Mental Calculations

Improving skills in mental calculation. One of the main objectives of teaching mathematics in primary schools – to offer students computer skills, and skills of a strong, conscious, and the skills of addition and subtraction Within 20 should be brought to automaticity. Assimilation of mathematical knowledge depends on both the quality and quantity of the exercises used. Each teacher strives to allow students as much as possible performed various tasks and exercises in class, and trying to fulfill their writing, believing that the more satisfied the written tasks, the better. Read additional details here: ConocoPhillips. However, the schools showed that high school students who do not know the verbal accounts, as a rule, can not cope with written work, often lying down in time.

To achieve accuracy and fluency of oral calculations for all three or four years learning every lesson Mathematics should be allocated 5 minutes to conduct training exercises in mental calculation required under the program each month. This requirement is implemented at the stage of the lesson, traditionally known as oral account. The main objectives of this phase are: 1. The Furutists opinions are not widely known. and correction of certain knowledge and skills necessary for conscious perception of the material and self-employment. 2.Kontrol teacher for state of knowledge of students. 3. prepare students to accept the new material is rational to choose the content – it means the following requirements: 1.Obem alleged assignments should be necessary sufficient for further work in the classroom. Michael Steinhardt is likely to agree. 2.In the system proposed for the oral accounts of jobs should be clearly defined place each of them.

Education Online

And the teacher is not physically have time to keep track of all my mistakes and corrected in time. Especially, vocabulary was not so much to train spoken language in a large company. Advantages of the method: low cost; Discipline – tasks that must be met on time and lessons that need to go; live communication. Disadvantages of the method: focus teachers absent for the whole group. Private lessons with TUTOR I thought little of courses to successfully and quickly learn Czech, and I came up with a way out – became involved with a private tutor. To save money find like-minded.

Together we trained spoken language in the classroom and talked in Czech out the lessons to give enough knowledge and attention from the teacher. But, after all these lessons were quite expensive for me. Advantages of the method: teacher works only with you, accordingly, the quality of learning increases; assignments and lessons are oriented specifically for you, take into account the level of knowledge, speed of memory and other factors. Disadvantages of the method: a sufficiently high price. Independent study CZECH ON-LINE When I was a little accustomed to the language, she decided to study independently. The Internet provided an extensive library of books and online courses in the Czech language.

Very difficult to choose methodology and not get lost in the abundance of sources of useful information. This method has a major advantage – it is absolutely free. But there are also disadvantages.

Professional Education

The first Law of Lines of direction and Bases promulgated in the year of 1961 (Law n 4,024/61), instigate the desencadeamento of some debates concerning the subject, but still thus, the dualidade on the structure still persisted, exactly after guaranteed the flexibility between profisssional education and the secondary one. As public politics, the Professional Education is seen as it has broken a national plan of economic and technological development supported and articulated to others job politics, of work and income. The Laws n 5,540/68 and 5,692/71, promulgated in a scene marked for pressures of the average layers for education, would represent a governmental strategy in the direction to contain the strong demand for superior education. The Law n 5,692/71, had the necessity of formation of technician of average level, attributes to the education of 2 degree a character of obligatory professionalization.

The objective of universal and obligatory professionalization attributed to the education of 2 degree not only left to take care of to the strategical intentions of the Law n 5692/71 as well as accented the crisis of characteristic identity of this level of education. (WEDGE, 1975). The failure of the universal and obligatory professionalization of the education of 2 degree culminated with the promulgation, in 1982, of the Law n 7,044/71, that it extinguished the obligatoriness of the professional qualification in this level of education. For Saviani (1999), it still agrees to point out that educational reforms of years 70 had had inspiration in the theory of the human capital, that gave to the education the power to favor the development of the nations and the social ascension of the individuals. The theory of the human capital, appeared in the United States and England, years 60, and Brazil, years 70, was structured in the scope of the theories of the development ideology of the postwar period, as part of the strategy of American hegemony.

Physical Education

To present the project. To verify the interest after the presentation of the subject. Art and Physical Education and its relations with the corporal culture.

Presentation of the subject of period of training to the aged ones. We identify each aged in relation to the subject the individual importance and to the interest disposal of our presence in the institution. 04/10/2010 Ampliar the forms of sociability and interaction enter the aged ones through dances in group and pairs. Dance. We verify the participation and aged socialization of referring to the activities the proposals serving as first contact of integration between the involved citizens. 18/10/2010 Estabelecer relation of respect, commitment, reciprocity, appreciation with the proper work and the work of the others.

