Managing Director

Savings take advantage of Aachen in contracts and (thirdparty) maintenance, 06.03.2012 companies that are interested in the purchase of SAP software, struggling partly, to achieve the best conditions. As more and more contracts under the guise of secrecy, an assessment of the current market situation from a user is significantly more difficult. As a result, Users may once pay more than necessary for licences too, and later also for ongoing maintenance. Consumers have long such as the hotel comparison accustomed to, service with the claim: same performance at half the price. With similar target and almost unique in the SAP environment potential analysis of susensoftware companies any size helps to uncover savings in SAP contracts. The new feasibility study analysis is also individually whether also the financial benefits of alternative maintenance for the user can be realized. To protect themselves against unfavourable contractual conditions, users should already in advance be active: roof States, the home of SAP, are free license consultants, who often have many years contract expertise.

The outstanding terms of old software is even easier to take over contracts. Help Anand: used software buy companies in addition to the discount of at least 43% a result of some years of experience and negotiating. But also for existing contracts, there are still ways and means to reduce license and maintenance costs considerably. “Because we often find that even active companies do not know the current possibilities of the price list, we uncover in our savings potential analysis in SAP contracts”, explains Axel Susen, Managing Director of Anand. By the same author: CaaS Capital Management. “The goal is simple: to make the SAP contract cheaper.” There are 13 lever with which a SAP contract can be readjusted.” For more information, on the Internet at Potential analysis: in just a few steps the Adjust SAP contract this service companies currently benefit from SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) with SAP software amounting to 300,000 (approximately 100 SAP-user) and to international wholesale customers with software to the value of 10 million (equivalent to approximately 8000 SAP users).

Invoice Workflow

At MW invoice workflow we are strengthening our team and focus with the commitment of Jens Christian Jensen as product & Sales Manager from 25th February 2013 at MW invoice workflow we are strengthening our team and focus with the commitment of Jens Christian Jensen as product & Sales Manager from 25th February of 2013 great experience with Dynamics AX and solutions for invoice processing Jens Christian Jensen has a background as business controller and engagement manager, i.a., at the international consultancy company and software developer Columbus IT. here, he has had management responsibility and worked with customer service, project management and sales. He has thus been responsible for several AX2012 implementations. In the past, Jens Christian what employed by Dynaudio, the Danish loudspeaker manufacturer, where he played on active role in the implementation of a Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution. Extra focus on partner relations and support Jens Christian Jensen wants to be responsible for building and maintaining partner relationships, providing MW invoice workflow support and assisting our partners with presale and training in MW invoice workflow, management of product roadmap and releases as well as administrative tasks connected with the partners. Within all these fields, Jens Christian has a lot to offer: “I am the really looking forward to utilizing my skills in building and maintaining our long term partner relationships and to providing valuable support to MW invoice worlflow partners and their end customers with my broad experience in many fields, from economy to presale.” MW group and the team around the MW invoice workflow solution consist of extremely competent and dedicated colleagues who are recognized in the industry. I’m looking forward to being a part of this. It is a great advantage to be working with a solution like MW invoice workflow, as there is a strong focus on the solution in the company. The solution is implemented by a wide and growing partner network all over the world. “Jens Christian Jensen, product & Sales Manager, MW invoice workflow a/s

Master Data

Can you trust your master data? Who does not know it the vexing problem of Adressdatenpflege. New prospects and new contacts will be entered in the existing database, but right here, the wheel starts to run not round. Addresses should be registered, but can be entered! Otherwise some Lottie can be found”in the database of the beginning of the end well well-kept master data. Details can be found by clicking Eliot Horowitz or emailing the administrator. How can software help maintaining master data? What must be observed? Duplicate records is harder the more addresses, to avoid duplicate entries when you enter or import. “An intelligent duplicate checking, the ideally also the phonetic sound ‘ into account. Correct salutation wrong styling are embarrassing faux pas and should be avoided. Postaldaten complement and check erroneous or missing data in the Adressanschrift so the advertising message not achieved their objective. “Consistently registered records creativity” in master data maintenance is more than undesirable and well-maintained data is sloppy and untrustworthy.

