Corporate Web Site

First things first is to start with planning the overall budget. Think how much money you can invest in your website, chat with colleagues 'on the shop floor', review their websites and if it is no secret, just ask about value. Website Design – time-consuming and complicated process that requires mandatory participation of the true professionals in their field, ranging from project managers and finishing artists, illustrators, and php programmers. In the matter of the project budget is guided by the Russian proverb: 'miser pays twice', as the savings in this case is simply unacceptable and costs to develop new, more worthy of the site will be much worse. So let's proceed to consider the likely contractors for the development of your site. Budget option – student freshman. Grupo Vidanta shines more light on the discussion. You understand that the people in whatever degree it is fully developed was not, your work professionally in the areas of copywriting, html layout, php programming at the same time, can not, and it means 'lame' everything – something more, something less.

As passed all Freelance delivery times are not respected and delayed, sometimes for several days, and in some cases for several months, at least, very unpleasant. On signing the contract can not be and speeches, all the subtleties discussed only in words, in the case Disputes development project may suspend or may stop completely, and forever. Of the positive aspects of working with 'freelancers' in the first place, of course, a price that is several times lower than in the professional web agencies and web studios. Moreover, the cost of the work can still be artificially understate already in the process, arguing that the delays or the various deficiencies and shortcomings. The best option – a professional agency internet agency.

Your project is assigned a personal project manager who directly monitors compliance with deadlines, quality of work and become link between the customer and the company's specialists. All work is done on time, signed a contract that describes the process like the interaction between the parties, the duties of the Executive and the total cost work. In the event of disputes are easily resolved under the contract. Payment of the customer carries out a "black cash", and officially, by wire transfer. It is partly due to the fact that over each stage creating a Web site running a single employee who is a professional in his case, the end result is really good quality. This highly artistic site design, layout and valid, and 'Bug-free' operating system of content management

IPv Address

Each device on a network must be defined uniquely. At the network layer, it is necessary to identify the transmission packets with the source and destination of the two end systems addresses. rick%20Dollard%20Center%20for%20Discovery&f=false’>Patrick Dollard The Center for Discovery to be a useful source of information. With IPv4, this means that each package has a 32-bit source address and a destination address of 32 bits in the layer 3 header.These addresses are used on the network’s data as binary patterns. Within the devices, applies the logic digital for its interpretation. For those who are part of the human network, a series of 32-bit is difficult to interpret and even more difficult to remember. Therefore, we represent IPv4 addresses using the dotted decimal format.Each device on a network must be defined uniquely.

At the network layer, it is necessary to identify the transmission packets with the source and destination of the two end systems addresses. With IPv4, this means that each package has a 32-bit source address and a destination address of 32 bits in the layer 3 header.These addresses are used in the network data as binary patterns. Within the devices, applies the logic digital for its interpretation. For those who are part of the human network, a series of 32-bit is difficult to interpret and even more difficult to remember. Therefore, we represent IPv4 addresses using the dotted decimal format. Decimal punteadLos binary patterns that represent IPv4 addresses are expressed as decimal dotted by separating each byte of the binary pattern, called a byte, with a point.

Called octet since each decimal number represents one byte or 8 bits.For example, the address: 10101100000100000000010000010100 n is expressed as decimal dotted the next manera:172. 16. 4. 20 Please note that devices use the binary logic. Dotted decimal format is used to make people easier to use and remember directions.Lots of network and hostEn each IPv4 address, any portion of the higher order bits represent the network address.

Visitor Behavior Surveillance

The Webcontrolling serves the purpose of conduct of the user to monitor a website and then evaluate. Here, the number of calls, the one who comes from where and which areas were visited more detail noted. As a result, it is possible to optimize the site, and to respond to customer needs, in addition to reliability ("page is not available" to increase). Webcontrolling is the collection of user data, the term "Web Analytics" is used more often worldwide, but is identical. The analysis of hits on a website is guaranteed by the web server log files, another process is the use of tags (keywords, keywords).

Even the setting of cookies is essential for logging, here it is possible to assign the repeated single page "persons" in the form of IPs. Essential to the "traffic analysis. The Webcontrolling either server based or client-based to happen, both have their advantages and disadvantages, the server-based controlling is more common. The two major priorities of the Webcontrolling are monitoring the utilization of a website, and methods of optimization. About the first point you reach a comparable defined content, and thus to control costs and revenue development. The optimization is reached by the path analysis, that is, on which areas of a site a user to come to that, looking for his object. Also indicates the number of calls information about the accessibility and popularity of individual content, or the bad link. The Webcontrolling is essential for commercial websites and will condition the success of a site, only when the required information quickly and easily be found, the user is busy. If I search for a specific object, and for a certain time scale is exceeded, my search too expensive and I leave the site.

