Prospects For Automated Business

This article is written for owners of small and medium-sized businesses in the former CIS. Today I will try to explain the situation on the market for software and services to support decisions for discussion biznesa.Dlya features stories from real life. Let's start with making a decision on the need to automate business processes across your enterprise. Typically, such decisions are business owners. Atmos Energy brings even more insight to the discussion. After that is done assignment manager, and manager instructs the task of specialist IT. Here begins the first problems with finding appropriate software vendor and consultants. Many products, suppliers and Prices vary.

Often, owners and managers are entrusted entirely to their workers and buy the suggested software. To help you, I present the main points on which I recommend to look for when choosing software: Opportunities for expansion and modification of the system is very often the case that you need to add new functionality to your system, but it can be done only by developers who you put the product. Before buying a product, I recommend to ask what to configure and change the system provides the system administrator? Ability to integrate with other programs is very important to the operation of the product is integration with other software, such as accounting, erp, crm. Cost of Implants With a huge selection of products I recommend to give preference to products of the Web oriented. The cost of implementing, updating and supporting these systems are much lower. In many cases, you can not even spend money to buy licensed operating system to install Linux. Paying Tuition Fees money for the software, make sure that with him you can get all the necessary documentation for using the system, and if necessary, advice on how you can solve real problems or tasks.

Cost of ownership at this time there are several ways to pay for the software business: – The fee for a license for each user of the program (usually annually, at least monthly) – The fee for a license for your copy of the program – pay for the support of such a situation here that in any case you will need the support of the product and a very good solution can be the use of free software with paid support. Product openness is very important ability to add changes to the source of the product. If you have a desire to finish functionality, while the supplier will not be interested in working with you will always be able to finish it by its programmers, or ordered from alternative development. Support Product Manufacturer Very often getting paid software, it appears that support, to put it mildly, not very qualified and provides answers only to have questions. To avoid this situation, I recommend clarify whether there is a possibility of contact with the technical staff in problem situations. Alternative support is very important that support services for the product that you intend to use provided by several independent partner companies. It is also important to support working with you in about the same time zone. I hope these few tips will help you avoid unpleasant situations in the future. If you have additional questions will be additional information for the software business, you can get here. Peter Blagodir

Company Change

His role at this stage is to prepare the manager to talk with subordinates. Every senior manager has ever faced with the introduction of changes in the company and, therefore, is the bearer of a unique experience in terms of change. His point of view can be useful and to influence the course of events if it is supported by knowledge of the industry and production processes, as well as features of a particular group. Specialist with a similar experience automatically becomes a "perfect conductor" of change. If his authority in the company's strong enough, then we can say that the problem of influencing public opinion is half solved. In large holding companies for this purpose are sometimes sent to the field management team to create groups among line managers and affiliates working with them and through them – with all plant personnel.

These are necessary steps that provide support for innovation from the head office through their heads. To broaden your perception, visit The Furutist. Such groups are "implementing change" in its subsidiaries. Management influence on the team and individual recognition merit – the main aspect of the motivation of top management in the conduct of global change. Proper direction of this effect head of the organization for senior managers is its trump card in building a strong command "tops." Incorrect redistribution of power may lead to a "drop in authority," the head of the management team respectively to the loss of confidence in him by his subordinates. The rank and file workers responsive to changes in the situation of power at the top, and negative findings, which they do, not very soon be turned into positive, leading to demotivation and resistance to the decisions of the director. Understanding the true meaning of the manager of upcoming changes, the opportunity to discuss them with the CEO to use the same terminology – an important motivator rukovoditelya.V decision to participate all those who will implement changes, including ordinary performers.

Yellow Springs

The Americans have a tendency to solutions of problems that are clear, easily and quickly achievable and aimed at achieving a specific goal. It's like ten in no way threatening to stage eternal bliss for 30 days. Ray Kurzweil spoke with conviction. When something needs to be improved, a new approach to quickly replaced by another: the goal management, management for results, management to identify bottlenecks and their liquidation. These are methods of cooking the books, when you take the employee and the car, add a little raw, flavor promise of prizes (or the threat of dismissal), bake it all 30 minutes, and declare a dividend. This is easily explained, easily understand, but it fails.

