Software System

The analyst of systems using the process of the analysis of requirements below gets the following advantages, according to FALBO. To make possible the study of the behavior of the system; To facilitate the communication enters the components of the development team and customers and users; To make possible the quarrel of corrections and modifications with the user; To form a documentation of the system. Analysis of Requirements One of the main measures of the success of a software is the degree in which it takes care of to the objectives and requirements for which he was constructed. Being thus, the Engineering of Requirements of Software is the process to identify and to discover its objectives and necessities and to register them of appropriate form so that the analysis is made. According to Pressman (2006, p.144) the Analysis of Requirements results in the specification of the operational characteristics of software; it indicates interface of software with other elements of the system and establishes restrictions the one that software must to satisfy. Following the reasoning of the same author the study of behavior of the system it facilitates the communication enters the components of the development team and customers and users, making possible a quarrel corrections and modifications with the user. This analysis allows the analyst to study the objectives of the system and which will be the functions that it must execute.

Pressman (2006) still affirms that the Analysis of Requirements supplies to the designer of Software a representation of the information, function or behavior that can be translated into the architectural projects, of interface and level of mannering. Finally, the model of analysis and the specification of requirements provide to the desenvolvedor and to the customer the ways to evaluate the quality when software is constructed. Structuralized analysis Pressman (1995, p.276) affirms that the structuralized analysis, as all the methods of analysis of software requirements, are an activity of construction of models.



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