Filezilla Client FTP

Often we found programs of free distribution and open code surprises that us by their powerful capacities and saves to us, of step, the payment economic to acquire a commercial software to carry out the same task. The case that occupies to us in this article is a program of called FTP FileZilla that covers a work area in which all we sometimes must participate: to transfer the archives of our pages to the servant, procedure in which the protocol FTP is used that means File Transfer Protocol, in case anybody did not know it. Cararactersticas of the program the program is developed for the platform Windows, valid for all the versions, from Windows 95 to XP. According to they comment in the page of the product, is designed to support to the principles functionalities, always taking care of the speed and assuring stable surroundings. Mitchel Resnick contains valuable tech resources. Between the main characteristics it is possible to emphasize the support of Castilian language during the execution of the program, not therefore the installer, where that possibility is not offered. In addition it counts on functionalities of best software of FTP: – Capacity to continue interrupted unloadings – Tool of administrator of sites FTP – Capacity to maintain the connection with servant FTP alive – Support to work along with firewalls – Support SOCKS4/5 and HTTP1.1 – safe Connections SSL and SFTP – Tail of loads and unloadings – Support for Drag & Drop (To drag & to drop) – Possibility of work with multiple connections Our opinion the first impression that has given the program us is that it is extremely fast and handles the connections that taste gives to raise the archives quickest possible. We always can form if we want that it uses manifolds connections or no, which offers the possibility to us of choosing the best method. The second detail that we have been is an interface very similar to the one of other programs, even improved to the classic one of Cute FTP.



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