Kirymur Water

Sailing where the heart of Kirymur beat, where the land if opened and the waters of the sea had invaded When taking the bark in the maritime terminal of Madre de Deus and sailing in direction to the coasts west or east can still be enjoyed of a rare natural beauty in the Bay of All the Saints (Figure 1). Potentialities of different categories are observed as: vegetal resources represented by bushes great areas of manguezais, hdricos resources represented by the water of the sea and river and important natural resources represented by lands indicated for the shelter of the wild fauna. However, in contrast with the natural landscape, beyond the industrial activities (Figure 2) and fishing (still the bomb is used by some fishing with frequent occurrences of accidents as it was informed by the conductor of the bark), although the manguezais to be areas of ambient protection, it has observed the increasing occupation of the islands for constructions of luxury for summering and many of surrounded them and with salty water swimming pools. Of one of the luxury houses the residue of the sewer can be seen being discarded in the sea directly contributing significantly for the increase of the pollution of the water of the sea (Figure 3). The ecofisiolgica interpretation on the ambient impacts on the ones of manguezais of the region of the Bay of All the Saints is very complex because it is an area that suffers negative pressures since the discovery from Brazil and, mainly, after the increment of the industrial activities in the beginning of the century and implantation of the petrochemical activities throughout last the 50 years in its edge. The obligator vegetal species as Rhizophora mangle, racemosa Laguncularia and schaueriana Avicennia are submitted the multiple factors of estresses and present heterogeneous physiological answers as strategy of survival in this region that, certainly, have been determined for the degree of severity of the tensors, to the time of exposition to agro-industrial pollutants e, over all, for the genetic characteristics of each species.



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