Desktop Wallpapers

Everyone is trying to change the world around them, adjust to fit your template, just a little to bring it closer to his ideal, to feel comfort and peace. Unfortunately it is often very difficult to do, peace to all one, it is common and stubbornly does not want to change and adapt to someone else one. The computer world is much more simple and friendly and that is why he is increasingly being implemented in our real lives. A window into this world and it is our desktop, and its main criterion – the look. One of the key aspects of the appearance of the desktop is the wallpaper in the Windows operating system and the pictures for a desktop operating system, Mac os. On them can be judged character, mood, interests, emotional state and preferences of the person.

They can make smile and cheer up, to make laugh or vice versa blow any sad memories. Everyone imagine the ideal wallpaper to their own way: for some it's the photo wallpaper with views of picturesque locations and beautiful places in the world, someone like the new auto models or pictures can film characters, screen shots of some popular games or romantic images, and someone just picture a loved one or even any single color background. In the world of the internet there are many resources on topics decorate your desktop. Huge collection free and paid products, copyrights, or the creation of unknown artists – they all find their fans, as the theme is very popular and in demand. As statistics show search engine Yandex, the phrase Desktop Wallpaper appears before the eyes of nearly a million users every month.

The figure is very serious and deserves respect. Hard to believe, but born wallpaper back in 1975 when Xerox parc research center in its experimental office system Officetalk, developed for a series of computers Alto, used a revolutionary solution – provide the background under the cash box are dimmed. Everyone liked the idea and it was immediately picked up by Apple Computer Lisa and Macintosh. The popularity of wallpaper has grown with the avalanche rate, the process was irreversible. Evolution wallpapers and images to the desktop was a lot of stages and I think that more will be at least as much. Now we can say with great confidence, in the current popularity of this industry, as well as the highest degree of image editors (Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, gimp, Microsoft Paint and analogues) everyone can choose or create for themselves their exclusive virtual world, responsible only to its ideals and demands, and this world will belong to him alone.

Web Site Promotion

Many of us have long been convinced that building a website (no matter how expensive and beautiful it would not have been) the case is not finished, but as they say, everything is just beginning. This article, I dedicate to those who wish to try himself in a role . As in any profession is the concept of the integrity of knowledge. That's a ceo, it is more relevant than ever. This stems from the fact that learn well to promote the site, to make quality web advertising, analysis and so on., requires a lot of knowledge in different areas. Another difficulty in studying the profession is such a concept as obsolescence information and its rapid deaktualnosti. The online world, certainly the most dynamically evolving spectrum of the market on the planet. And it is not just a certain number of computers connected to the grid, it's web, all enveloped the planet, connecting billions of people, which gave leisure, work, entertainment, informative, and base.

etc. Obtained as a separate world. And it is understandable, as in any field, the world can not exist without some planting, canons and functions. During their formation, but he observed now, especially the rules often volatile. Because one of the major challenges CEO-spetsiolista is what would in time obtain and apply new information. – "Where do I take?" – You ask. And I will answer you. All in the same web.

In the network there is considerable number of forums, where such a thing as website promotion, is the main topic of conversation. That is precisely on such resources and is the most powerful information and knowledge sharing to promote the site on the Internet. There is, course and a huge amount of literature that promises to help you comprehend all the subtleties of seo-promote and teach to earn money from it. However, there are several but, because of which it is not necessary to spread the money for this literature, but as a rule, it is worth it is not cheap. But it is enclosed in a few paragraphs, occurring in all the books I bought: 1.Do not relevant information. (As a rule infa in the book is already obsolete as a year or eighteen months). 2.Do not Accuracy of information presentation. 3.Ne organization of computations of the material. (It seems that much has been written, and how to start it is not clear) 4.Netu real-world examples that are relevant at the moment. And there but – lacking. Although call this literature be useless. For example such a thing as website optimization for search engines has not been canceled. In this literature it is described quite thoroughly. And so Nemenov in order to correct an advertising campaign for Your site, and that the results would have been obvious, and not a lot of money to spend – you have even the basic concept in html and php, a good focus on the market of services, know the basics of management and marketing, to be a little designer to have an unbroken perseverance, excellent memory and logic, and certainly a great desire to reach a result in the promotion of the site. If you have all of the above listed and even more, not that he could not stand on Your way to mastering the profession seo-optimizer or sites. Good luck to you.

