How To Use The TV As A PC Monitor

For a while I come look at my 32 “TV and think, And why not connect the PC in the TV and play my favorite games on the big screen? te same thing happens? Well, I decided to do it, but there are some limitations that ultimately may make it not worthwhile. I’ll explain later in this article. 1 .- Identify your inputs TV TV Most have three basic connections. They have the coaxial cable (antenna), RCA composite video connectors that are red, yellow and white and S-Video. Almost all connections also include VGA, HDMI, Component and DVI. 2 .- Identify the outputs on your computer.

At present, manufacturers are increasingly adding more outputs on TVs, making it easier to connect to other computers. The S-Video in particular seems to be gaining ground in more and more computers. Mainly you will find the usual VGA out, where normally connect your monitor. Today, many televisions have inputs VGA which makes it very easy to use as a PC monitor, but we focus on the connection on television not so new, that are in greater proportion than we found in homes. 3 .- I’ll find the correct adapter for your connections. You may need to buy an adapter or breakout box to connect the PC to the TV. They consist of an adapter that on one hand has a VGA input, which connect the PC, and a series of outputs, S-video, RCA or Component).

We recommend purchasing one of these adapters, but it’s the wireless feature, since it is much more comfortable at the time of their installation and can connect without having the PC near the TV. 4 .- Connect your computer to the television. If you have a connection to your TV that is compatible with any of the outputs on your PC, plug it directly. If you do not have available, connect through the junction box that we have discussed above the VGA from your PC and then connect the RCA cables, S-Video or Component to the TV. Turn on the television and computer and select the TV channel you have selected the link to view the image on the screen. Now the moment you may feel somewhat disappointed. The video signal the TV is called PAL (NTSC if you live outside Europe). This signal differs from that generated by the PC. Computers use resolutions that are measured in pixels: 320×200, 320×240, 640×480, 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×1024 or 1600×1200. Most TVs are only capable of displaying 500 lines of resolution, the equivalent of 500 vertical pixels on a PC. You can not select higher resolution in these televisions, so we can enjoy the most that is a resolution of 640x480px. Nor is it the worst in the world, you can play and watch videos in low resolution without problems, but for now you can not have video quality that makes the usual PC monitor. This problem was corrected in most current plasma TVs or LCD, as native connections include VGA or HDMI, which provide high resolution without having to acquire any other adapter.

Computer Help

Extremely unreasonable would deny the role of information technology in human life and society. Everyone is more or less running time people will sooner or later becomes a personal computer: its pros and cons of possible talk endlessly, but as a rule, the advantage of having a personal computer of obvious. Just to say that a pc with a completely equal success can be used for entertainment and for work, school. Buying a personal computer, must be based on what functions it will perform for its users. Will it be more powerful computer with a wide lcd screen for video games and watching movies, or with less powerful cpu, but with different peripheral devices. But whatever the computer during its operation over time, there are various problems with software or hardware configurations, such as, for example, virus infection or overheating of the system unit.

To solve all the problems associated with personal computer repair and computer settings, there is a service computer assistance. Currently, there are a great many companies offering similar services. Typically, the variability of services from different companies is the same. But at the same time, firms differ in many characteristics: for general staff development, at a cost of services, according to the territorial field activities, etc. You choose the right company can help advertising in its different variations: as a personal website, and the advice of friends or acquaintances. Making the choice is to proceed, to some extent, from their own preferences and intuition, because, even called the master and will work with your computer, but you yourself will have contact with him, communicate, explaining the problem and, possibly, in the process to solve thin money matters. Many might think that calling the master at home – completely unnecessary step, a waste of nerves, time and money.

We hasten to refute such judgments: often the total cost of services increases exponentially when the master has put in order after a computer system, it seemed gratuitous aid of friends or acquaintances. Note that we do not In no event do not question someone's ability to own a similar technique, but as a fact is to accept that a qualified specialist will be able to solve the problem with greater assurance that you will not have to apply for through again, than any other man, just well versed with computers. Amateur tuning and repair of computers, as a rule, is effective only in part – to solve local problems of narrow circle. Therefore we may boldly give advice: If you have any problems immediately call the service computer help: help will be systematic, efficient, and, most importantly, with the provision of guarantees that can not give no friends, no acquaintances. Usually, everything happens like this: you call the call-center of the company, briefly describe your problem, leave a request. Employees of the company you look for a suitable specialist who most quickly and effectively be able to provide computer help, and he calls up already directly with you to arrange the time of arrival and other nuances of the services provided. We hope that in his article, we will convince you need to use the service computer help and protect you from further errors and problems associated with poor adjustment and repair of computers.

The World Of Gadgets

Few of our countrymen think that by acquiring the latest model cell phone with various additional functions, or the original flash drives, allowing to remove fingerprints, they fall into discharge owners gadgets. Gadgets are the most incredible technological inventions embodied in the lives of creative engineers, programmers and designers. Gadgets can be described as unusual and smart toys, and most of them are exclusive works issued in single copies. True, despite the fact that these devices are manufactured with the use of high technology, there is a Gadgets and their negative aspects, among which are the main functions of the lack of capacity expansion and the limited time of operation without recharging. More and more new gadgets every day join the list devices developed based on technology hi-tech, many of whom show a rich imagination of their creators, because the average person and would never thought about creating a washing machine for a computer, printer, print on a slice of bread or a film covering a cup of coffee latte. Well, of course, of particular interest usb gadget, enjoying a fairly high demand. And who would not boast to colleagues stylish tie with built-in flash drive or to acquire the original stick in the form of a miniature chain saw or a camera.

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