Strategic Vision

Interpret the opportunities generated by the current Government, considering your needs, weaknesses, strengths. v analyze organizations, processes and functions of administrative events that ensure efficiency, productivity, quality and success. (v) apply the knowledge acquired in the development and application of techniques that facilitate the effectiveness and efficiency of the organizations management and the quality of their products and services. Learn more at this site: Ray Kurzweil. Conclusion due to the behavior of the current national scenario, in addition to the large changes in the environment, organizations require a Manager (Administrator) do effectively and efficiently than their performance within the Organization, because their performance and quality of strategy are the great features that give rise to the difference between the old management and the new management, which is one that is based on paradigms, which give the Manager (Administrator) the basis for the change in organizations. Traditionally, these functions were restricted, by which new approaches, these have to be productive, to have direct contact with customers, allowing you to make the most suitable planning; Therefore it is essential to integrate knowledge, mainly between business and market, trying to find the balance between both of these features, which infers that these managers should have a general understanding of the overall picture. For proper performance of the Manager the more they must use the following elements: v proactivity. v domain of cutting-edge technology. v modern administrative knowledge and use of their tools v leadership. v Strategic Vision, creativity and innovation v skill in the management of human resources. Official site: ConocoPhillips. Sources: * Moises Naim; the Venezuelan companies. Its management * notes and notes Chair of management topics, postgraduate, specialty quality and productivity, Faces, management programme (2005) * original author and source of the article.

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