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The use of mobile devices in every day, continues at a frantic pace, passing to be the means by which he had to perform more and more tasks, and we’re confident that much of our daily operations. But you have to be very careful with the use that we make of such devices, since using the same means in turn associated risks to which we are exposed as users. Likewise, there are reports of many bodies in which we can see that every day there are millions more banking online and by phone users, making it an increasingly attractive market for criminals it. This morning we woke up with the news that detected Android apps malicious which obtained the bank details of users. Through applications supposedly designed to generate banking codes and secure financial passwords, cybercriminals obtained data and codes of access these users online banking Android, According to McAfee it revealed in a statement. McAfee noted that the Token Generator application deceives the users of Google’s operating system and gets its name, account number and financial passwords illicitly.

The malicious application Announces supposedly as a central of passwords and security codes generator, causing users to trust their information and therefore the same developer access to these data. The application makers have exploited social engineering so that the number of victims increases, according to security firm alert. Through e-mails, text messages and web pages cybercriminals advise you the user download the application that supposedly will protect your online financial activity, denounces McAfee before downloading any application, we, as a user, have a responsibility to review what is the provenance of the same, as well as inspect what permissions required, and as recommended by the manufacturers of anti-virus and security products. Audea security the Department management information source:

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