Declamation, stories. Through the appreciation and the participation of the aged one, it was possible to perceive the relation of respect, commitment and reciprocity with the other 25/10/2010 Estimular the therapy of the good mood, providing moments of joy and descontrao with the other in order to get loose itself of the adversities of the daily one. Cantos and musicalizao. We perceive the unfastening of the aged one through the glad moments considered in the practical ones. 08/11/2010 Recognition and use of the capacities to express and to create meanings in the sensrio-corporal plan in the activity proposal. Mimic Dublagem and. Through the corporal expression, the aged ones relembraram its sensrio-corporal capacities on the basis of the activity proposal. – The picture above serves as metodolgica strategy of synthecized form, that points the process of development of the lessons since the beginning to the end of the interventions, serving as base with respect to the analysis of the data and construction of the research.

Stokes Access

Lajolo & Zilberman (2003), affirms that strategies that appealed to the ending of the reading already are old, of the point of view of the discovery of Brazil, therefore exactly Axe of Assis, was used of this resource to vender its books. Of this form, the text on-line, is only used of this strategy. Other aspect latent in text, discloses with choice of lexicon, therefore, although to be a scientific research, the language used for the author did not have a character technician, believes that the intention of the author is to approach the reader to the understanding and dimension of the research, in this way the adequacy lexicon contributes it in this direction. For Souza (2010), the text on-line or hipertexto is, of an analytical perspective, a universe of diverse dimensions, therefore if it does not read only the text, but the images, hiperlinks, the context of the reader and others, confides, in this way, a universe in expansion of limitless knowledge and inexhaustible, as it is literature, however with the possibility to the same have everything in instant and this, in easy way, it can be adjusted to the necessity and understanding of the reader. In the studied text, one perceives some stories of people who are not authorities in the subject, case of the son of the researcher. With this, the author, to demonstrate the simple agreement of the science that, exactly the children, are capable to understand complex meanings, is not difficult to perceive the relapsing attempt to reach the esguio reader. In this direction, of approach of the reader, the text on-line, recria and reinventa to adjust it the interlocutor, exist descriptions, as for example: of the cell, points of view that suggest the continuation of the research and position favorable to the initiative in continuing to aclarar the biological blacknesses, exactly because, the human being was made to live perpetual.

Important aspect, of the point of view of the construction of the direction, shows through links that the text on-line brings in its bulge, therefore, while the text is read, other meanings and other plans show with this tool, however, also it is the exception that this can desvirtuar meaning intended, a time that other perspectives show with others links. Bibliography LAJOLO, Marisa & ZILBERMAN, Regina. The Formation of the Reading in Brazil; 3 edition Publishing company Stokes: So Paulo, 2003. ORLANDI, E.P. Speech, imaginary social and knowledge. Opened magazine, year 14, n.61. Brasilia, jan. to /mar.

The Pragmatic

But he is not strange. The pornography, in fact, is source of sexual excitement. The first one must therefore be fought, second favored. The resignation of that if it spoke is exhibited inside of the limits of both the phenomena, but in the practical one cloudy front to prostitution is about a resignation passively. The object of the sexofbico moralismo is of the deserotizao of the individual, what certainly if it cannot obtain through ponographic requests, but that if it can easily reach with the work of the prostitutes. Consequentemente, after the pragmatic advice quickly, is declared that nothing if it can make against the prostitution, that it is the profession oldest of the world, etc.

and still is gone more far: it is supported that prostitution is the salvation of the marriage, or at least one of its sustentculos. if this are not said explicit, are left implied. The sexual education contributes in three ways for the codification of the sex: first with a resignation suspicion; second, justifying it to it existence, especially the level of prostitution; third, masking it to it true face until its institutionalization. That is, making to pass for normal, incensurvel thing and until praiseworthy what in the truth it is desumanizante and humilhante, covering with the mantle of the legality a market in degradante itself, placing the label of the marriage on a very distant act of contract of the sphere affective and very next to the economy. I do not intend with this to say, understood well, that the marriage is always a prostitution form. I intend to say that it can be, and that generally it is. Same that either in the way most brazen, still thus courageous is defended by the sexual educators.

