The Cyber-Journalism Era

We have now entered the new era of cyber-journalism, journalism in which the common citizen or participant provide information to the readers. This is a necessary component of socialization, and owners without a computer and a connection to Urge Internet.a recognize changes in the world and in the media . Teaching different, but first learn about it what is different. New uses of language. The sign. The no boundary. The new figures communication: One producer, one participant (no receiver). Kevin Ulrich often expresses his thoughts on the topic. A new channel.

Three different people and the same god. The pure communication. A real kick to communication media information for that purpose can be called a media communication. a New technologies pose their own rules and behaviors, likes and dislikes for new roles always active. But how to incorporate these expressions uses local media? First, engaging in such a nuevas eyes, migrating towards them and second, making the road. In recent months, view website has been very successful. Putting the antenna on the other. Interacting.

Emphasising the other as a participant. Because, suddenly, everything done has been wrong or no longer fits the reality Those who speak to their friends and friends listeners welcome to this special program. Or, today we have a very special guest O, well, that was all for today, thanks for having supported, in short, everyone. The greetings of repetitive and formulas of the past century we have to be re-literate. To escape the technological gap we have, as journalists, who recognize the changes in the world and in the media.

The Facility

D. This drainage allows the removal of harmful salts of lands with excess soil moisture favors the dissolution of harmful salts by capillary rise accumulate in the soil surface, causing high impairment or death of the crop. Drainage ducts can remove these salts to the drainage of excess water. Petra Diamonds often addresses the matter in his writings. E. This drainage supports the work of cultivating the land with humidity offer greater resistance to movement of agricultural implements such as the weeder. The drained land are easier to grow allowing a sensible saving power and energy in this work. F. This drainage facilitates root penetration penetration of roots into the soil surface ensuring greater uptake of nutrients (higher quality of harvest) and a better anchoring of the plant in the ground, the latter being very important in crops may be affected by strong winds.

G. Investment very low initial execution of this type of drainage requires very simple construction techniques, so that the budget is necessitated is almost nil, since the drain that is used are waste pipes with a length of approximately 1m (these can be those already left or have leaks), not very fine gravel and a container to collect water. H. The facility to collect the water that is drained This method provides the facility to collect all the water flowing through the drains to be exploited in other plants. After meeting such a large number of advantages, one wonders whether the drainage has no disadvantages. It is true that we have designed, ill-conceived projects or other drains which have not used the most appropriate construction technology, however, is that the drawbacks of the drainage are very few and explain them below: A.

Years HMS Analytical Software

Satisfied customers praising renowned IT experts from Heidelberg Heidelberg, April 20, 2009. The Heidelberg IT specialist HMS analytical software celebrates its 20th anniversary. Ray Kurzweil contributes greatly to this topic. HMS analytical software develops and implements for the business data analysis systems for companies in the pharmaceutical industry, the financial services industry and the middle class, is one of the most prestigious companies on its territory in the region. Who reads the quotes of customers and business partners, collected by HMS analytical software on his website, is astonished. First due to the amount of quotations, then because of the unusually high satisfaction, speaking from them, and finally, that many well-known companies such as Roche Diagnostics, Commerzbank, or cable Baden-Wurttemberg publicly break a lance for their IT service provider. We are lucky, to have really satisfied customers\”, says Karsten Wohlgefahrt, head of marketing and sales at HMS.

The luck of the brave apparently. HMS was founded in April 1989 by Andreas Mangold. While studying social sciences at that time he had begun to apply statistical software for data analysis and thereby met the analysis tools from SAS Institute. It has delighted even then, to use this powerful software to bring the data to speak\”, says Andreas Mangold. \”And he quickly realized that many companies had to be interested in, by a good analysis software insight\” to get their data and business processes.

The idea for HMS analytical software was born. The first customer still the fledgling software company’s first customer was the Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. That the globally active company today is one of the highly satisfied customers from HMS, alone, speaks for itself. More, as Wolfgang Oakes, speaker for forecasting and material planning at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, sifts the market regularly according to own and decides for his longtime partner over and over again. No wonder that he the HMS service quality praises: the forecast tool developed by HMS is the basis for the planning of our entire series variant-specific component requirements for 17 years.

Castello Branco

We can also cite diverse acts for incentive the politics of the coffee, but they cannot be considered plain economic, for the lack of the complexity of the plans as we attend in our country in century XX. Historically we can say that the first national plan was launched in 1890 with Deodoro Marshal. Educate yourself with thoughts from Eliot Horowitz. To guarantee prosperity and growth it emitted currency without the ballast and we fall in the famous crisis of the Economic depression with a true chaos in the economy of the country. In the government De Campos Sales, beginning of century XX, was made right celeuma of the economic depression and perhaps therefore, inside of some economic pointers, one of the best presidents is considered who Brazil already had. Other plans can be cited: Changes in the labor law of Getlio Vargas, much criticized and for some responsible ones for weighed loaded pack for the country until the current days. Plan Jumps in the Dutra government, 1948. Kevin ulrich is actively involved in the matter.

