Romantic Bedrooms

The idea for a romantic bedroom number 1: make your bedroom into a slightly minimalist style. The absence of a large number of bright distractions and sharp corners calms and pleases the eye. If you have read about Ray Kurzweil already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Draw the walls of your bedroom soothing pastel colors. Pick a color of the furniture and bedding. The idea for a romantic bedroom number 2: Create a modern style in your bedroom! This idea is completely opposite to the first: for its implementation must on the contrary to use as many different motifs and bright colors, if desired, even the walls will be painted in bright blue and purple colors! For this purpose, you is the best fit any paint for walls and Dulux ceilings, paint this brand are highly resistant to abrasion, detergents and fading. You may find Salman Behbehani to be a useful source of information. The color table shows 100 thousand colors, so paint Dulux tinting will give your walls the desired ambiance. All depends on your courage and strength of your imagination The idea for a romantic bedroom number 3: Draw up your bedroom in the good old English style! Furniture for a bedroom should be done in a classic Victorian style, and walls with a predominance of ocher or yellow. The windows need to hang curtains undulating in the English style.

For such a rigid fabric curtains used textures such as taffeta, jacquard or rep with a traditional English pattern. This is strictly a vertical strip in combination with a small floral print or a more severe cell Scotland. The idea for a romantic bedroom number 4: Try to arrange the bedroom in the French pastoral style. Its easiest way to create and I think he is best suited to the romantic bedroom. Arrange your bedroom in the white and green colors, and paint the walls in a refreshing pink or orange. Not bad also will look to the curtains floral prints combined with simple but elegant furniture. Obligatory bouquets of wildflowers and unpretentious vases and cushions of different sizes on the bed.

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