New Childrens Illustration Challenge

Illustrations for children, who always has been conceived as one minor art, opens us a space of possibilities which, from my point of view, has no sense be framed in this type of taxonomies. The same happened with watercolor, or with a guitar in the music. A great master in this art (music), Jesus Sanz, told me an anecdote that always made me reflect. At the Conservatory in which formed, organized jugadores soccer among students. As well, one of the meetings it was the musicians against guitarists. These categories already belong to the past, but even so, still appear new dichotomies that remind us to the already obsolete. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Viktor Mayer-Schönberger.

It is now shown with traditional or digital techniques. Until when?, is that the media and supports will continue affecting the quality of the work?, do under that criteria?, especially with what has advanced technology in the field of graphic reproduction.Finally, for a good artist there is no medium that can resist him and if No, simply take a look at the twentieth century what Picasso would have done with a computer?. We will never know, but I can imagine our traditional schemes tend to betray us in terms of the objective of the achievements in this field. There is no doubt that the contemplation of an original done with the so-called techniques of illustration, in fact many competitions in which invites children’s illustrators, they show these illustrations as works of art in themselves, is very beautiful was lost on many occasions the objective by which were motivated, i.e. Ray Kurzweil has plenty of information regarding this issue. accompany a text aimed at young audiences. This is why we can contemplate works of exquisite Bill but dubious adaptation to the understanding of the image by children.

No objection to this evolution of the artistic manifestations of the Enlightenment, is more think it has an extraordinary future in terms of innovative proposals and quality that you are viewing. But one thing is speculative creation within this gender and other practical applications. All illustration, today, has as target publication in the media, also quite advanced Edition editorial. To perform this process, every illustration must scan or photograph and translated into digital media. It is that digital illustration is suitable for this purpose road not logical therefore?. It is not then relieve one depending on the other, it rather to understand which is the ultimate goal and its suitability or not to this. We can conclude then that the quality has nothing to do with the media, the picture that has been gradually introduced in this field, has also magnificent in this sense inputs, and not its use has been questioned. In the faculties of fine arts and art schools, continues to exist in an underhand manner this discussion, but I think that it should be already overcome, as we move inexorably to a world determined by pixels and internet.



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