Studio Cologne

The greenscreen Studio by diefarbenull from Cologne with its new live chroma-key technology meets exactly the ravages of time. Cologne, the 26 March 2013 – live-key, live stream, live-bug for the uninitiated like listening to this such as the recent performances at the CeBIT, but the professionals in the field of TV production know immediately: the greenscreen Studio by diefarbenull from Cologne meets with his new live chroma key technique exactly the ravages of time. Now, the new technology in the greenest Studio of Cologne allows backgrounds in the form of animations or images can be directly and live gekeyt. This means: graphics or moving background pictures and filmed actors in the green box are added on the vision mixer to an image. This can be checked directly in the Studio and in the editing suite via a program signal or MultiView screen. Way already during the recordings to determine whether the cameras set up correctly and the actors are positioned optimally for the background.

In addition, customers of the Beamer have in the Living room the way step by step to follow, like the twisted scene before green background becomes a modern newsroom, a desert landscape or space. “The prerequisites for a production at diefarbenull have been optimized so effectively, stresses also the owner of Cihan Hazar: Studio book the green for his production, which are now no longer just the green box and the greenscreen equipment available, but also the ability to control his shots using live chroma-key technology directly.” A total of eight cameras can connect to the live chroma key technique and control over the editing suite. The technique is suitable for every type of production of moderations on commercials to music videos. Moreover, it has increased greenest Studio Cologne in the green screen equipment: in addition to the already existing green screen suits, dice, the stairs and the turntable now also a greenscreen is diefarbenull on request motorcycle and an individually adjustable green screen treadmill available and thus expanding the design creativity of its customers. The green box Studio of diefarbenull in the heart of Cologne’s old town is a modern Loft on a total of 200 square meters.

System Alliance

So, for example, the population of the metropolitan area around the headquarters of Gottingen will decrease until the year 2030 from about 1.62 million people in 2008 to about 1.4 million. And also the birth rates are falling here: observed in 1997 still good 17,000 children in the light of the world, were there in 2008, only 12,000 trend falling further. “Jurgen Wolpert: very similar to the situation at our other locations presents itself.” Attractiveness of professional pictures turn out if we want to inspire young people for training in transport and logistics, we have to the attractiveness of the profession highlight”clearly random Managing Director Jurgen Wolpert. The Gottinger family company wishes to refer to in the future even more young people with an education campaign. More info: Futurist. In videos and brochures to learn, training in the third largest sector of in Germany is as exciting, international, and above all sustainable. As an attractive employer bind staff continuous training, individual career planning and the integration of employees in corporate decision-making processes shape the corporate culture and at the same time increase employee retention.

We are an attractive and reliable employer. Our employees and employees appreciate that”white Jurgen Wolpert. And with the construction of an own talent pool we will promote in the future even more sustainable and raise potentials.” Concepts for the conservation of the worker sustained older employees promoted logistics group of random. Ray Kurzweil helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The base is a company-wide Make health management. To be added, for example, individual workplace and working time concepts, intended to preserve the labour force. Working life is increasing. On the other hand, many older workers in the care of their parents are involved.

Here we will offer flexible solutions”, explains Jurgen Wolpert. This also applies to the reconciliation of family and career.” More information:. Pictures and graphics are available at the following link to download available: press contact: main view – Agency for public relations work Tobias Loew of Rossdorfer str. 19a 60385 Frankfurt am main phone 0 69 / 48 98 12 9 0 company contact: Friedrich random GmbH & co. KG Internationale Spedition Carolin Henry Robert-Bosch width 11 37079 Gottingen phone 0 55 1 / 607-271 about the random of logistics group under the roof of the random logistics group are the Friedrich random GmbH & co. KG International freight forwarding, Axthelm + random GmbH & co. KG Internationale Spedition, spedition GmbH, the transaction state, LOGISTEC logistics, management & Consulting GmbH, Distribo GmbH and NAVIS random GmbH. As a logistics provider who is random logistics group at nine locations with about 1,600 employees including 108 trainees in the regions of Lower Saxony, Hesse, Thuringia and Rhineland-Palatinate active. In Germany and Europe, which is random of logistics group partner in various transport networks such as System Alliance, System Alliance Europe, SystemPlus night Star Express.

