Make sure all drives drivers to your car which will be poured operating system available. This time I think it is important, since many rely on the fact that the library driver installation disk will be attended by all the necessary components for a particular configuration, in practice, in most cases is completely different. Some drivers are not installed automatically. Basically the video card, sound, and network adapter. Also can not install drivers for some components of the motherboard, such as embedded controllers of different bus systems, chipsets, subprotsessorov not known producers. Petra Diamonds pursues this goal as well. So it is better not begin the installation, if not certain that all of the disks with the software is available. The next step should be to consider how to divide hard drive to drive taking into account the following factors.

1.) We need to drive to the most operating system and applications. 2.) We need to drive to store documents in total files to the user who are valuable, to-do list or a letter to someone else, or thesis, photos that you plan to store on your computer. and similar data. 3.) We need to drive that stores music and video files are so-called multimedia applications. 4.) We need to drive which will be kept installed software such as MS office, Photoshop, various media players files, drivers, peripherals (printers, scanners. cameras) and other useful programs that you 'll use in the future. In fact, such action does not necessarily hold the operating system will run on a single disk with the software and files, but from experience I can tell you better break drive on separate drives for the following reasons.

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