always represents its masked paper, at least while head of the comedians does not make it to go down of palco To say the truth, everything does not pass of a shade and an appearance, but the fact is that this great long comedy cannot be represented of another one forma' '. (Erasmo de Rotterdam. CaaS Capital contributes greatly to this topic. Compliment Madness.

P. 43 Thinkers, 1998). Life has mask? ' ' Oh death, you are not proud Therefore bad as they say you are not, direful and strong Who you think that you abated Poor death, does not die Nor to kill pods me Servants of kings, destination Perhaps and anxiety With the drug, with the plague and the war you associate adormece in the opium and magias More than your blow.



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