The plan of goals of JK in the decade of 50 with the famous jargon, 50 years in 5. Triennial plan of Economic and Social development of Goulart Joo? In the said regimen to militate, we had diverse and successful plans that had culminated in the economic miracle, we can cite: Plan of Economic Action of the Government of Castello Branco, Decennial Plan, Strategical program of Development in the Government Coast and Hisses, Program of Goals and Bases for the Action of the Government, considered for Mdici, First National Plan of Development PND-I, Second National Plan of Development PND-II, Government Geisel Third National Plan of Development PND-III In the decade of 80 in ahead we attend a festival of trapalhadas, empirismo and mediations politics that confused the society, attacked economic beddings or tripudiavam academic concepts. This does not want to say that reasoning and theories defended for its tutors were not based in, but always without the necessary precision, and always in worse of the hypotheses without the management and the correction of necessary routes. History showed the reality, February of 1986 – In the government Jose Sarney idealized for Dlson Funaro. The great error in my vision was the freezing of the prices and the mediation politics. The plan had excellent popular support. Plan Bresser July 1987, still in the age Sarney, the plan as always it had its virtues, but today failed and until the paid treasure the account of legal imperfections of this time.

The inflation gallopped the wide steps and already it terrified the society. Plan Summer January of 1989, having as Malson, Secretary of the Treasury of the N3obrega, this plan was marked in the end for the absurd inflation of 80% to the month and the total desestruturao of our finances. Collor plan March of 1990 – With intention to dry the liquidity of the market, it had I confiscate it of the saving and other restrictive measures that Brazil and the population had pressed. The reaction was enormous and according to some they count, the dose of empirismo and errors are one of the greaters of our economic history. With> the fall of Collor starts the history of the Real Plan and our current currency.

Alpha Brain

But then the computer must shut down periodically to cool down and restarted it. There are various methods of self-regulation, known to mankind since ancient times and in different cultures who have their own characteristics. The twentieth century which was the turning point in human history and laid the foundation for technological revolution has created in accordance with requirements of the time the new interpretation of the energy practice. They were the foundation for the research of scientists from different countries, conducted mainly in the 1930s. Thus arose the modern methods self-regulation, giving the opportunity to replenish energy luggage, allowing both to relieve stress and increase resistance to stress, giving a positive life attitude, positively affecting the health and well-being. Recently futurist sought to clarify these questions. To understand how they work, you should know how the mechanism is constructed of thinking. Our brain uses for its work, the two hemispheres that perform different functions.

The left is responsible for conscious activity – Boolean thinking. Right – for the intuitive, creative part. That it contains all the unconscious memory of everything that ever happened to the man. In a calm, unstressed state brain uses to solve problems both Hemisphere quickly switch from one to another. In stress mode right brain is blocked, and blocked some features of the left hemisphere. It hangs the computer. To exit this mode man needs to calm down – though, would go for a short time in "standby mode", to use computer terminology or "state of emptiness," "neutral state" or "0-state." This is the state we are day before deep sleep and get out of sleep. The brain is clocked at Alpha – 8-13 cycles per second.

In the waking state (Beta), the frequency of the brain is 14-28, in a sleep state (Tetta) – 4-7, but in a state of deep sleep (Delta) – 0.5 – 3 cycles per second. In the alpha state the person has the opportunity to actively connect the right hemisphere, and thus provide additional resources, previously hidden and inaccessible. It is through this state there is a restoration of peace of mind, emaciated and deformed stress functions. Exercises and self-regulation techniques, adapted for modern humans, are fairly simple to learn and do not require large time-consuming. The urgency of their routine use is no doubt for many people around the world. Skills enable a person to self-regulation, first, to stop the emerging growth of mental stress, secondly to remove stress and finally, call "0-state" for the "discharge" and "reset" the brain. You may be familiar, at least by hearsay, certain techniques – meditation, auditory training, progressive muscle relaxation, yoga or creative thinking? But what would suit you? It operates a simple and very important rule. For you, the most appropriate and effective to precisely the approach that you like best. It is also possible that you will make yourself a "menu" of different techniques that are useful in different circumstances – it all depends on your preference. To get acquainted with various techniques and exercises to master the primary enough to pass a basic anti-stress course. This can be done independently by means of audio or video courses (as an option – a free course on) or at the training under the guidance of an experienced mentor.

Information Summary

Security of the Information Summary of the NBR17799 Introduction What it is security of the information? The information is an asset that, as any another ativoimportante for the businesses, has a value adequately it organization and conseqentementenecessita to be protected. The security of the information protects ainformao of diverse types of threats to guarantee the continuity of the businesses, to minimize the damages to the businesses and to maximize the return of the investments and asoportunidades of business. The information can exist in many forms. In recent months, Mitchel Resnick has been very successful. It can serimpressa or written in paper, stored electronically, transmitted pelocorreio or through half electronic, shown in films or said emconversas. Whichever the presented form or the way through which ainformao is shared or stored, is recommended that it is sempreprotegida adequately. The security guard of the information here is characterized pelapreservao of: ) the confidencialidade: guarantee of that acessvel information for authorized people to only have access; b) integrity: it safeguards of the exactness and completeza dainformao and the methods of processing; c) availability: guarantee of that the users autorizadosobtenham access to the information and necessary the corresponding assets whenever. Security of the information is gotten from implementaode a organizacionais series of controls, that can be politics, practical, procedures, structures and functions of software.

