Protecting Property

The redistribution of property is not a feature of Russian business. Such processes occur throughout the world. And they not only have a negative stain, because the struggle for ownership does not allow participants to relax business and causes them to continuously improve in the area of governance. But it is important that such a fight took place within the law. And this is precisely the problem for our country. Although the shape of unlawful seizure property and has acquired a more "beautiful" form over 90-years, but the essence of the raid has not changed. In order to develop effective methods of confrontation raider attacks in the workshops' Security Business Russia "held under the auspices of the rspp, addressed the theme" Measures of protection from unlawful seizure of property.

" In these seminars are actively involved and the staff of np "Support League of Industrialists and entrepreneurs. " One of the most important tools against acts of unlawful seizure of property preventing corporate conflicts. Usually, the party concerned in the seizure of enterprises is very effective uses for the filament of the situation the very first discovered the violation of laws on securities, made by a public company. The company, which allowed such violations, instantly finds the vulnerability and can be subject to administrative sanctions under the Administrative Code. That raiders use to their advantage. To prevent corporate conflict should be analyzed the effectiveness of management. If management is carried out successfully and the company has good financial results – that there are regular dividend payments to shareholders.

CRM Company

A minority of staff may have a significant impact on the rest only if it is to have an alternative and reasoned point of view, to change the workflow. Of course, for the formation of such a view of the very minorities you need the arguments, but with something like, once everything is clear – your arguments are contained in functionality of the CRM-system. Gradually, this part of the staff will begin to feel better (easier) of its activities, working with the system and improving its efficiency, which inevitably will manifest itself externally and will provide impact on the rest of the staff. In this case, the company's management should not overlook the fact that the minority will be able to influence the rest only if this activity will be sustained and continuous. Therefore, management must actively encourage and support this part of the team that the process should not go down "to nothing." Thus, changes will occur not on orders from above, but directly from within the working group that in addition to things will improve and the team spirit of the company as a whole. In addition, employees have the opportunity to self-realization, and this is a better motivator than fulfilling the requirements imposed from above. A strategy of a minority on the process of adopting a new CRM-system can be gradually expanded to include involvement in and management of the company. After this, the effect will be provided already and the bottom (due to the position of the active minority of employees) and top (for through directives and instructions received from the management company).


But how do combine business travel, training, or rest with full control? The solution is – and this administration on the basis of the main statistics of the entire organization and this will run the company from a distance. If your company management is based on real results, not someone's opinion or speculation, all these results should be reflected graphically. Main statistics for the ceo of course – it's gross revenue and profits organization, as its main valuable end result – as director – a viable, expanding the organization. To achieve this it is necessary to look at the key performance indicators throughout the organization – such as: The number of "upstream", which comes from the organization (this may be all the promotion, advertising, product samples, letters to clients). The number and amount of products or services provided by the company. Number money available and the accounts in comparison with the accounts payable (suppliers, lenders, etc.) Sales (oborot0 on the main indicators. The number of permanently employed clients and the number of new customers.

There can be 20-25 chief statistician of the organization. Typically this: each unit in the organization should be a valuable outcome of which pours into the main valuable end-product organization, and all these major podprodukty can and should be measured and monitored. Control the distance you can – by watching and analyzing what actions subordinates in case of a fall of statistics (and, accordingly some of the production), or that seeks to perpetuate and enhance growth.


Where to get qualified leaders? Most often this problem is solved by advancing through the ranks of the most talented professionals. But will it succeed in literacy seller (lawyers, accountants ) Good department head? Currently, qualified staff is becoming a factor of strategic advantage. This is especially important when it comes to ensuring the effective management of the organization and individual units. Not surprisingly, many companies began to create the reserve and the corporate learning executives. But along the way, they face significant challenges. The fact that the link requests company that receives a specialist in the system of classical education, it is sometimes very difficult. The first issue is the content of training programs.

Klaus W. Fopel many years engaged in teaching Managers, said three of the most common problems managers: 1.He having difficulty because of its separateness from the rest of the team and not be able to find in this position the positive side. 2. they himself and to others and have no respect for their colleagues and business partners. In Russia, during the training sessions with managers have to face another problem: awareness of his position as manager.

One of the members of the group formulated obtained from the training results as follows: "It appears management needs to be addressed!". That is, the appointment as head of the department is not always possible change the attitude of man. To help participants feel at the head – one more problem of managerial training. The situation is complicated by the fact that management – the science, which 15 years ago in Russia, virtually no existed. Therefore, qualified teachers are sorely lacking. Further complicating the situation is that training for managers is fundamentally different from other types of education: Firstly, the management – it ability to create the future. Therefore, training of managers requires the formation of the leaders of persistent creativity and research skills, problem-solving skills. Secondly, managers – people who have invaluable practical experience, and the process of learning should be configured to connect this experience with theoretical concepts and enrich the experience of other managers. Finally, managers – are very busy people. It is therefore desirable use a form of training that allow some flexibility in the school schedule. One of the most effective ways to solve these problems – the organization of corporate governance training. Training is better tuned to the needs of working people and provide a much more intensive mode of learning and skills. In addition, the training of leadership and management allows for sharing of experiences of the band. Thus, will be Do middle managers – the problem or the support of a company depends not only on the correct choice for the position of the head, but also on the effectiveness of learning and development managers.

Time Management

We often complain that we do not have enough time that we did not time that we are very tired and so on. And sometimes still thinks that in a day twenty-four hours, of which eight hours we sleep, we (of course if you do not, Vladimir Ilyich and Felix, who did not sleep) and sleep less does not get too tired body. Now subtract days from time to sleep and we still have sixteen hours. That is one-third of life, we are in a dream, and life and so short, we do not live on eight hundred years. Here are all the things we have to sixteen hours a day, now out of the sixteen hours to subtract the time spent in vain, for all sorts of cooking, useless things and things, and here is the hours, probably five productive time.

Under a useful time we mean the time spent usefully. Time spent with benefit – is not only a time of hard work at work, but also a good time for relaxation with a friend, with another, with friends to drink beer, that is all that brings us pleasure, but that does not plow the same life, but it turns out time and so does not suffice, and now plow all the time remaining. Here, this is not painting, how to be and where same output. There is, and it lies in front of our eyes. One needs only to measure the time that we take every day, that is, as science says time management – to keep time-keeping.

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