If it cannot educate for the sexual repression if give life to a market, more or less clandestine, that compensates the sexuality. if cannot make seen thick to the codification of the sex without encouraging it. This me seems outside of quarrel. But unhappyly if it cannot say that our educators intend to modify its strategy, nor so little to resign to its workmanship of persuasion in wide it scales. CONCLUSION Can be affirmed that it is destined parents and masters, the responsibility of the organization of curricular programs: practical and the example, illustrated for the behavior and attitudes of the parents and masters, has more importance that the simple rules; the nature and the reach of the answers to the questions must be determined by the state of physical, affective and intellectual development of the child or the adolescent, good thus for the proper nature of the done questions; the cognitiva education must be fit in home environment and national, cultural and religious and to harmonize itself family enters and the school. In the schools, the sexual education must gradual and be integrated. Necessidad

Internet Explorer

It may seem incredible, however, have a Gmail account gives you access to a range of Google services, that will make your cyber experience richer and more productive. Using same user name and password, you can start a blog (personal document) in Blogger, have an online photo album in Picasa, create and edit documents in Google Docs. Google offerings, the company that offers much more than an internet search engine, an excellent service of mail and even its own web browser, Chrome, lets you also use other web services, in wherever you have internet connection. Below is a list of products that Google has at your disposal. Blogger – express your opinions Online Calendar – organize your schedule and share events with your friends Docs – create your projects online, share them and access them from wherever you are Gmail – mail fast, with less spam and Google groups search technology – creates lists of distribution and Picasa discussion groups – Find, edit and share your photos Reader – quickly get all your feeds of news and blogs SketchUp – built models 3D fast and easy Talk – send instant messages and call your friends from your computer other services that do not require registration are: books – an online library with books in all categories, from classics to contemporary maps – find places and addresses across the globe translator – view web pages in other languages YouTube – get your own video channel or look at the creations of others all listed services and more, you can activate them, using your emails from Gmail account, at the following link: can also easily access all web services from the Google toolbar, which adds a search box to your web browser either Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Chrome, Linux, MacOS X and Windows operating systems.


Professors who had had its academic formation or concluded technique and that after they had kept its prxis pedagogical based in it had been surprised at the new panorama in the schools where the pupils had access to the first information, and interests come back toward a world who allowed liberty of speech them, exchange of information, leisure etc. it Was installed provocation: what to make with the cellular devices of the pupils? the technological resources of the school? The DVD of the school is not only enough? How to use the computer science laboratory that the government ordered to install? As to place as much technology information in my planning? This it goes to give certain? A gap was established enters professor pupil technologies contemporaries. Professionals of vanguard, media specialized in education try to fill this vacuum acess environment, being the Internet a great one to these information, so that the public education obtained to modernize itself, qualifications had been also made, however the resistncias to the new are great, have professors who they question these equipment and its effectiveness, he has others adopt that them to fill gaps in the planning, and has the ones that believe that technologies contemporaries are entertainment source, desvirtuando inestimable objectives that if could reach with a coherent and rational use as Almeida (2011) in its article standes out on the proficiency in the Internet use in the art; ' ' Not to explore virtual quantities, the available navigation and tools before presenting them it the pupils. Beyond delaying the lesson the children are lost, without one model to be based. When planning a work reserves a time to know sites&#039 well; '. As in any practical pedagogical a multicriteria planning condizente with the objectives is basic to get a result, the technologies will not go even so because the professor desires only to the picture and chalk the mimegrafo and in the maximum the DVD use, resources where if it feels comfortable.

The Internet

All of us were students, and wrote essays and term papers. Remember how hard it was to start coursework with a clean slate to create a project in mind the work, its concept, content? Of course, not all universities need autonomy in work – somewhere you can just download kursovik from the Internet, without delving into the essence of the theme developed. But it is not universal. For example, students often write MIIGAiK major coursework, containing large calculations calculations with formulas, scientific reasoning and evidence. MIIGAiK – a University of Geodesy and Cartography, now better known as MGUGiK. Currently, the Internet quite a lot of websites where you can find essay or coursework.

However, almost all of them are designed for students of humanities institutions. Finding a settlement and graphic work for a technical college, but still it is his – no easy task. The Internet is being developed, the number of users is constantly growing. Active students can create websites and community forums. This is typical for technical colleges, where we study IT-technology. In this regard, I would pay attention to the site for students MIIGAiK-Mgugik.Net.

On this site students have collected a lot of MIIGAiK interesting and useful information that can help almost any student – especially freshmen. Examples registration of term papers, research papers, prepared settlement works in Excel or Mathcad, and even an example of a diploma – all freely available to every student. If you are a student MIIGAiK, then go to the "point of no Mgugik" and share your operating time for a student – they will be able to help someone! Site while developing, despite his great age is – 4 years. His birth site noted at the free hosting provided by by Yandex – Narod.Ru. However, it soon began to enjoy the site very popular among students MIIGAiK. Maintain and service it has become much heavier, so he recently moved to paid hosting, replacing with the name, but not its essence. Internet project 'Mgugik point there is no' has become a place where students of the University of Geodesy come for help if they urgently need the spur of Geodesy, lectures on gravity or labs ready for tmogi. The site has become an excellent decoration of the Internet and glorious history MIIGAiK.

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