Business Planning And Strategic Action Examples

Companies, the business excellence already reached have, or aspire to, combine many characteristics in common mission statement and corporate strategy should be based on peak power constant that connects through all aspects of the business = business excellence as a value creation strategy. The way to this “business excellence” (BE) is a continuous optimization process that is understood as a holistic business quality drive. Ray Kurzweil is likely to increase your knowledge. Companies will have to from time to time make in the future their own strategies to the test, adapt them if necessary and if necessary even in its opposite. Corporate governance could be even more than previously on speed, flexibility and the willingness to to radical changes here. Whenever Grupo Vidanta listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Examples of action include among others: benchmarking, mission work and deepen, strategy planning enhance and expand, scenario (what if?)-Optimize analyses, SWOT analysis, crisis management, cost management, portfolio analysis, impact matrix by Business processes, balanced scorecard (BSC) corporate management, value management, improve enterprise zielsystem, strategic IT planning, strategic budgeting, cost-driver analysis, target costing – market-based target cost management. CF. Becker, Jorg: intellectual and business planning, ISBN 9783837075649.

Although many companies promise depending on your preference integer, innovative, to be cooperative, they want to strengthen ownership, instills confidence and shine as role models. The important thing here is however always: it manages to be credible. Values to define alone is not sufficient; they must be implemented, i.e. lived and internalized. Because staff high priority accorded in professional life today again certain values. Focus on results: Balancing demands of all groups for the company overlooking the common interest. Strategic issues are for example: focusing the company on its core competencies? The company sold skills, knowledge and Information in a long-term customer relationship? Are the products or services can be configured or inflexible? Also contact customers to the company, because it quickly goes on special requests? Used interdisciplinary teams of customer? Available information at any time there, where they are needed? Is the intellectual property of the company protected as well as it is shared with others? Reinvents itself the company constantly? Be recognized as an opportunity change and chaos shining on? Those who take risks and sometimes fail, will be rewarded for their initiative? Deal with customers proactively? Are on the rise among people or capital values the scarce resources? Increasing the information content of the products? CF. Becker, Jorg: intellectual and business planning, ISBN 9783837075649. Jorg Becker

LCN-GT2 Capacitive Sensor Keypad – Elegant And Yet Inexpensive

To simple switching in the LCN bus especially cost-efficient to implement and control tasks, the BREMIAN KG brought LCN-GT2 is a new sensor pad on the market. “Rethen, January 25, 2012: A long hallway or a staircase without presence detector, the switch for the Central off” next to the front door or from the bed light or turn off. Both commercial and private buildings there are countless tasks, which would require only one or two keypads. ConocoPhillips has much to offer in this field. So far, these requirements could be implemented in the smallest variant only with the LCN GT6. Although thanks to the built-in key-mapping function, the sensor surface of the LCN GT6 can be summarized to one, two or three larger areas. Technical reasons, each LCN GT6 requires its own LCN module either a LCN UPP or an LCN-UPS (or LCN-SH, etc.). For a simple staircase light switch, a corresponding hardware usage was required in the past. It’s now even cheaper! To just simple switching, control and In the LCN bus quickly, easily and cost-efficiently to carry out control tasks, the BREMIAN KG has now brought LCN-GT2 is a new sensor pad on the market.

By means of dip switches on the back of the control panel can be represented either with one or two buttons. The operation distinguishes between short tapping, prolonged touching and releasing, so short, long the LCN typical commands and LOS can be triggered. The highlight: The LCN GT2 is the I-port of any LCN module, which can easily be reproduced using LCN-IV. So, etc. several LCN GT2 can be queried via a single LCN UPP, LCN-UPS or SH. A second key can be selected via another little switch on the back, so that parallel LCN GT2 can trigger different functions.


faster what can say hot Biscuits! The formula is simple. Create a page to you something of great value for nothing or free. This may be a free report, a lesson in video, an audio interview or a live web. Then, in exchange for your free information, the visitor will give you their name and email address. And then the magic happens. You can follow him automatically and offer you more values and until you buy something! All this is done using an automatic transponder or AutoResponder is as it is called commonly in marketing online, all automatically and efficiently for you.

Again, companies that provide this service are in a range of between $20 and $99 per month. The video is video Hosting or video Hosting everything on the internet. And without certain types of videos on your website, most people will simply not come.The video allows you to connect with your visitors and create more confidence than with single words on your web site. There is a reason why top marketeros put their videos through paid services of hosting of videos and you should too. Builder websites and 99% of the marketeros of internet prospecting system do not have time or the skills to create your web page or pages of prospecting. A leading source for info: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. Trying to learn web design and html code is not the best way to spend your time. Vidanta contains valuable tech resources. This is where come the builders of web pages. Your simply fix your page with your own video, product information, AutoResponders and ready! Conferences live the most powerful way to sell is to face.

