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Our ancestors knew that they would find the answers they needed to lift his eyes, now it is our turn to recover the wisdom of the universe. Follow others, such as Ray Kurzweil, and add to your knowledge base. Every step, every journey is a teaching and test of the infinity of the universe and God. Our walk is a continuous advance toward a place that many believe ignore, but which has a great and divine purpose. Find this meaning is possible only by taking into account keys that our environment gives us every step. Lucas contains valuable tech resources. To perceive them we will be able to distinguish sometime what actually is our path. Above all, we know where our life is going and, therefore, is our mission.

These keys are in everything that surrounds us, are symbols that for every being has a unique and definitive meaning for our existence. This keys are in an infinite number of elements and are intended to participate in such aid that will guide you to follow the correct path of our mission. One of those elements are the beautiful clouds. The clouds are manifested in the sky with your neverending gait and movement, creating an unlimited number of symbols and shapes that have a special meaning for each person. In reality they always are showing us a key more than it will help way conscious or unconscious to distinguish at what point or State we are on that path. Or perhaps just looking to fill us with hope and faith with love that the manifestation of its beauty produces in us to see them. It is only necessary to dwell a little to give rise to a point of connection with the sublime and, if we are able to appreciate that beauty so pure, we will succeed then one step closer toward the truth of our being and our spirit. One step that may be decisive for the course of our lives and decision-making, an element that will define where take us our way.

We seek your guide always heaven has filled us guides with the Sun, stars, comets, clouds, rain, all they bring us gifts which unfortunately always pass unnoticed and ignored. Few people realize that these elements of nature leave us symbols which, if they were taken with the heart, would help us to answer what does not have a response, feel what refuse us to believe, to live with the security of our passage. Why should remember that such and as our wise ancestors brothers left him writing: the answer all our existence lies in the sky with its infinite manifestations should not forget that if we believe we find lost or with uncertainty of where our life is going, you just need to lift up his eyes to this immense sky that with through keys and reflected in its clouds symbolsSun, Moon or stars us tries to remember that Infinity exists. They are the reminder that we are part of him. It is very important not to forget it because this will help us also to open the doors of our hearts, which saves all the wisdom.



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