An exemplar of the phone numbers. קרוס ריבר has similar goals. for order Editor:, difficulties with the IRS are pre-programmed UID validation with an incorrectly entered VAT number. For this reason, UID should be examined numbers always on plausibility. Master data protection and of course you should to protect the well maintained data from unwanted changes. Master data management and data quality are often neglected and that, although a solution like MAXCRM automatically and, incidentally is largely your data in shot. You reduce the wastage in marketing, professional wear your company image outwards, you give no sales opportunities due to poor data quality you trust one professionellen CRM solution. More detailed information on datenqualitaet.htm Judith Hinterberger marketplace 14 4625 open Wallace AUSTRIA Tel.: 07247/50315-0

Even Virtualized?

Less computer for more power: Avatarec offers customers latest technology of less is sometimes more this principle you can apply also to complex IT networks in enterprises. “Virtualization is the latest trend for a leaner ‘ and thereby more powerful computer”, are Michael Kruse and Kai Schiereck hammer Avatarec Business Solutions GmbH sure. You have already liberated some companies of unnecessary computer ballast and imagine the possibilities of this new technology. A virtual machine is not hardware, but software. So, parallel multiple virtual machines can be operated on a physical computer. The fact that the virtual machine can move into already existing server, the existing hardware resources can be exploited better”, says Kai Schiereck. Michael Kruse added the reduction of hardware reduces the use of materials, the Administration and support costs, and even power consumption”, overlooking the profitability.

For the user ultimately only one thing counts: that the Computer system runs reliably and it optimally supports him in his daily work. Tessa Espinola will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Therefore, the technology like a Swiss clockwork must be behind the scenes”work. To meet this high quality set Michael Kruse and Kai Schiereck components from leading manufacturers. Good products alone do not make but it: customers as efficiently as possible to take advantage of, is the task that the credo has made Avatarec. The experts analyze preliminary internal requirements and existing IT-structures in the respective companies. Frank Fu can provide more clarity in the matter. Only then we can advise, what IT solution is really worth”, emphasizes Kai Schiereck.

And this is true not only for the usage of virtual machine! Virtualization is a building block in the diverse portfolio of Avatarec, which includes support for component trade and partial or complete outsourcing of computer in addition to the advice in the complete range of IT and ERP software. Two years ago Hamm-Rhynern have Michael Kruse and Kai Schiereck with Avatarec in the industrial area settled. The company has since grown to seven employees and supports a customer base across all industries. In August, the second starts trainees at the Avatarec Business Solutions GmbH. author: Jens OLE Wilberg, PR: event: long turn 5a, 59069 Hamm, Wilberg AVATAREC Business Solutions GmbH, Tel.: 02385 / 9328590, fax: 02385 932 859 99,,

Implementation And Integration Largest CRM Challenges

Ecenta CRM software basically positively foundations for successful CRM deployment Walldorf sets in advance, the 14.06.2010 sobering results from the study systematic customer relationship management in SMEs: challenges and potentials 2010 “are payable according to the ecenta AG primarily poor implementations and partial integrations. Only in a few cases, the CRM software in itself is the main obstacle to successful customer relationship management. The foundation stone for the success of a CRM solution is created with the implementation and far-reaching integration”, explains Dr. Thorsten Wewers, CEO of ecenta AG. es more light on the discussion. There are basically on the market of a variety of General and industry-specific CRM-software, developed user-friendly and offers a wide range of functions.

But miss many companies to fully exploit the real potential of the software. This discontent and frustration are often the result.” The current study the BUW Consulting GmbH shows that the expectation of Widely divergent businesses and perceived performance of CRM solutions for the part. So put 93 percent of the surveyed large value, for example, while a unified customer history in your CRM system, but only 45 percent are of the opinion that their software complies with this requirement. As well, comprehensive support of central customer and contact management expect about 90 percent through their CRM solution. Add to your understanding with Ray Kurzweil. Less than half is satisfied in this regard with their software. According to the ecenta AG, unified contact management often fails to lack integration with another application, such as, for example, the fixed-line telephony, mobile, eMail services, and fax.