Informer Page

TV ticker – a script that can be easily integrated in any web page and displays an information block, in this case – with the television program broadcasts nationwide, regional and satellite television. As a rule, all elements of this unit are set – either on their own when choosing the type of TV-informer, or through technical support site that provides the code of the script. The result is an information module, ideally fit into the design of your site and showing the visitors to-date information on what currently goes on TV. On the possibilities of setting. Usually it is intuitive and allows you to choose from: – a list of television channels – the period for which displayed program guide (online or in a few hours ahead) – a region of broadcasting – the setting of appearance (in particular, the color of any part of the informer; size). On receipt of the form: online now quite a wide range of different kinds of informers, including TV themes, and almost all of them are free.

Simply choose the type of the informer, customize its appearance, to get the code and add it to the your web page. Updating information in the TV-informer, as well as anywhere else, automatically, with each new page is loaded, allowing the display is always current information. Needless to say, that the installation Informer will keep visitors from transitions to other Web resources. With the help of informers can translate any page in the online mode. By accessing the website, the visitor will see all the information for the collection of which he was previously had to visit multiple sites. Of course, it is more convenient when all the necessary relevant information is "at hand". In particular, the TV ticker – the perfect solution for the pages of information portals, sites, cities, any resource whose goal is to provide relevant information and / or entertainment audience.

Social Engine Templates

but I give preference to Vbulletin) 2) A blog only WordPress (lots of plugins, templates, proper level of security, a lot of management capacity, partly is a blog client, mail) 3) portal, working only:) Drupal – is all that is needed, it can build anything … have been the case – created soc. network. The set of templates, and various goodies. b) Modx – A new, but had time to extensively to spread and gain popularity any appropriate system.

The main advantage of the widespread use of technology ajax. Not so many opportunities, but you can implement a lot. Very flexible. Not so many patterns in the spectacular view) PHPNuke – good old-fashioned system, ease of management, the relevant features, templates, ease of administration. The disadvantage I would call a block component of a template, and the actual appearance I was not very appealing.

g) DLE – news system, suitable for almost anything, templates, more than a high level of security, ease of management, the use of elements ajax, online availability 'nulenoy' version, the set modules and hacks. d) 2z project-a relatively new, free alternative to DLE. Others CMS, to create a portal for me to, or otherwise unable to use it. 4) social network. I work only with Social Engine, not very comfortable with layout templates, as used Technology Smarty, patterns in the network a bit, but still have all the necessary plug-ins – are also available online, a lot – free of charge. A huge number of descriptions of hacks. The rest – comfort. The system operates at high loads to the site. Paid. The network has Nulled-version. 5) The site for the average jur. entity, information system, or site represents one or more products, the site provides specific services. All that I identified as a separate category and I prefer to use only the DLE. 6) Collection of articles, documentation, without a doubt the leader of a MediWiki. Conclusion. For 3 and 5 of the first case the best solution for me is the DLE. When you create an author's site, the first thing would be worth think, it's WordPress. Two of these solutions are for me the absolute leaders everywhere and in everything. I hope this article will help you select the appropriate CMS. But it is worth remembering! Virtually any CMS can be configured properly! I just talked about the fact that I prefer.

The Forgotten Meaning Of The Web Catalog

Web catalogs were put in the formative years of the Internet, the first method, to order into the chaos of a growing number of Web pages. The original idea of the web catalog is to provide the user with an editorial selection of an ordered list of websites with high quality. With the advent of search engines and the belief in the omnipotence of their search, the idea of the web catalog has fallen increasingly into obscurity. Only a few idealists could imagine still retain permanently establishing a list of a survey of millions of Web pages. But even in the age of Google & Co. the idea of the web catalog still has its place.

Unfortunately, the original idea of the web catalog mainly from one side is damaged, from the operators themselves Webkatalog Webkatalog The average German today is nothing more than a dumping ground of poor quality and chaotically arranged links. How did that come about? The answer is relatively simple: the dream of fast money with little work! The vast majority of Web catalogs today is based on the easylink system. With this system, any amateur can quickly and easily build a large framework of categories and fill in the sequence of links. This work is however not done by the operators themselves (or editors), but transferred to the user. As a result, most web directories consist of a huge number of categories, but which contain only very few links.

