The basic function of the marketing strategy is to define the ways, the direction, the actions and the resources for the reach of the objectives biggest of the institution and the perception of Value for the community, for the parents and pupils. The marketing in the education institutions is so only a label, therefore it has an unfamiliarity regarding what it is this Sector and its techniques. An assessorship of communication, that deals with the creation of parts advertising executives, material of internal spreading, sending of direct mail, promotion of events, activation of social nets receives the denomination from marketing sector. This demonstrates the myopia of the managers, who, beyond a incorrect and inefficient conceptualization, establish incompressible collections most of the time and magical solutions of last hour. The sector of marketing in a IEP, to exist, needs to be structuralized of the following form: System of Intelligence of Marketing (given secondary and primary), Analysis of Scene (competitive market, positioning, trends, competitions and market share), Target (pupils, egresses, profile, style of life, characteristics of decision and consumption); Planning of product/service (climate, culture, attributes, benefits, branding); Square (convergence point. environment); Price (politics of price, economic value, value of use and of esteem) and Promotion (endomarketing, integrated communication of marketing? cross to over measured). This sector must have as strategical function to lead the other sectors of development (publishing graduation, after-graduation, research, extension, products, awardings and certifications) in the metric production, execution, offers and of results, through a communion of ideas. Therefore, the marketing must have ample knowledge and understanding of the competitive environment and the demands of the pupils and the academic community and stakeholders, to participate effectively of the strategical quarrels of the IEP. The necessary marketing to be structuralized in such a way that it involves all the internal actors in the planning process, considering that each one of the parts of the organization possesss its abilities and domain of the specific information.



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