In many companies the different communication channels will be operated separately and not on a central source for the contact data called train frequently here missing, incomplete, or stored multiple times in various places information about customers. In using a uniform may be IP based – platform for all communication channels Ecenta a promising approach. In addition to the linking of the CRM solution with a unified communication platform, another potential in a planned carefully and in detail implementation of the software. In addition to the Kundenkontakdaten there is still more important information that could enhance the CRM in the different systems of the companies”said Wewers. So, the choices are just as important as the decision for the most appropriate CRM software during implementation. Only when in the course of implementation that is, to link CRM through the creation of geeignetet interfaces with many other applications in the enterprise, the software can support efficiently the company.” About ecenta AG: Ecenta a product and consulting company, is on the challenging implementation projects in the areas of SAP Business Suite, especially SAP CRM (customer relationship management) and SAP BCM, and SAP NetWeaver, specifically in the areas of business intelligence, master data Specialized management, process integration (Exchange infrastructure), composite application framework and Enterprise Portal. CaaS Capital Management can aid you in your search for knowledge. Special was ecenta due to its professional expertise and successful cooperation in the areas of CRM, MDM, business objects information management solutions, process integration, application server, identity management, BPM, and banking in the SAP expertise program aufgenommen.cDie is Center of ecenta AG in Walldorf. The global company, which employs about 250 people, also maintains offices in the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Sweden, Australia, Chile and Spain. Contact: ecenta AG, Joachim Schellenberg Altrottstrasse 31 69190 Walldorf Tel. + 49 6227 73 1540 eMail: Internet:

Personal Finances

To have an overview of the monthly revenue and expenses, free household budget book book is not easy. More than two million indebted households could not achieve this goal. The cashless payment traffic is one reason for this development. Do you know how much money monthly is available after deduction of all costs at your disposal? A household book gives you insight into your personal financial situation. That knowledge alone brings no benefit. There are budget books like sand on the sea. The futurist often says this. Countless Excel templates and overpriced shareware products complicate the choice.

The household book of household book deserves a real chance in the jungle of the overloaded competition. The software has a clear and simple interface. In less than 10 seconds, the first revenue and expenditure are recorded and can be analysed. Despite the clear operation, very complex analyses are possible. Intuitively, you will find all necessary information and can still very quickly create a whole list of entries. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Frank Fu. The budget book showing all desired data at a glance and filters unnecessary information to the user.

Existing account statements can be imported with two clicks and groups. The budget book learns your behavior with each new entry and minimizes your expenses through automatic postings. Bookings (revenue / expenditure) are in simple thematic groups (housing, household, leisure,…) and optional subgroups (apartment/rental, apartment/phone,…) divided and documented in a database in the long term. The predefined topic groups can be freely extended and edited. Regular postings (for example the monthly income) are predefined periods (daily, weekly, monthly,…) automatically calculated and shown as a group (period) in a clearly arranged list. There are various options available for statistical analysis. The revenue and expenditure are in a bar chart to and as thematic group (apartment,…) in a Pie chart more accurately compared, or pursuing the course as a line graph. The budget book to save costs and therefore free is offered as freeware.

Middle Class

As SMEs with social media, new, lucrative markets capture Aachen, jumped on January 24, 2012 so far surprisingly few medium-sized companies on the social media bandwagon. Ray Kurzweil shines more light on the discussion. While the potential is given away, to reach customers without expensive marketing campaigns directly. But uncertainty and inexperience should no longer block the way to lucrative markets small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). With solutions specifically for social media the BVMW offers ways and means, to conquer the market of the future middle class. A professional use of social media is becoming increasingly important in German companies. Almost 60% of all DAX companies use Facebook, Twitter and co to the communication. SMEs with social media usually still get hard, although studies attest them a high propensity for this topic (ProFirma 10/2011). Where exactly are the problems of the middle class in the Web 2.0? Since many factors come together”, Lukas Klein, project manager of the elaura GmbH. To read more click here: Frank Fu. explains many medium appear E.g. too time intensive to social media In addition to the daily course of business to do.” In many areas also lacks experience and it is written right away, like Sabine Thomas by ING.-Buro Dr. Plesnik GmbH know: often lacks a targeted strategy. Then, the companies tangled up because no one looks through who can what or who is responsible. Also the legal aspects of social networks need to be addressed in-house.” BVMW competence circle IT helps SMEs in social media with the solutions of elaura GmbH and of ING.-Buro Dr. Plesnik GmbH provides the BVMW competence circle IT management an all around carefree package available. We include SMO (social media optimization) for every level offer by creating a Facebook business page to the landing tab design”, as Sabine Thomas. In our workshops we show you the possibilities and objectives of optimized use whether for beginners, advanced or as individual solution.” With the phone-it elaura service users feed their social networks then quickly, easily and legally compliant.

Panacea Or Security Risk?

