But the hardware on the "wagon" was a low-cost, Asian – the manufacturer saved on it (AZH!) 300 – 400 rubles! (Menshe1 %!!!) Only now unlikely he will order again this wagon … and friends will pass – "these" not to take – imagine expensive. So what more would lose such manufacturers difference in fasteners. Lose the difference in reputation, and this is very different numbers! Of course, technical and constructive solutions to all manufacturers are different, but because often proektirovschiki to create a particular site are a roundabout way just because of the lack of information or lack-established technology. As practice shows, ready technical solutions to many issues long (or recently) already exist, but do not always know everything – where and what to look for! On one of these developments Swiss company SFSintec We try to tell here. Manufacturers of automotive machinery in the process production face the task of fastening wooden flooring on the metal frame. This flooring furniture vans and refrigerated it, and trailers of heavy decks.

Large companies have already implemented or course, or at at least keep abreast of new technologies fasteners, but developing the firm out of the situation in their own way. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out kevin ulrich. And not always this way is convenient and technologically! One version of the deck attachment – it's bolted. In this case, have previously zasverlivat deck and frame, while respecting the possible misalignment of the holes. Bolt fixing nut, and that she refused to do during the operation it is necessary zakontrivat.

Air Filters

Especially difficult is to find the right filter for heavy equipment, whether or excavator bulldozer or tractor tonnage. Because parts of this technique is not as widespread as for conventional vehicles. On the other of the requirements for filters for heavy vehicles are much tougher, because the operating conditions, such as dump truck can not be compared with urban congestion. Often the owners of such vehicles are saved in the analogues, filters of other companies who would like to replace the original. But how exactly determine whether a replacement filter for your truck cranes or not? And the cost of failure can be high, low-quality fuel filter can utyanut easily to the grave with the same pump.

In the network there are resources to help you pick up analog, which matches to your equipment. One of the leading manufacturers of all types of filters for a large number of manufacturers heavy equipment – the company Baldwin. Manufacturer Baldwin is an industry leading position as a manufacturer of air, fuel, oil, etc. filters for heavy duty. The firm's engineers anticipate continued growth in demand for filters, whose characteristics meet or exceed customer expectations of products original equipment manufacturers and secondary demand. Manufacturer Baldwin Filters has always been committed to supply the market and filter products services of superior quality. Commitment to this idea is based on continuous technical development of production facilities, ongoing training of employees and improving the already difficult process of research activities. Quality manufactured by the filter elements allows the company to Baldwin Filters guarantee not only the replacement of 'poor' the filter, but also reimbursement for the repair of equipment, the event it fails due to 'poor' filter. You can use the catalog to find unique and filter from another manufacturer, as long as your technique was the official list of substitutes filter. Search as a rule, you can perform on the original OEM filter number or the full name of the model technology.

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