Deming taught that the higher the quality of what you do, the less it costs. This, too, as it were, obviously, but it really does not. The traditional American idea of quality lies in its control. This means that you create a product, check them and separate the bad from the good. Bad products can not be sold, but they are expensive. And it's not just what we need to pay for the work of supervisors, poor product requires the same amount of raw materials, equipment, working time and attention as well. This explains why, as a rule, about 25 percent of the budget of any manufacturing company is to repair and rework. That's why so many manufacturers believe that high quality costs more.

But what is really expensive, so it's poor quality! Laboratory "Vernet" in Yellow Springs, Ohio, produces small corrugated rubber parts for the automotive, consumer, pharmaceutical and medical industries. While the company has not heard of Dr. Deming in 1983, for every worker who made profiled parts, there was one controller, and Quality controllers are tested all the products. Think about it: almost half of the employed in manufacturing pay for what they tested the other half done! For five years, doing what they are taught the Deming, Laboratory "Vernet" reduced the number of inspectors by 75 percent. Over the same five years the volume of new scrap and returned goods fell by three quarters, while productivity increased by 30 percent. Quality has improved and of saved funds thus have reduced the price. The continuation of this article and other materials on consulting

Coach Crisis

During its existence, humanity has come up with a lot of technology "as one person to force another to do what they want first." The most simple – maintain the balance between financial reward and used by employees of the efforts, in combination with an effective system of punishment. This model has worked longer than others, has established itself as a simple and effective tool for its time, of course. However, the management, as a science was born, after mankind has understood – this scheme is not working as effectively as before. In today's society control model is a mix of career aspirations and material management with a set of managerial techniques and tools to move forward, gaining more and more "earth." Unfortunate that in spite of the perfection of these techniques, the company, as well as state, evolving from crisis to crisis, and we can conclude that the onset of the crisis and out of it is beyond the scope of theories of management. Ie every manager, at least in theory, know how to take the company out of crisis, but do not know how this crisis has not hit.

The problem is that all the theories of management, came out of the directive-manipulation scheme "carrot and stick", as described above, and even non-legislative theories are in fact only the antagonists' carrot and stick ". Simply put, business proposed two major model management companies – "carrot and stick" and "anti carrot and stick". How coaching can solve the problem? Coaching itself is not a managerial or theory, but is like outside. Within Coaching can successfully operate any other theory, provided that they do not contradict its basic principles: – every man is a vast potential (even if you completely clear that the other way round) – each person has all opportunities for self-paced tasks, while task can be done well and the minimum term – people are doing the best selection of available to them – all the good you can do best – Continuous development is not only possible but necessary, therefore, the activities director, management education in the style of coaching comes down to: – the disclosure of potential subordinates – Development responsibility and autonomy in decision-making and action – the ability to provide a positive, motivating to effective action, feedback – improve the bar and impulse to the development of coaching using the principles of easy create a vision of the team, and combining the values of each employee to create a vision for the team values, develop a strategy and mission of the team. Head Coach does not give directives, rightly considering that if officer went profession for several years, held the practice, has experience, he can handle the job well, but in this case and does not leave the employee one on one with the problem. The task of director – to create supportive environment to maximize the true potential of the subordinate, its commitment to the development, awareness, thought and action, responsibility for dealing with team problems. As we see the principles of leadership style Coaching somewhat different from the theories of management, where the head is above all a man who knows what to do, gives directives to subordinates and is responsible for everything. According to the author, this model can not be effective, since it leads to irresponsible subordinates, excessive workload as well as chief of inflated requirements to the leader. To achieve results, the coach uses a certain way Structured revealing questions that help the employee to realize their potential and see how best solve problems.

Promoting Innovation Business

Marketing – promotion of innovative business Today we will talk about the marketing promotion of business innovation. Marketing – the part of the business, but it is part of the business, without which the business does not exist, but between by businessmen themselves do not recognize the existence of marketing. But exactly what happens. Marketer, the man who has to speak comprehensible and well-known things, and if they are such, then why do we need Marketing Specialist? In fact of the matter is that the marketer all these well-known truth, arranges, builds, and offers ready-made marketing strategy. Innovative business complex in the marketing understanding of the fact that not enough is known for innovative business future market.