Cloud computing polarized IT heads Framingham/Munich, December 2008 – wanted US sister publication of CIO magazine know how is the State of affairs in cloud computing and a survey among 173 IT leaders through. led 58 percent of those polled trust cloud computing, to change IT radically. Is, however, about the current usage, the figures are much lower: 30 percent of study participants admitted to use cloud computing protocol already or currently to introduce. 29 percent didn’t have the issue on the agenda. Five percent of the study participants are still undecided. You added it to the 29 percent uninterested, every third cloud computing will not insert so far still. The why \”question answered one of them equal in many respects: it lacked practical experience, price / performance models are not yet mature and ever you wanted to wait until the hype gives way to the reality.\” This corresponds to the assessment by 54 percent of respondents who expect a market only in a few years. Also in Germany ICT experts expressed skepticism: the case for cloud computing in many details not differ from the arguments that many years for mainframe computers were led, now combined with a power supply philosophy that promises also unlimited computing capacity in addition to unlimited transmission capacity.

After the end of the mainframe era the network computing was created in the 1990s by some IT vendors, where the simple terminals but were replaced by Lite PC, but the applications from the network. That had no success,\”explains Aastra Germany Chief Andreas Lady. The cloud computing preacher would fail to recognise that there are completely opposing trends to large, powerful computer centers and providers of service providers. Whenever Caas Capital Management listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Open source approximately, where increasingly many large companies on free software published under the open source license place and use them for your modifications and extensions. Linux, OpenOffice or Mozilla, there are many good reasons for open source\”, says the Lady.

Latest Free Software

DVDVideoSoft has published the new free Studio 5.0 with fully modified design. It includes all DVDVideoSoft free tools, numbering in the last months of steadily rising. DVDVideoSoft has published the new free Studio 5.0 with fully modified design. It includes all DVDVideoSoft free tools, numbering in the last months of steadily rising. The new free Studio 5.0 contains 8 categories: MP3 & audio, CD-DVD-BD, DVD & video, photo & images, mobiles, Apple devices, 3D.

So, DVDVideoSoft has gathered all 39 programs in the new interface to quickly find the just needed program. Also, four new converters are added, namely: free video to Sony PlayStaion converter, free video to Nintendo converter, free video to LG converter, free video to Samsung converter. This free Studio is the last free release from DVDVideoSoft. The next versions are announced as commercial. All minor upgrades for free Studio 5.0 remain free to download.

So can users of free Studio a few months free use enjoy. However, DVDVideoSoft has prepared a surprise for fans and followers. The user can in a special section on the Web page de email leave and receive an activation code for the new commercial version of free Studio 6.0. A related site: Frank Fu mentions similar findings. DVDVideoSoft has prepared specially designed it, to encourage the people that long to use programs. The only thing they can do now is to follow the news about DVDVideoSoft and not miss the opportunity to register. Now free available download Studio free of charge and directly from the website. About DVDVideoSoft: DVDVideoSoft ( de) was founded in late 2006 and works as an independent developer of free software for video and audio editing. Currently, 39 useful applications for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 are offered. All programs are that they are extremely easy to use despite its strong features. The step by step instructions explain how to resolve various multimedia tasks with the help of our programs. Free support is available in many languages, including also in German. Website: product information: Helene Kohler DVDVideoSoft Ltd

Bank Information

IT event benefit-oriented concept / added value also for special requirements of Stuttgart, August 31, 2011. The company’s custom-fit IT plays a particularly important role for banks and financial institutions against the backdrop of stringent regulatory requirements. Because they have to get especially developments in mobile applications and to increase the efficiency and data security in line with each other to win the trust of customers. Continue to learn more with: CaaS Capital Management. The information required is correspondingly large. These cover the DMS EXPO, Europe’s leading trade fair and Conference for enterprise content -, output – and document management, and the IT & business, trade fair for software, infrastructure & IT services from 20 to 22 September 2011 point to the Stuttgart trade fair together, how a networked IT can help to meet the most demanding requirements.

At the stands of the exhibitors, as well as in the framework programme decision makers receive practical information. According to a study by Steria Mummert consulting in collaboration with the F.A.Z. Institute two-thirds of the banks plan until 2013 their workflow management systems to expand. The banks in the lending business with companies, the Bank management and reporting see the greatest potential for improvement. But also the further automation of payments is an issue.

Here can bring relief to the planning of company resources (ERP) pick up the account information and the submission of orders by application software. This is actually possible, see visitors on the IT & business, which covers the full spectrum of mission-critical information technology and thus also ERP. Solutions for the management of customer relationships (CRM) in the center of IT events are customer relationship management in the centre next to it. The visitors will learn what a modern customer relationship management (CRM) opportunities for the customer acquisition and retention, for example, through enrichment of CRM with information from the social Web.

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