Very often there is even the case that some categories have no links at all. Even worse has happened to the quality of most catalogs, as it is usually reported by users are the pages filled with no editorial check. That way, each web catalog degenerates within a few weeks to an unsorted garbage dump. Still, most operators expect from engines, to generate interest within a short time advertising revenue. The realization that making money is not so simple, leads to a relatively rapid disillusionment. Therefore, in Germany to observe the paradoxical phenomenon that almost all older web directories are now orphaned, but are still made weeks for weekly new catalogs online. A good example that there is another way, is the link SPY. The Web catalog is built up gradually since about two years ago by a small editorial staff. Meanwhile, the catalog of the 20,000 most interesting and best quality web sites in Germany lists more than 130 topic sites. Of course, users also have the opportunity to make themselves known websites. Due to the high quality of writing, the recording rate is only about 10%. The link SPY has made it his mission to be a beacon among the masses of standard engines and users to offer a good alternative to search engines.

The Rating

'Calendar' does not allow himself to forget about you birthday of his own old friends. He, in any case, recall that, obviously you personally to congratulate each other with their own holiday. The program at the same time does not allow your friends ever forget your birthday in person. Be sure in your birthday, you probably will not be without Gifts! 'VKontakte' has an impressive variety of categories and communities, in fact you have the opportunity to choose and of course join in the personal wishes or leave them. Graffiti on the wall is above all, another nice 'small change' site. You will be able to entertain all your friends your pictures or downloads, the same figures. This possibility does make a real pleasant surprise properly for your beloved friend. Your image is uniquely able to see all the guests of your friend.

It is extremely well thought-out function 'OpenID', the account is 'My photos'. Members put their own proper place Photos and naturally form a real photo albums, which later viewing as well as comment on the visit of each user. Number of photo albums and pictures in them indefinitely. 'VKontakte' maximum available to share pictures, or just send a friend your own photo. No small importance is how to raise VKontakte rating VKontakte party. Directly from the rating depends space page Party, sought after search.

The real rating is made up of individual data for each participant and the strength of the friends of each participant. At the same time VKontakte, you have the opportunity to consider all sorts of videos, upload them to a personal page, download VKontakte video and pictures. Using special software, simply all bulging out 'vKontakte' move into your own PC or laptop. VKontakte not to find obstacles. In fact it is infinite, in general, any pick up something for himself. VKontakte invented a lot of options to express themselves and talk. And the 'OpenID' will not allow you to be lonely. Personally, he make your life more diverse. Will provide an opportunity to preserve your friendship with old friends and certainly to get otherwise.

World Wide Web Television

Lots of people portend for the next 10 years expanding Internet tv. At this stage of the phrase Internet tv still a novelty. anything with the development of technologies for which we sometimes can not keep up monitor, and transform the usual thing for us. This applies to television and the Internet virtual space. The plans still full of confusion.

It's no secret that the Number of unique users Global Internet Web is rapidly growing in geometric progression. For example, exciting fighters, horror films, the current continuously losing its young audience. Because basically a huge percentage of the younger generation a few hours a day, spends itself on the Internet. If you decide to engage in viewing the recently released movie or a hilarious video, then for such a situation in cyberspace There is a huge number of video servers, which at the moment might pass the latest novelties of cinema. It is clear that over time, humanity will abandon conventional broadcast to all of us and will give their preference Internet television. In addition, it has a large number of superiority.

For example, you will not be imposed on commercial breaks, which previously had to watch a long period of time. Another the broadly positive point is that you will not be tied to this or any other program on time, you will be able to listen to it in his spare time. Also another important advantage of not a few considered to ease the choice of fascinating information, it is easier saying you yourself are looking for exactly what you on vykusu. Or else, as in ordinary tv you're looking for, klatsat tv channels and find something decent hard. However, not much good, of course Internet television present their disadvantages. Which are: to work seamlessly needed high-speed Internet access. Communicating with the World Wide Web should be constant and not depend on weather changes or various other force cases in a position to influence the work of the Internet service provider. An additional disadvantage is considered to be an incredible flow of traffic. Statistics estimated that the total number of people raboayuschih about 6 hours per day Cyberspace, ten times in lieu of all the number of people whiling away six hours a day to the next tv.Umozaklyuchenie over time in our awareness of the traditional tv will be wiped out.

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