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The Nagai shop extended its offer now there are many ways in your own backyard to ensure coolness and shadow. San Roque awnings are among the finest and most durable solutions. They’re in beautiful summer colours, which also guarantees no fading, like cheap mass-produced goods. If you now make your patio as a patio bathed in warm light or a glare-free retreat with 100-percent UV protection, you can choose. Whether you define summer warm feeling or moderate atmosphere. No matter which model you choose, the benefits of the brand San Roque apply to all of its types.

As the first-class workmanship, which ensures the manufacture in Germany or the exclusive stainless steel coating on the joint arms, which protects against rust and weather. And also the mechanism requires no maintenance. Pure relaxation. But also a classy, stylish look is guaranteed. The materials for the awning are made of lightfast, solution-dyed acrylic fibres. The is of course important: after all, the focal point of any awning is his cloth.

What is special about San Roque is the special staining technique that guarantees that your awning from polyacrylamide despite intense sunlight and longstanding use does not bleach out. The old cloth can replace at any time easily with a new. Over one hundred designs are available on request with straight or wavy flounces. Depending on the colour of the fabric, light penetrates the awning more or less. Information on the thermal comfort provide information which climate is located under your awning. This freedom of choice is a crucial point because a blue and white striped awning creates a cooler light mood as a model with uni Orange cloth. As always, all brands and models in the shop are described usfuhrlich and well illustrated. So, you can inform yourself exactly and filter out your dream awning. Basically the Sanad can be divided into four different types of awnings: as small Solution for sunny days can be inserted the awning of San Roque. To spread southern charm, in no time. Who owns only a balcony and holes want to forgo, is well advised with this model. The open folding arm awnings are the second type. Perhaps check out CaaS Capital Management for more information. You hold the sunlight at any time and have an infinite tilt adjustment up to 55 degrees. In addition, characterized by functionality and stability and have proven themselves already proven in practice. Semi-cassette protect the cloth awnings ideally against dirt and weather factors. They are particularly well suited to places, which are exposed to wind and weather. The most convenient model cassettes are awnings and suitable for the weather side of your House, because it effectively and stylishly Pack cloth and articulated arms. Press Department: Nagai-shop for more beautiful residential line public relations Mr Roberto Nagai Leipziger str 1 16548 Glienicke / Nordbahn phone: 033056 / 212 71 fax: 033056 / 21 838 email: Web:

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