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Attract women – 2 secret recipes from the House of pleasure duck to the five spice skin a whole duck and empty it. Rub vigorously with a mixture of salt, onion, garlic and five spice powder, be prepared in specialized shops and whose components are: star anise, cinnamon, coriander, pepper, spicy clove essence and china. Enter this mixture on the inside of the duck. Hang it and let it dry for about four hours so the ingredients penetrate well and be aired. Cook steamed for an hour and a half approximately. This type of cooking preserves the flavor of the meat of duck. Before serving. Fry the duck in peanut oil to make it more crispy.

Carving and serving. Boil rice in Lotus for four people, 250 gr of natural rice (or better, rice to flavored), after cleaning it well. Allow to cool and add: 50 grams of peeled prawns, 50 grams of ham of Paris cut into small pieces, two spoonfuls of peas, a bunch of chives chopped, three scented mushrooms (cooked half an hour previously and finely chopped), a tortilla of a very beaten egg and one tablespoon of oyster sauce (salty product that dosificara according to personal taste.) Add two tablespoons of groundnut or sunflower oil and two sausages cut into very small piece. Steaming for a half hour. Wrap all the ingredient in a Lotus leaf (which can be purchased in any specialized store). Soak the sheet for half an hour in very warm water to soften it. Fats are absorbed by the Lotus leaf which at the same time, brings a note of freshness and a pleasant aroma. Guide to Captivate and seduce women original author and source of the article.



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