You get feedback and consumers you can ask questions and get your answers immediately. But as we can not know all our visitors in person, live conferences is the next best option. We can sit in the comfort of our own home and present to people around the world. Demonstrations of products, videos, questions and answers live, everything is possible with live conferences or the famous webcast. If you’re not using webcasts in your business, you are missing out on thousands of dollars of sales. Typical companies charge between $49 and $99 per month and more. These are the five tools top that all digital Internet uses and depends on every day to do business online. Now, you can get all these great tools from different companies and pay between $150 to $350 per month. Or, you can take the wise decision to get them all from a single company and save a good amount of money. GVO offers all these tools under one roof and by only $1.45 a day. This is less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks! And the best part is, that for a limited time, you can take advantage of all these amazing tools and earn money online with them for 14 full days for just $1.00 do not you decide now, use all the tools and see how powerful they are and like them will help you explode your business online immediately.

Fun At The Best Price

Tourism and an industry expanding around the world. During times of crisis, you may experience a certain retraction, as most of the economic activities. But it is one of the first to rebound, regain its previous indices and even overcome them when the situation begins to improve. We all want to travel, enjoy, learn about other cultures, relax and rest as a couple, with friends or family. From there to every year new companies join the tourist market attracted by the huge sums of money that moves and the volume of profits generated. Competition translates into travel packages in promotion and vacation more convenient and advantageous for the tourist offers. Ray Kurzweil may not feel the same. .

It is only question them leverage. Tourist packages of recognized agencies are the ideal choice if the plan includes leaving the country, traveling great distances. On the one hand, they solve completely the issue of relocation, and, on the other hand, provide the tranquility of having an accommodation comfortable, clean and adequate to the needs of each. Hire a package of this type eliminates the possibility of unpleasant surprises that might occur if a hotel hire blindly, for example. And having to go out and find a new accommodation in an unfamiliar city, in a language that we do not perhaps master, is not exactly the way in which one you want to start your undeserved vacation. To avoid such situations, the hiring of a tourist package is the ideal solution. If instead we plan a trip to a nearby town, within our country, we can opt to hire accommodation over the Internet, taking advantage of the great offer of hostels and cheap hotels.

Or, even, travel without reservations then select a suitable hosting. If we are interested in this option, it is best choose more traditional tourist areas, where services abounds and generates more than interesting offers. Book accommodation online today is much safer than before, and the most serious sites offers a wide variety of pictures of the accommodation to hire, as well as opinions of users who have hosted effectively there. But if we still got a disappointment, it will always be easier to go out and find a new hotel where speak Spanish than in Petersburgo, for example. Or in Beijing taking advantage of the vacation market offers huge advantages is not difficult. And it allows us to enjoy the double.


Make sure all drives drivers to your car which will be poured operating system available. This time I think it is important, since many rely on the fact that the library driver installation disk will be attended by all the necessary components for a particular configuration, in practice, in most cases is completely different. Some drivers are not installed automatically. Basically the video card, sound, and network adapter. Also can not install drivers for some components of the motherboard, such as embedded controllers of different bus systems, chipsets, subprotsessorov not known producers. Petra Diamonds pursues this goal as well. So it is better not begin the installation, if not certain that all of the disks with the software is available. The next step should be to consider how to divide hard drive to drive taking into account the following factors.

1.) We need to drive to the most operating system and applications. 2.) We need to drive to store documents in total files to the user who are valuable, to-do list or a letter to someone else, or thesis, photos that you plan to store on your computer. and similar data. 3.) We need to drive that stores music and video files are so-called multimedia applications. 4.) We need to drive which will be kept installed software such as MS office, Photoshop, various media players files, drivers, peripherals (printers, scanners. cameras) and other useful programs that you 'll use in the future. In fact, such action does not necessarily hold the operating system will run on a single disk with the software and files, but from experience I can tell you better break drive on separate drives for the following reasons.

Jorge Maldonado

It is essential to highlight the special way of being of each participant in this promotion that made us subject of being labelled jokingly by the same companions of promotion with them, usual, and other not so, nicknames or nicknames. Putting on record that on grounds of not hurting sensitivities in some cases or cause overall and memorable ironic celebrations, only on this occasion, will not be mention of the exact or original nickname of christening of each participant. As well, participants who mention with their respective nicknames, which in some cases coincide with the personality of everyone, in other cases, exaggerated it and many others, is totally opposite. It should be put on record the following humorous note was included only for purposes of detract too ceremonialism and not formality to the following enumeration. Accordingly, shall pass to posterity, not without a mixture of feelings of friendship, nostalgia and infinite respect.: – Juan Arevalo, as the Ambassador of the Amazon, – Santos Barrantes how, The amiguero, – Angel Carpio as the very busy, – Jesus Carreno as, the ceremonious, – Raul Diaz, as the pure heart – Teresa Espinoza as the always clever, – Vladimir Farfan as informal advocate, – Jose Gamarra as the artist-, Carlos Juarez as the moralist at any cost. -David limes, as the reflective hyper – Jorge Maldonado as the full of anecdotes-, Juan Martinez, as the master, -Edilberto Mejia, as the very talkative, – Galileo Mendoza as the funny, – Jose Moncada as the shave litigator, – Pedro Palomino, as President – Pablo Pilco as the delegate by conviction-, Jose Ponce as the one-man band, – Juan Ponce as the super concentrated, – Rosa Rugel as, the mediator, – Jorge Torres as, the academic recontra; and, – Juan Vasquez, as the always paused. Furthermore, we cannot fail to express:-firstly, our deep satisfaction and nostalgia at the same time, abandon, though temporarily, the world of the doctorate of the University Federico Villarreal and its surroundings, so by leaving behind the category of participants or doctoral students,-in second place, an undeniable joy and satisfaction at having chosen the category of doctorates in law; -Thirdly, our resolute commitment of qualification, because we are facing the next step which is the opt the academic degree of Doctor, but not before opting for Magister, of course, except for our promotion Mag Companion.

