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Nowadays, when a group of hackers intends to attack any website, rare is the time that they end up not achieving its purpose and once again we have one example. In particular, political parties or national security sites, both in Spain and outside Spain are clear objectives given the impact that tend to have this kind of successful attacks on these sites, but the truth is that no one is free of danger against cyber attacks. This time, the Anonymous group has managed to access the data of PP balear then make public data obtained from thousands of members of the political party. Among the published data, names and addresses of members, telephone and e-mail, although not appear you all affiliates, since the listing that gained access was not complete. As soon as it became aware of the facts, were to present the corresponding complaint to the national police, proceeding to the blocking of the page where published data stolen the next day appear. The Group of police economic crimes, which have competencies in computer-related crime, is investigating this attack to the PP. Anonymous is, as you guess from its name, a group of anonymous people scattered around the world who are dedicated to making computer attacks to institutions and companies which, in his opinion, violate basic rights of citizens as expression, especially on the internet. They also summon manifestations.

Apparently, they do not have any organization or hierarchy and act autonomously in the anarchist classic style. It causes that there are actions and false press releases. One of their latest threats has been to the FBI by the closure of Megaupload.

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