The modern societies are, therefore, for definition, society of constant, fast and permanent change. This is the principaldistino between the societies ‘ ‘ tradicionais’ ‘ modernas’ ‘ 8. According to Hall, different of modern thinkers who saw aidentidade as steady and unified, in after-modernity this identity has semostrado each time more dislocated and broken up. The concept of identity developed here is not, therefore, a existencialista concept, but a strategical and positional concept. That is, of directly contrary form what it seems to be its semnticaoficial career, this conception of identity does not designate that steady nucleus of euque passes, of the beginning to the end, without any change, for all dahistria viscitude.

(Hall, 2007, p.108). In the specific case of the ciganas communities, we can observarque had always revealed cultural identities considered sufficiently peculiaresao group. According to Muniz (1995), even so they have promoted some alterations emseus customs to be able to interact of satisfactory form with the local society, the gypsies if it has shown capable to assure the basic traces of suaidentidade, not even the threat represented for the television, that influenciasobretudo the young with the dissemination of proper ideas of the world occidental person, will obtain to wound of irreversible form. PIERRONI (2006) affirms that, the people gypsy sings and danatanto in the joy as in the sadness, therefore for the gypsy the life is a party and anatureza that the most beautiful generous encircles it anfitri. Where it wants that they are osciganos are soon recognized for its clothes and ornaments, and, principalmentepor its noisy habits. They are a full people of energy and great dose depassionalidade. They are so peculiar inside of its proper code of ethics; honrae justice; sense, felt and feeling of freedom that infect and to incomodamqualquer system. The cigana community loves and respects the nature, the aged etodos the members of the group educates the children of all, inside of the proper principles enormas of a purely verbal tradition, whose sopassados teachings.



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