Greater Pandemic

A couple of days ago was something completely alarming on the news. Here I explain all the details. When I got home from work, I turned my computer in the usual way and saw a story that caught my attention. In Mexico 78 people die every day due to problems related to obesity and overweight. Stripe is being many people so that it becomes to do exercise. This is outpacing the number of people suffering from swine flu, at least in this country. We return again to my point of contention: how rays do it, if I don’t have time for nothing more than to work?. In a world that requires more and more of us, must look for quick and effective solutions to give to white with this problem.

Our environment is filled with restaurants fast food, sweets, flours, sugars and increasing access to nutrition centers or places where one can eat healthy is impossible. If do not understand once and for all that the only way of losing weight is changing our eating habits, even though we do exercises do not reach our desired goal. Justin MacGregor describes an additional similar source. Instead of a bun of bread in the evening, we could eat a Green Apple. It would be also advisable to have list two snacks of fresh fruits before and after lunch as well as drinking plenty of water throughout the day, even more so if we spend all day sitting in an Office. So I ask you this question: do you’re going to become the victim of this evil or one for all war on those extra pounds will notice you?. Just remember: less unnecessary weight in the body is more life to enjoy it with those they love.


Sony could have committed the largest security breach ever recorded in a console. During a Conference at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, various independent programmers have announced that they have the Sony console security keys. Thanks to these codes users could use copies of games on their consoles and home software without that Sony can make any action to prevent it. A failure in protecting the console firmware seems the origin of filtration. The Internet community has been pending in one of the conferences on computer security that these days is taking place in Germany.

The name of the Conference has been PS3:Epic Fail. No one expected that the presented novelties were so important. In a question-answer forum Vladislav Doronin was the first to reply. Responsible for the discoveries about Playstation 3 has been a user known as mark, which may have marked a before and an after in the history of PS3. The website Pspgroove has explained the details of the Conference and has published a video with the first 15 minutes. Mark and his team have announced that they have the security code in the Playstation 3. These codes are a kind of digital signature that protects the contents of all consoles. Until now never had achieved the codes for other consoles.

These codes are a tool for device security to recognize that the contents that are run are authorized. You could say that they are the signature of the companies. Each company has its own signature and is virtually impossible to get it. In other platforms have been used has other systems to deceive the system accept no official or copied content. Policymakers get the Playstation 3 codes could have benefited from an error in the encryption process from the console of Sony, possibly produced in its last update. The announcement of the publication of these codes would be a security problem that Sony could not solve. These codes are located on all the games and console applications. The company could not change the codes since it would leave useless all contents published so far. In this way Sony could not avoid in the near future users to use homemade software or copies in their consoles. The fault in the safety of the Playstation 3 can allow users known jailbreak without the need for hardware devices and regardless of the version of the console. The problem can be even greater for Sony, since in the future, if you want to manufacture a new console, the backward compatibility can be a serious problem since it should change the security codes. The publication of safety codes would mark a before and an afterwards for the Playstation 3. In his day other consoles such as Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox have gone through similar discoveries, but never accounted for safety violations as serious as the Sony console. Original author and source of the article

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