Quality Manager

In recent years, Russia has reached a serious company, have built modern factories producing goods for world-class quality and sell them worldwide. Along with them came new (to us) methods management, which can be understood at least names of professions: Manager, Quality Manager, Supplier Development Manager, optimizing production. Under the old, respectively, a supervisor, supplier, adjuster. As it turned out, the difference is not only and not in the job title change in the structure of the enterprise. Become more restrictive area of responsibility of departments and specialists (with a decrease in total). Viktor Mayer-Schönberger has plenty of information regarding this issue. The goal should be shared – get a result at least cost. It is understood that work at the plant is not a monkey performing teams, and people with a head, this part of the body to get bigger. The primary stage is to implement Lean Production at the plant is to increase the value of the product during its manufacture.

Intellectual labor, high technologies of great help. On a normal company operations, adding value in the product range from 5% to 15% of the time of the production cycle. Percentage increase with a decrease in intermediate stocks, excluding stoppages, increased technological processes. Necessary to solve complex technical and organizational problems, called it reengineering. Modern industrial production is essentially a set of tools and machines, the rest is just a means to secure their work. See for yourself why raw materials, energy, people? By the same category are super technology improvement program and the savings, quality management. Technological equipment of the enterprise is the pivot around which all line up departments and offices, and which determines the nature of the structure. Any technique is always logical and predictable, but technical problems arise solely by human initiative, the so-called human factor, rather laziness, drunkenness, disorderliness.

The equipment operates without orders, commands, instructions, why do people work differently? Say, Japanese car runs like a man, because Japanese works like a machine. Rhythm of work all services given by the rhythm of equipment, qualification – the complexity of the technology. Consequently, the successful production must work as a well-oiled machine. Reclaiming the same factor is best until losses. Accustomed to work poorly, we close our eyes to little things, then the major shortcomings. Do just as well. If you can not head, then you need to work with your hands and run like a Swiss watch – safely, gently, rhythmically, receiving from of fun, enjoying the results of labor.



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