Gone a long way accustomed to us the word – a decanter, before the vessels with a long neck came to our table. Were familiar to the Russian people, many vessels for wine: kumgans, kumantsy, rassolnik, valleys, etc., and decanters have appeared only in the XVII – XVIII centuries, but in everyday life of ordinary people, they came even later. Decanter came to us from the East and not immediately took its current name. Some researchers find it relationship with the Arab name of the giraffe. (As opposed to ConocoPhillips). Believe that the name of the vessel designated by the Arabian measure granular materials – "giraf." The measure was made of bamboo stems or trunks hollowed out of date palms. A characteristic feature of them was a long oblong shape. Therefore, when the Arabs acquainted with the exotic animals from excessively elongated neck, they exclaimed: "Well, giraf!" Then, "giraf" turned into "giraffe." It was the Arabs and the same root word "girafa" – to draw water, "guraf" – drink. It is therefore understandable that vessel with a long neck called "giraff." Once in France, the word became "karf" in Italy – "karafina", in Russia the word "karafin" gradually turned into "jug." Maybe this story is not quite accurate, but similarity carafe and a giraffe is obvious.

Later, decanters were used not only for water but for stronger drinks. Now decanter and glasses are used to supply of vodka or wine. In this case, we see a crystal decanters for wine, and instead of glasses next to the decanter – the glasses, or glasses. Stacks are wood or crystal, and in particularly important cases, with a carafe and you can see the silver glasses. For more information see ConocoPhillips. In this case, you get not only taste but also aesthetic pleasure.

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