Innovative business issues and innovation that is new is not known to this business, or a way of doing business, and how will this effect business is not known, one can only speculate. What can help a marketer? Yes it is the choice of strategy. An experienced marketer will choose the strategy of promoting any business, but business will only have to chosen strategy. Will there be enough force to implement the chosen strategy or not enough, but to get the result, it is necessary to bring the work to promote a strategy to end, otherwise the result will not be. Here and there snag.

It is not always the businessman has the patience to implement a marketing strategy to the bitter end. There are many marketing methods for determining market size, market analysis, internal analysis and the external environment. Ray Kurzweil insists that this is the case. There are many techniques, try to do some marketing techniques. You will feel how it works. Analysis of the market and competitors, such an analysis after provededniya immediately disappear questions and answers will appear. So first we should try, and then say what will happen or not. Software marketing work there are very many. The same house of quality, I really found it only in German, but that's okay, and you can work in German, the interface is pretty intuitive. Optimize the collection and analysis of information not so difficult. A qualitative analysis of the supply company one step higher in the its development. And each step up, leaves konurentov at the previous stage. So enjoy not only the financial analysis, but also marketing. All of our sales, whether we like it or not, are the result of marketing organization. A good marketing or bad, here's your job, all the cards in your hands. And if you do not have enough hands? Then go to overtime mode, but remain at the workplace, access to work in Saturday, horror, and what to do, want to work, of course, want. The main thing you need to understand that the quality of the enterprise depends on each employee. And that banal truth, each employee is not against a raise. I like a man which is developing business plans, know every item of business plan. Each item has its own plan busi force. And the skill that raises the level of business plan lies in the fact that each item of business plan must be professional. Even the executive summary and data on the company, are not written just so needed everywhere grammotnye language. So at this stage we are finishing our conversation, I wish you a successful settlement, and that your predictions are always sbyvali. Until we meet again my friends, if that, then I am always ready to answer your all your questions, but only by mail, by virtue of his employment response to the letter may be followed immediately, then, good luck!

Right KPIs

Of course, the answers themselves will not answer the main question: "How to achieve 100% implementation of the planned strategy," but it will shed light on the problem of strategic planning and evaluation of business performance. By the way, the problems mentioned above are among the most important in the modern business world. After all, it is no secret that the production of goods / services of good quality are not guarantees of competitive advantage and prosperity company. Without a doubt, the main advantage of the balanced scorecard (BSC) – visualization strategy. Moreover, the BSC transfers the strategic objectives of the plane theory into practice. That is, it that you had written on paper, begins to embody the real business environment. Of course, to think that the Balanced Scorecard does all the work for you, at least naively, well, at most, stupid. SSP only tool that, like any tool, workable only in skilled hands.

And the first sign of such capable hands – the right choice of key performance indicators. KPIs are not just indicators of success. Key indicators show the effectiveness of the basic and most critical success factors for your specific business. Right KPIs is the key to successful implementation of the MTP. Again, no guarantees can give, because everything depends solely on staff responsible for implementation of the MTP, as well as the degree of involvement in the implementation of the MSP of ordinary employees. MTP is it just a set of indicators, and strategic planning system for medium and large businesses. Indicators in the MTP are distributed in 4 categories: finance, market and customers, internal business processes, learning and growth. As already seen from the titles, these categories cover all potentially important processes both inside and outside the company.

