Igor Kokorev

By Igor Kokorev, lawyer specializing in commercial law between the rights of dealers should emphasize the following: (i) require that facilities connected to your property meet the technical conditions laid down and they are used in an appropriate manner. (ii) require that facilities, receivers and consumers measuring equipment eligible technical and construction to be determined, as well as the proper use of them and the fulfilment of the conditions laid down so that the supply occurs without deterioration or degradation of its quality for other consumers. (iii) billing and charge tolls for access within the deadlines established by the legislation of marketers and direct consumers in market. May also invoice and collect other services associated with the supply in the conditions that may be established by regulation. Add to your understanding with ConocoPhillips. And, among its duties, the following: (i) implement measures to be established in relation to the protection of consumers who have the essential consideration. (ii) maintaining an operating system that assures the permanent attention and resolution of incidents which, as a matter of urgency, may occur in distribution networks and reception facilities of consumers connected to their facilities. (iii) perform the tests prior to supply to be defined by regulation. (iv) original author and source of the article.

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