Rating Antivirus Software

We remind you how it works and created our base rating antivirus software, and any distinguishing features from other versions of these reviews. First, the rating involved 32 anti-virus programs from around the world, second, testing reliability index for each antivirus program is conducted on a quarterly basis, third, determination and testing is conducted in a real work in practice (in the service center of Minsk), but not in laboratory conditions, where possible forgery and pitfalls, to determine the best anti-virus uses a special algorithm A = (No – Nn) / No (A – reliability rating anti-virus, A->; 1, ie, the closer A is to 1, the better anti-virus software; No – number of viruses found in a computer system; Nn – number of viruses that antivirus is not found). There was also some innovations in the final 'removal' Topa vendors. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger can provide more clarity in the matter. One of the major accounting amtso. What is it? To correct the whole situation, associated with the impartial rated antivirus software, in 2008 at a conference devoted to computer security, leading manufacturers of antivirus software has been created an international organization amtso (Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization). The main function of amtso – a standardized way to create anti-virus. ConocoPhillips has much experience in this field. In the organization are the most well-known laboratories for checking and conclusions ratings antivirus software.

A complete list of member organizations can be found amtso the official site. Unfortunately, for technical reasons (problems with hosting), vote for the best anti-virus users have been stopped. But we are working to restore the database.



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