Lawyer Labour Party

The lawyers Labour Party members in their great majority specialize in: – Moral Damage – Discrimination – Companies of possible services – Interposition and intermediation – Sub-contracting – retired worker – Dismissal because of pregnancy – Restoration of the worker – conciliatory Agreements – Dismissals – black Work (use law) – Indemnifications – labor Fraud – arbitrary Variation of the conditions of work – Payment of wages outside term – labor Accidents – professional Diseases – labor Incapacity – Contract of work – Sanctions Suspensions – Licenses – wage Differences – Mobbing – Harassment sexual the labor laws regulate the relations between workers and employers. Sometimes conflicts between the parts arise that require the action of a lawyer Labour Party member. In order to be able to make merit its rights, you debera to be informed. Therefore the lawyer Labour Party member must know how to listen to his consultation and to offer to the best advising and wished legal attendance. The priority of the lawyer Labour Party member is to listen its client to offer a solution to its problem.

You always it will have to be taken care of by a professional advises who it and attends of customized way. For that reason they make sure a service of high quality on the part of its professionals. The primary target of the lawyer Labour Party member is to offer to its clients a suitable and effective legal advising either in the judicial or extrajudicial scope granting agile answers in each case legal strategy. The labour lawyers set out to exert the profession being considered that the labor right must have like fundante postulate the trusteeship of the worker. The word commitment is an important icon in the professional management and marks to the north of served by the lawyer Labour Party member. The function is to offer to a customized service in the defense of the rights of the client offering the maximum commitment, as much in different the problematic ones that they provoke the labor relations, like also in the fast and effective obtaining from a compensation before the caused damages.

For a long time the lawyer Labour Party member knows a clearly ideological profile, that he feeds himself with the thought of the majority on its militancy that is to say, the other lawyers. But as also she is deeply democratic, there is an unrestricted respect by which they think different, and each client found the lawyer Labour Party member who wishes. The lawyers Labour Party members must count on the experience necessary to obtain one better solution of the conflicts that usually appear in the labor scope, also in the relations deprived, granting a warm and confidential treatment towards the clients. The lawyer who you this looking for this, helped it to the Web For more information we recommended to visit.

Photothermal Solar Power

The generated steam has a great pressure, arrives at the turbines so that its expansion moves the blades of the same generating current electrical. Nuclear power station. – Source energetics, the uranium Y where a nuclear reactor acts like boiler. The thermal energy is originated by the fission reactions in nuclear fuel formed by an uranium compound. Geothermal power station. – Facilities that the geothermal energy takes advantage of that is to say, the provided one by the heat the Earth instead of petroleum, coal or another fuel. Mareomotriz power station.

– Energy associated to the tides caused by the gravitational attraction of the Sun and mainly of the Moon. The tides are appraised like a variation of the level of the sea, that happens according to the difference of the coastal topography. Aeolian power station. – Installation where the kinetic energy of the wind can be transformed into mechanical energy of rotation. For it one settles towers in whose part superior they exist rotor with multiple shovels, oriented in the wind direction. The shovels or helices turn around their horizontal axes that act on an electricity generator. Solar power station. – In that the solar radiation takes advantage to produce electrical energy.

This process, Solar Power station, are subdivided in two specialties: Photovoltaic power station: Where it is made affect the solar radiations on a surface of a semiconducting crystal, call solar cell, and to produce in direct form the electrical current by photovoltaic effect. This is the reason of ours ” to 1er. Mini;. Photothermal: The heat of the solar radiation warms up a fluid and produces steam that goes towards the turbine producing soon electrical energy. Salts of energy storage. – Part of a Photothermal Solar Power station, where the molten salt is used to store the heat of the sun transforming it into electrical energy, even in hours of absence of the Sun. This one, lately has spread like technology of salts fundidas” in order to obtain the electrical current.

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