Operating Assumptions

The reality goes through several filters (limiting neurological, social and individual) before being received by us, which prevents fully perceive what is reality. 2. a Life and mind are systemic processes: (Gregory Bateson, Sacred Unity) From these basic assumptions arising lasa Operating Assumptions: 1. a Mind and body are part of the same cybernetic system: the cyber qualifier applies here to indicate that this mind-body system interact is characterized as an open circuit communication: both interact and influence each other. 2. Mitchel Resnick takes a slightly different approach.

a All behavior has a positive intention: all behavior is aimed at achieving a profit. NLP distinguishes between the intent or purpose of a behavior and the behavior itself. Similarly, a person is not their behavior. The behavior seems only negative because they do not know its purpose. 3. a All behavior is useful in a particular context: it is necessary to analyze all behavior in the light of the context or environment where it develops, because otherwise such behavior may seem illogical, irrational or misplaced.

4. a People have potentially with all the resources needed to change and to act efficiently: Throughout our history we have accumulated personal experiences, which we can extract the resources needed to develop as people and deal with any circumstance elegance and flexibility that we present. 5. a The meaning of our communication is in the answer we get: This has to do with our flexibility as communicators, and implies that we have to adjust and refine our communication in order to get the answer we want, and not assume that the fault lies in the recipient of our communication.

Why You Need A Company Blog

1. It is perfect for creating a web presence for independent professionals who have something to say and people need to know them and what you can do for them. 2. Have own business blog gives you credibility and a forum where you can demonstrate your knowledge. 3. Max Schireson often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Readers can comment directly on your blog, creating interaction and interest. 4. No more waiting for your web designer to update your website.

5. You can post on his blog yourself, about any subject, daily if you wish, and do outreach in the blogosphere at once. 6. The search engines love blogs and collect their keywords easily, improving its ranking, making it easier for people to find on the web. 7. Customers are attracted by the personality behind the business. Human voices convey beyond PR-babble privacy. (To read about this subject read The Cluetrain Manifesto.

The first chapter is available free online: 8. You can network and build a community of like-minded readers. His blog, people comment. Other blog, is a comment. Before you know it, more people have heard of you and your business, because the rumor is passed around. 9. You can test new ideas and receive immediate answers. Get your customers and prospects in the act now to help you help them – invite to speak again! Let’s see how they develop their products and services and can show the best way to serve them. 10. You can use your blog side-bars to promote their products, affiliate products, blog targeted ads, sell books, and any other product or service you have. You do not have to include this in the body or content of your item, therefore your message – your writing – can remain content rich and free of promotional propaganda. Finally, email marketing and newsletters are struggling because of overcrowded inboxes, spam and filters problems. – On average, 64.7% of business e-mail you send is not yet open, let alone read. Source: Q3 2004 Email Trend Report, DoubleClick – E-mail marketers are seeing their opening rates from only “mid-20s to just over 50%” source: ClickZ.com – That means that you are losing at least 50% of your potential buyers or readers. How much does that amount in losses over the next few years? – AOL receives about 2 billion email messages a day, of which approximately 75 percent are blocked and other 4-7 percent are sent to the spam folder.

A Content Syndication Through RSS Feeds

Delivering regularly updated content to website visitors is easier through RSS resources. RSS, also known as Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication, has been used for years by online visitors. However, only recently started to gain popularity among webmasters as a means of providing visitors with constantly refreshed content. These foods were originally developed to provide news updates more quickly, but have since evolved to allow almost instantaneous updates of many types of information. Growth Web sites can benefit from RSS feeds as they allow the new copy to be updated regularly online. According to ConocoPhillips, who has experience with these questions. Once the RSS is inserted into web pages that provide a steady stream of syndicated content updated continuously.

Most feeds consist of a title, content summary and a link to the current online article. They are usually in XML, a markup language similar to HTML to allow webmasters to manipulate and integrate the new copy in your existing web pages. The growing popularity of RSS feeds have benefited from online sites, and that had helped fuel the increase in traffic and search engine results ranking. Learn more at: Petra Diamonds. The fact that the content is constantly changing syndicated in RSS feeds means that search engines visit and index pages on your site more often. RSS feeds also keep webmasters from having to worry about updating your content, and visitors can rely on the fresh items are available to read anytime. The articles also are easy to locate in RSS feeds, such as categorized for easy navigation.

This increases the chances of receiving visitors from other sites. While modern technology has made the integration of RSS feeds on a website is easier, contributing content to RSS feeds is still a bit more complex. Indeed since copy to RSS feeds, you first need an RSS program that will allow its format for syndicating content. If you are a professional web developer, for example, you might be interested in creating their own XML files to display the content. This option will allow greater flexibility in how content is displayed. If you lack the online knowledge to understand how to use XML, you may want to invest in one of the many RSS software programs that allow users to create and publish syndicated content without using any XML at all. One of the most popular software programs is FeedForAll, which is a cheap but powerful tool to develop and maintain an RSS feed. This program and others like it, allows users to use their own syndicated content, or to download the existing channels of Internet. It also gives users the ability to manually edit your site to include images and colors that can create an online experience more exciting for customers. As the need for the Internet to provide instant access to a wide variety of information continues to grow, RSS feeds have become a critical component of the distribution of information. It is likely that RSS will serve as an important tool for the exchange of information on the website in the coming years and could, in a not too distant future, even began to compete with email as the preferred method of sharing knowledge. Therefore, understanding the best way to use RSS feeds on your website can have lasting positive effects on the growth of your business. Online reprint rights granted provided the article is published in its entirety, including links and resource box. e 2005. John Doetsch is an author and founder of Websition.com where you'll find additional written by authors with more talent in the Internet.

