How To Paint Walls

The process of painting the walls in the house has several features which, even if you're familiar with the paint, it is better to remember. Before starting to paint the walls, you should be concerned about the field and furniture: they must be carefully closed from possible contact with these paints. Better to do it with plastic wrap, and, in extreme cases – the newspapers. Especially important is this step if you have an apartment in an expensive flooring such as parquet or laminate. Next, what to do – remove all the skirting boards, switches and sockets from the walls. Next, you need to prepare wall surface for painting.

A good result – perfectly clean and dry, level surface without plaster walls. Verify its easy: just hold a dark damp cloth on the wall. If it was rubbish – so need to wash the wall again. The porous surface of the wall is better to put the primer. The porosity of the surface is checked as follows: wall surface is wiped with a damp cloth, and the surface absorbs water – requires a primer.

Prior to this, to cover up all the filler in the wall cracks. Apply the primer should be plenty to spread to the entire wall surface. The tool is ideal for the job – a special roller. First, you need to paint with a brush protruding on the surface elements, as well as lubricate the corners. For the rest of the surface coating Use the roller, causing them to paint evenly. This can be achieved by conducting pre-roll on the board by removing the excess paint with it. The paint on the walls should be applied in several layers. The first layer is applied to upright, slightly thinned paint. Follow-up – no. The second is applied across the wall, and the last – again along.

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