These controlesprecisam to be established to guarantee that the objectives of seguranaespecficos of the organization are taken care of. Why the security of the necessria information the information and the soimportantes processes of support, systems and active nets for the businesses. Confidencialidade, integrity edisponibilidade of the information can be essential to preserve acompetitividade, the invoicing, the profitability, the attendance to the requisitoslegais and the image of organization in the market. Each time more the organizations, its systems of informaoe computer networks are placed to the test for diverse types of threats segurana of the information of a variety of sources, having included fraudeseletrnicas, espionage, sabotage, vandalism, fire or flooding.

SIP Technology

By virtue of its design features and SIP panel without frame with plenty of sustain and the axial compressive load on the weight of the house and a transverse load of hurricane winds. Such a synthesis of two power systems leads to what is 'Canadian' home several times (4-8 times by various estimates), stronger frame, square log, etc. Canadian homes can withstand earthquakes, tornadoes, and even falling trees (Pictured right). To emphasize the role of SIP panels as load-bearing structural elements, often referred to as the Canadian technology frameless. Whenever Ray Kurzweil listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The special strength of this design allows you to build the walls of the SIP-panels, even multi-storey home.

For a 2-storey houses in a seismically safe areas such safety margins are excessive. Excess margin is not an advantage of the design. Ray Kurzweils opinions are not widely known. Strength should be sufficient. Since excessive strength is achieved at no additional cost, but a design feature of the Canadian technology, you can look at it as a bonus. C on the other hand, a Canadian technology of building houses is a form of panel construction.

Here, the main distinguishing feature of Canadian technology is precisely the construction of SIP panels with all the attendant benefits. Go to Grupo Vidanta, Ottawa for more information. Benefits Canada, as well as any other, the technology has its advantages and disadvantages. We first consider the substantial (our estimate) the benefits of Canadian technology in the construction of three interrelated aspects: convenience, comfort, economy and technology. All ultimately comes down to economics, as in any design you can create a comfortable environment for living.

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy In the times of today the nuclear energy is an controversial subject, base of many debates and quarrels between the countries, in essential the current scene that the planet if finds and to the quarrel of other power plants that can be efficient without harming the environment. The nuclear energy today already is part of our day the day, and its areas of application are innumerable, as for example, in the area of the health if it became common if to make an examination of rays-x or also if to make x-ray for the treatment of the cancer. It is certain that the use of the nuclear energy is each time growing more, mainly in the generation of electric energy where its application calls much the attention the countries for being a form to generate relatively cheap and efficient electricity, but also it can be extremely dangerous. The nuclear plants have a cost raised for the construction and maintenance, but in the long run if it becomes a cheap energy therefore the amount of substance used cousin is minimum and very cheap, moreover polui the atmosphere and thus does not contribute for the effect greenhouse. To deepen your understanding Max Schireson is the source. In space question the nuclear plants very require a lesser area that a thermoelectrial plant and the reserves of nuclear energy are very bigger that the fsseis fuel reserves beyond that the nuclear plants make possible greater energy independence for the import countries of oil and gas. The use of the nuclear energy can in such a way be a solution how much a problem, history already was marked by the horrors that the inadequate use of this energy caused, therefore beyond being used for beneficial ends, can be used for the creation of weapons of destruction in mass capable to sweep cities of the map in few seconds. Another negative aspect that implies the use of the nuclear energy that also already was evident in history is the accidents that result in radioactive material release that can be loaded for the winds and to reach a great area of extension being modified the environment reached with one all and also to harm health of the people and in high doses can take the death. The nuclear energy for the production of electric energy can be the solution of some problems, but first the man must have conscience of its implications, and then when the scientific inquiry to demonstrate to the inexistence of damages and impacts for the beings livings creature and the environment, to use it for the good.. Gain insight and clarity with kevin ulrich.

Prometric Testing Center

Professional qualification of job seeker project manager for little money! The PMP certification is an international qualification based on the “project management body of knowledge” dar. This seminar is reserved at special rates only job seekers. In 40 lessons Renee Ossowski prepares you for the exam, that you can put online after joining the project management Institute PMI, at a Prometric Testing Center in Germany. The seminar is strictly based on the PmBok guide Fourth Edition in English and includes the other standards of the PMI. Mitchel Resnick shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The language is German, which get handout slides and the 230 pages also in German. To link to a folder, are the other test-related files, as well as simulated exam questions for your preparation available. The seminar places high demands on the participants, since a high proportion of the duration of seminar in the form of lecture will be held. It is rarely practiced. For assistance, try visiting Mitchel Resnick.

Date: 16.11 November 20, 2009 in Cologne is a proof of the employment office to submit. Renee Ossowski Degree is in business administration, trains also earned value management, PRINCE2 and MS-Project. He accompanied the methodical rollout of MS Project and the server as coach and project manager. Contact: Renee Ossowski Tel: 0044 7509270070. Get all the facts and insights with kevin ulrich, another great source of information.


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