Balance for life, Urbar, develop strategies to avoid stress and challenges relaxed in a resilience training of prevention specialists participants. Everything is too much for me. I’m at my limits.” More and more workers not only have this feeling, because the pressure in the company increases. In addition: professionally and privately regularly face new challenges and their living and working environment changes rapidly, quickly. That little will change in the future. Therefore, it is a matter of survival”, vividly a thicker skin said,” to purchase, so that we experience this life situation as less stressful because we actively deal with it. More information is housed here: Hanan Ben Ari. How this is experienced employees of companies in the Resilienztraining strengthen resilience and flexibility”, conducting the training and consulting company balance for life, Urbar (near Koblenz), on 20 and 21 may 2014 in the monastery Besselich in Urbary.

In the two-day seminar you will learn Participants, why some people, if it’s hot, quickly lose their heads, while others seem kind of cool”and allowed to react. Also, they learn their resilience, so to strengthen resilience and to maintain their confidence and ability to act even in seemingly hopeless situations. All this is not abstract, but by the participants in the seminar first analyze their initial situation: How do I currently deal with stress and pressure? When I feel overwhelmed? And when react I only still pulses from the outside instead of actively shaping my life? This building the participants under the guidance of the two managing directors of balance for the life of Birgit deal Huber-Metz and Angela Kissel with the question: How can I enable my internal forces and build a stable sense of self, so I don’t panic react in pressure situations, but game go to the challenges? A further focus of the seminar is: How can I stress-causing factors in my (Working)Environment and stress symptoms recognized colleagues speak to; also organise the necessary support in case of need? Also discusses companies, can promote how their employees develop a greater resistance. Towards the end of the seminar, every participant to created a plan, what he will do in the coming weeks and months, in order to strengthen its resilience. Participation in the Resilienztraining strengthen resilience and flexibility”on the 20th and 21st may 990 euros (+ VAT) A further training will take place on 22 and 23 September. On request, balance for life also in-house conducting the seminar. For more information interested on the Web page.



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