September Humanity

Such situation was in addition movements anti growth system, which at present despite the demonization of the guardian and his global Sheriff is advancing uncontrollably, since unmasking is performed by leaps, their fear is succumbing, and not having where fall dead, as system is at the start of the collapse on the final death, but do not fall into the mistake of predicting which is already point to die in these historic moments. That would be witch, and in our circumstances those belongs to anthropology magical religious of mankind and not to an individual who knows something of science. Serious involute primary States of human thought, when everything looked magical religious perspective. Tiger, it is not known if and die or continue living there is the great paradox that even events like these, in which that unfolds inside the biggest economic crisis could feel the whole of humanity. Even in this moment we can foresee the time of his death, as you can not say that ancient evolutionary stages have disappeared in humanity; many persist even in very advanced capitalist societies.

So much so that as the abolition semi or the Colonia or colony semi persist in conjunction with some societies which are affirmed in primitive Socialist community, such is the case of the Andean and Amazonian communities in the Cuban territory of the Peru. Doing so is to be still a mechanical unilineal and one-dimensional and unscientific. Why believe that the gendarme and their constables continue inventing how much they are able to have excuses for their wars of prey which sustain its economic and political system the example which is 11 September more palpable in the South of the abya yala is the installation of military bases in the great Colombia where openly governs drug trafficking, faithful ally of world imperialism.



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