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Plastic vertical blinds by moving lamellas provide many options window openings, adjusting the flow of sunlight entering the room. Moreover, most species Plastic blinds can be quite successfully combined with conventional curtains. At the moment, the market offers a huge assortment of blinds. To the attention of the consumer: have already become familiar horizontal blinds are very practical blinds, unique textured pleated and venetian blinds. Each type of plastic vertical blinds can perfectly complement the interior of your home or office-type premises, providing it with individuality and own style.

The most popular are horizontal blinds are made of plastic and sometimes aluminum. Horizontal blinds are traditionally bought for design and decoration of the window openings in the office, the principal's office or in public buildings and domestic purposes. Picking office horizontal blinds, you can not worry that on a computer monitor or plasma tv screens will be flashing. Vertical blinds the windows are very different from the horizontal, ahead of them not only with respect to reliability of operation, but also on modern design. Lamella vertical blinds are able to rotate around its axis, thereby adjusting the stream of sunlight. A wide range of materials of construction for vertical blinds, makes it possible to choose the best blinds for almost any room. Vertical blinds are made of a light air-tissue may be a good decoration of living room-style romanticism, and the blinds of bamboo terrific fit in an interior designed in country style.

Roller blinds in a short time managed to gain acceptance among consumers. Secret the popularity of roller blinds is simple – versatility. Plastic blinds of this type can be used in virtually any room: living room, kitchen, nursery, office space, etc. The integrity of the cloth blinds provides a unique opportunity to easily manage it without difficulty to take care of the blinds. Shutters and blinds – a profitable kind of roller shutters. Blinds hung on the smaller windows or windows with pvc folding frames, in other words, when the use of roller blinds or curtains classical tissue is not possible to. Shutters – a good remedy any room, not only from light and noise, but also from unwanted guests. Pleated blinds and shutters – fashionable novelty on the market sun protection systems. Moreover, Pleated – a worthy alternative to traditional blinds. The main advantage of the pleats are functional. Now the window curtain unusual shape and size is not difficult – pleated blinds and compelling look at the arch trapezoidal windows. Usually used for decoration pleated conservatory, large windows, attics and porches of the house and the like. In addition to affordable prices for blinds and pleated blinds can buy them regardless of the size of your wallet. Photo blinds and pleated blinds will help you to use their color and shape, properly combined with other elements and home furnishings, it is advantageous to emphasize the interior of the premises, thus making, the house truly cozy, comfortable and stylish.

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Carlos Mora Vanegas science is undergoing an ecological crisis that manifests itself in the unexpected establishment of ecological limitations; imperfection of the movement of information in one direction which, in reality, does not consider the feedback of technological projects with respect to the environment and the man himself; informacion(hambre informativo-ecologico) scarcity; contradictory character implicit in the recommendations of the different scientific disciplines (interdisciplinary incoherence of the ecological vision. The Venezuelan business sector I.Novick our interest for analysis, primarily, cannot pass by unnoticed requirements that manifests itself on the national and even international stage concerning environmental policies and the marketing of products within quality standards established at the global level and all the agreements which have been agreed at the various summits in the present, matches that have been made in this regard, as for example the Rio Janeiro, the seminar Regional policy of environment and access to markets held in Santa Fe de Bogota, back in the years of 1993. All this can be added, which indicates Antonio de Lisio UCV, that the discussion on the environmental approach today can be approached from different fields in which these tenets have had impact, such as: institutional politics, that of social movements, the economic, the of international relations, the of professional work, the of the Foundation and practice of scientific activity, among others. In each of them you can find an enormous amount of facts, achievements, not always successful and not fully evaluated, searches that keep us even without the realization of the necessary balance between what has been achieved, the still latent aspirations and obstacles that have not been able to overcome. Moreover, it has not yet defined the way as efforts being made from each of these fields who are able to integrate, trying to find the coadyuvacion most suitable to the pursuit of objectives which should be common. .

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