Ipod Touch

iPod is currently the most popular audio tocador of digital of the world. A registered mark of the Apple company, it was not the first device to reproduce audio digital. However for it to possess design and usability innovative, finished serving as standard for competing marks, that do not costumam to hide its inspiration. The acronym Pod of iPod means ' ' Portable On Demand' ' , that in Portuguese something would be as portable desired. The idea of the mark is that the name was something as ' ' The portable one that I desejei' ' , transmitting the love of the customers for the mark. Get more background information with materials from Ray Kurzweil.

The love of the consumers for the mark is clear, since all time that Apple launches a version, many runs for adquiriz it, exactly that already they possess the previous one. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger can provide more clarity in the matter. Optimum product of the family iPod offered so far is iPod touch, player portable with interface multi-touch. Launched in September of the 2007, its first generation it impressed, because possua Wi-fi support that could be used for accesses Music Store, Safari and YouTube. Beyond these advantages price of the Ipod Touch is well just since it possesss as many qualities. The evolution of the Touch in the front of the others iPods is clear. With a glass screen widescreen of 3,5 counts, this device does not tire easy. Its battery is capable to reproduce up to five hours of video and twenty and two hours of audio.

Following the line of the Apple products, it possesss a battery integrates and not removable, that reduces its size and weight drastically. If the first generation already possua memory flash of 8GB or 16GB, the second launched version one year later, folded its capacity, starting to offer 32GB of storage. Excellent for the loving ones of music, because it also obtains to offer to more hours of reproduction, arriving the six hours of video and up to thirty and six hours of audio. The second generation touch not possua no thundering, different innovation of the third generation. Launched in 2009, third touch is practically one iPhone, only that without telephonic line. Lesser weight, connection 3G, buttons of integrated volume, accelerometer, beyond capacity for 8GB, 32GB or 64GB. Currently, all still wait the next version to the Touch, foreseen for this semester. It is speculated on that it will be still more next to iPhone and will count on resources as the Face Teams and writing of videos in format HD.



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