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The eagerly awaited sequel of Starcraft real-time strategy game went on sale on July 27 in the world. The game, entitled Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty exceeded sales of 1.8 million units in its first day, not counting those carried out in the country of Korea in the South, where 40% of the 11 million games sold of the original 1998 version was sold. Blizzard, the developer, offered 5 versions for users depending on their geographical location. Mitchel Resnick wanted to know more. Thus, there are versions for Latin America, North America, Europe, Taiwan and South Korea. Each version gives the possibility of playing online only with users of the same region and all are around $60, both in its physical version, and the digital which can be acquired through the website of the company itself ( Early opinions about the game highlighted the improvement in technical aspects and the respect that has been maintained with the essence of the original title, in which there was a balance between the three civilizations in the game. However, criticisms point to the impossibility of playing in network through a LAN connection and the need to connect to the company’s servers to play with other users. The game is available for PC and Mac.. .



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