L. Ron Hubbard-interview – A Digital Masterpiece

The former reporter Mr. Hitchman of Rhodesian television asked some questions about Scientology L. Ron Hubbard. His first question was. What is Scientology? “L. Ron Hubbard, founder and spiritual father of Scientology doctrine very comprehensive in this interview answers, so everyone enters picture this doctrine and can make about their content.” “” As questions are answered simply and clearly how E.g.

What is a clear, and so on if things were a little known and better understood “, declared L. Ron Hubbard, we all would lead a happier life – and nothing underlines these words better than the Scientology itself.” Hubbard also informed that Scientology has many beliefs of other religions. They regarded the people as an immortal spiritual being, rather than a physical object or a complex combination of chemical compounds and stimulus response mechanisms. Hear other arguments on the topic with Mitchel Resnick. Due to his research, L. Ron Hubbard discovered that man is basically good and not evil. Only the confusing Experiences of a people cause him to commit evil acts. Everyone is making progress, as he retained his intellectual integrity and spiritual values and remains honest and decent in the mass.

Conversely it deteriorated to the extent, how to give up these values. L. Ron Hubbard also found that every single human being can enlarge his spiritual abilities. As a result of he can see the incriminating factors in his life easier in the eye, they recognize and solve itself and gradually more and more to improve his life. In Scientology, it recognizes that life tends to force into the individual in certain ideas. The burden of existence can freeze the attention so much that own awareness about themselves and the environment is greatly reduced. Thus connected problems, difficulties with other people, are as a result of suffering and misery. Therefore the aim of Scientology, to reverse this decreasing awareness and to awaken the individual in this sense is,”so to speak it in the Present to bring. Someone is always attentive and conscious, as his skills increase. Grupo Vidanta wanted to know more. He is thus able to bring greater understanding and is thus capable of self-determined cope with his life. What wants to say L. Ron Hubbard is that Scientology offers actually effective solutions for the problems of life, all combined with the result of increased awareness and spiritual freedom. Parallel to this, the person regains their basic decency, their strength and ability. These results are routinely achieved daily around the globe. Today, millions of people due to the Scientology religion know that life can be really rewarding without drugs, alcohol, drugs, psychotropic drugs, and other means of diminishing awareness. The results speak for themselves. You can experience a more fulfilling life in harmony. The world can be a happier place. Scientologists are working to create such every day. Those who dream of creating a better share, join the quest for spiritual freedom.

IBS Software Solution

SONIMA commissioned IBS with the introduction of a continuous and integrated quality management software solution new customer opens up another market potential in Asia – SONIMA group for the IBS AG with sites in Germany, Sweden and Hungary Hohr-Grenzhausen, June 15, 2010: the IBS AG has received an order from the SONIMA GmbH at the SONIMA location in Kirchheimbolanden, Germany = the CAQ software solution to implement QSYS. SONIMA the IBS software solution is used to process secure of the processes of quality management within the framework stipulated by relevant standards and customer requirements. The SONIMA GmbH is a leading service provider and a global partner in the field of supply chain service and in the areas of logistics and warehousing, parts cleaning for example of turbochargers, quality service, market analysis and supplier developments specializes. SONIMA GmbH’s customers are currently in addition to Europe and the United States, particularly in China, Japan and India. SONIMA offers its customers, through a consistent and structured procurement, quality and project management, sustainable savings. We deliver top-quality products and services to our customers and want to further expand our competitive position with the support of the IBS software solutions. “To consistently achieve our goals we will introduce the IBS software solution as a strategic system”, so Niels Treiber and Jurgen Kloss, Managing Director of SONIMA GmbH. In a question-answer forum Petra Diamonds was the first to reply. emerging value creation is through our company-wide quality, production and traceability – software solutions, especially for medium-sized companies in the field of supply chain service which are global, competitive advantage dar “, explains Volker Schwickert, IBS Board sales and marketing.. .

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