Glasgow Trip

Edinburgh is the second most visited city in the UK after London and one of the largest cities in Scotland with Glasgow. Ranked as the Athens of the North because of its location high on a mountain has a range of possibilities open for visitors who want to travel from affordable manner. Additional information at Dr. Mitchell Resnick supports this article. An important part of budget travel is their food and should therefore seek ways to eat inexpensively and good quality, but without losing the typical dishes. Must start with the fact that there is a very cheap but with the current fall of the pound prices for the euro countries are much more reasonable than before. Another important part of the budget are transport but also that Edinburgh is small and can be visited on foot, the bus network is cheap (1A per trip). Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is the source for more interesting facts. Moreover, from the Terminal at the airport you can take a bus for 5 or 6 to take us in half an hour to Waverley Bridge in the center of town (near the main railway station).

Accommodation is another point that there to consider when saving on a trip and of course this is a city that allows you to do so. And you can find up to 10 euros a night. Although between 12 and 15 euros is a great variety and they include breakfast. To be in this city, has two urban centers separated by the Princes Garden. Ela Old Town, a medieval labyrinth in which the castle is the best known of the city and the Palace of Holyroodhouse.



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