Diana Fontanez

It is in that part where will be your products and services more expensive. But in the center of the funnel you have nothing, and there is one much of your potential customers who would be willing to invest at a lower cost. And that’s where reports or ebooks all play their part. I love this! You have in your funnel tens or thousands of people exposed to different products and services. Watch how I do it to attract the customer to my funnel offer ebooks and audios economic ($ 27-$ 37) offer analysis of web pages ($97) offer my private consultations (more expensive service) and am taking him from the beginning through the funnel. Presenting you various products and services with different prices. And that’s the idea.

Let them try your experience at lower cost to prepare them to invest in more expensive products or services. While other businessmen do not understand why their businesses do not grow, and still growing, added more responsibilities, I have an easy system to follow that it leads to the person being visitor become customer of more quickly through my marketing funnel. I.e., today Juan de el Pueblo is at the end of your funnel investing in your products or services more expensive while Maria el Pueblo is in the Middle by investing small amounts of money. Now imagine thousands of people into your funnel exposed to this plethora of options! But the funnel is used for all types of businesses? Of course Yes! If you sell a service, you can create an exciting marketing funnel where make money everywhere even while you sleep. This I call it freedom of time and financial freedom. I will summarize your goal number 1 is to attract people to your marketing with a free bait funnel. Once inside, your goal is to expose them to different products and services with different levels of prices. And the cycle is repeated to attain financial freedom. You’re using the marketing funnel through a system that allows you to make more money in less time and with less expense?

Internet Marketing

On the other hand, the opposite of SPAM is Opt-in which means that people have given you the permission that you send all the emails that you want or want with your business proposals. Therefore, when planning your marketing campaign by Internet using the email you must sure be Opt-in list to which you’re going to go. Moreover, it is proven that people who have previously consented to receive emails from your part will be more willing and receptive to the content of your messages. Do you manage how email addresses to Opt-in? Although it may seem easy, the obtaining of Opt-in email addresses could become extremely difficult and complicated if appropriate strategies are not managed to achieve them. Then share with you the different ways how you could get Opt-in email addresses: placing ads in lists builders, running pay per clicks on Adwords campaigns, running viral advertising systems, renting space on web pages to place advertising banner type, handing out cards, flyers and placing posters and signs in strategic locations. We have seen all of these techniques in the previous lessons! Strategies to get email addresses: offering the opportunity to participate in a raffle or free competition. Offering the opportunity to receive more details above given offer or opportunity to those who fill out the form with your data. Offering the opportunity to receive a bonus free gratis or free course by email.

Offering the opportunity to test or download this particular software to fill out the form with your data, etc. Another important aspect to consider is the fact that you should try to establish good relations with these people as an initial step before motivating them to buy something from you. Remember, as we have said earlier, there are people with needs and desires that you should try to know and meet behind the email addresses to which you shine. Finally, I will share with you the most effective way of writing a letter or email to ensure people read them with attention and interest. (a) customize the subject of the message. This means that the matter always begins with the first name of the recipient. Example: Alexander, have good news for you b) also customize the greeting.

It is not the same thing to say: dear friend who say dear Alexander because it has been proved that the personalized emails in a more positive effect on readers. (c) make sure that the longest of your paragraphs do not pass of 6 lines. Avoids making a soup of letters that desmotiven the reader from before you begin to read the email. Warning! Forget about those offers of buying those packages of millions of electronic addresses supposedly new and fresh to do mass mailings. Not so as you develop your E-mail Marketing campaigns on the Internet then raids the risk of being accused of SPAM and I can assure you that this is serious, because it may involve fines and closure of your web site. Recommendation: Identifies companies that offer direct marketing, i.e., campaigns of email marketing services in your country and negotiates a campaign involving two bi-weekly shipments to your website. Typically these companies are responsible for making you the art for a small fee! Make sure that these companies offer Opt-out option to their subscribers, i.e. that can be removed from your lists automatically. If they don’t offer this option, do not use them. Learn Internet Marketing.

Private Branch Exchange

So far everything looks pretty normal, but is that a packet switched network brings you more. A packet switched network a packet switched network using VOIP can be very efficient since analog signals of the human voice are digitized and formatted into small data packets ip or datagrams that are provided with information on your cabeceera needed to reach the destination and be reassembled in the order in which they were sent. In the world of bits and bytes the shortest distance between point A and point B is not a straight line but is determined by a number of other known factors such as routing metrics that are a kind of scales with which decide which route should be followed at all times to reach the destination. The congeston route, distance, transmission delay and the number of jumps are some metrics used. As the voice does not require a physical channel is reserved exclusively many more services are possible Through of a network that uses VOIP to make phone calls and videoconferencing. Some advantages of IP telephony to small and medium businesses that have a local area network LAN, it would be very useful and economical to use the existing local area network with VOIP technology for all internal calls to avoid having to hire extra services such as call forwarding, caller ID and other services to the company supplying the telephone service. can allocate a computer in the organization to fulfill the role of PBX (Private Branch Exchange) or unit with the help of specialized software for this purpose as it is Asterisk, (a package of open source software that can manage a wide range of VOIP services) and the acquisition some hardware components that serve to adapt the analog phones to VOIP technology or to replace analog phones or IP phones simply by installing software phones in each of the workstations and regular phones are replaced by computers, headphones, microphones and softphones. .

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