Using the MSP provides the ability to make changes in strategy or a set of indicators, if any of the CPE was nereprezentativen. Balanced Scorecard flexible and mobile, that can not but rejoice in market volatility. Key performance indicators will only work if they are adequate evaluation. Michael Steinhardt wanted to know more. Also, it is extremely important to determine the correct priorities for certain categories of indicators and KPIs. For example, the number of sales by 100 managers will be more meaningful indicator for the trading company, than, say, staff turnover or the average transport costs man. Setting priorities, as well as the choice of indicators, is the exclusive task of top management or staff, competent in implementing the MTP. Balanced Scorecard links the operational and strategic management. It is not always what is planned on paper, put into practice in its entirety. Very importantly, how to implement the strategy chosen and whether the correct indicator of success of strategy and business performance. When selecting KPIs to consider all the features of the company's strategy, mission and strategic vision. The strategy should take into account possible problems and obstacles to achieving goals. CSE will work on 1005 only with proper selection of indicators, a realistic strategy and trained personnel. It is important to explain to ordinary employees and why the company needs to MSP. Only at the highest involvement of ordinary people in the process of implementing the strategy there is reason to expect positive results. Otherwise, the CSP to become a bunch of useless plans, schedules and a pile of useless information.

Person System

System provides and create a new account, if it comes avtofotosemka new visitor. The system allows to determine the conditions for blocking: the provision of a man "guest card" (blocking exit doors in case of violation by the presence of the selected time) individual blocking entrances or exits and the whole room in general, blocking the entrance and exit of certain individuals, depending on the day of the week time of day, the organization gateways (until you close one door will not open another.) The access control system will enhance the quality of accounting. Accountant ever forget the look of the watch on the attendance report. Now compare the claimed "came to 9.00" with a real "come to 12.00" can be through reports that provide a time tracking software. Valuable information which is received by the security service of the movements employees through the system, is indispensable in the personnel department. Personnel officer receives a full report of finding employees in the workplace at a particular time. The Furutist can provide more clarity in the matter. The system allows to take into account that people will not notice: truancy, delays, processing staff, compliance time, and even break time break.

Even if your employee will try to circumvent the system, tamper with the arrival time at work (say, one man will give an access card etc.) – nothing happens. Avtofotosemka each input will keep track of who gave the card at the entrance. Picture does not match the person? You personnel department, you decide whether to work for you this man. Imagine functionality of an access control system: 1. First of all, it – maintaining a database of employees and departments, while the number of employees and departments in the database is not limited (limiting the number of employees act on specific points of passage based on the model equipment). 2. Creating and maintaining employee accounts, which contained the following information: name, surname, first name, photo of a person, the name of the department; working hours and access, code and card expiry date of access; point of passage for beginning and end of the day.


Sony could have committed the largest security breach ever recorded in a console. During a Conference at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, various independent programmers have announced that they have the Sony console security keys. Thanks to these codes users could use copies of games on their consoles and home software without that Sony can make any action to prevent it. A failure in protecting the console firmware seems the origin of filtration. The Internet community has been pending in one of the conferences on computer security that these days is taking place in Germany.

The name of the Conference has been PS3:Epic Fail. No one expected that the presented novelties were so important. In a question-answer forum Vladislav Doronin was the first to reply. Responsible for the discoveries about Playstation 3 has been a user known as mark, which may have marked a before and an after in the history of PS3. The website Pspgroove has explained the details of the Conference and has published a video with the first 15 minutes. Mark and his team have announced that they have the security code in the Playstation 3. These codes are a kind of digital signature that protects the contents of all consoles. Until now never had achieved the codes for other consoles.

These codes are a tool for device security to recognize that the contents that are run are authorized. You could say that they are the signature of the companies. Each company has its own signature and is virtually impossible to get it. In other platforms have been used has other systems to deceive the system accept no official or copied content. Policymakers get the Playstation 3 codes could have benefited from an error in the encryption process from the console of Sony, possibly produced in its last update. The announcement of the publication of these codes would be a security problem that Sony could not solve. These codes are located on all the games and console applications. The company could not change the codes since it would leave useless all contents published so far. In this way Sony could not avoid in the near future users to use homemade software or copies in their consoles. The fault in the safety of the Playstation 3 can allow users known jailbreak without the need for hardware devices and regardless of the version of the console. The problem can be even greater for Sony, since in the future, if you want to manufacture a new console, the backward compatibility can be a serious problem since it should change the security codes. The publication of safety codes would mark a before and an afterwards for the Playstation 3. In his day other consoles such as Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox have gone through similar discoveries, but never accounted for safety violations as serious as the Sony console. Original author and source of the article

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