Erwin Laszlo

Chaos is the appearance that present situations of high complexity, not being necessarily opposed to order. The complex systems of the postmodern economy and dynamic systems that print you to the law society are on the brink of chaos and are regenerated through the. And then There is one of the most beautiful statements and at the same time more terrible, from the pen of Bolz: without chaos there is no freedom, and without it the legis imperatur is impossible. Thus conceived, the old philosophical dilemma, referring to how it is possible free will in a world dominated by natural laws, finds a surprising solution when deterministic legal systems show chaotic behavior; and then this chaos space that builds individual freedom in the midst of the laws. Systemic research of the chaos in the right has led to two fundamental understandings. The chaos has a hidden order and the order can be converted into chaos.

Conceived in this way, the theory of dissipative systems, radical constructivism and Cybernetics of third generation enable understanding of society as a complex and alive, nervous system with decisions normatizadas and decentralized decision-making, in which political control subsystems function as a Synapse or multitude of individuals acting in parallel and form simultaneously, from simple rules, to make emerge a collective intelligent behavior likely to solve the problems that arise in communities. Erwin Laszlo pointed out, with regard to this issue, which from time to time, societies enter a chaotic state, that he not associates it with anarchy (one of the triggers of the chaos that we’ll discuss in the next essay) but rather with the ultra social sensitivity as a visible manifestation or prelude to change. In a chaotic condition says Albert Ross on law, p.p.87 – the society is sensitive to any small fluctuation, every new idea, new movement, new way of thinking and acting.

What Is The Key Of The Success

Is which the key to success? I thought that success was only for people with rich, politicians, people from the mafia or something like that, when you discover that each person had the opportunity to create their own success could not believe everyone we have equal opportunities, we are all unemployed in boot track, some leave and others remainIt seems that the line’s success is so thin that almost no noticeable but is available to each human being itself there where your you are. Is which the key to success? Depending on who your you call success, success is alcanzad you and while you reach is amused the conquest, although in the path you can find mountains rivers, the wild beasts and all sorts of problems for which you will have to go through, everyone to achieve success must necessarily cross these barriers in major or minor scale, but no one achieves success sleeping. So, which is the key to success? A positive mind, positive thoughts and a positive attitude. This is the great secret and only in this way we can see every obstacle from the road as challenges to ripen and it will never be an impediment to success. If we really gave account of the influence that have positive thoughts, and the power exercised in our daily living, would apply the appropriate techniques to develop effectively the project we propose without putting objections but look at obstacles as challenges for enterprising people, and sending positive images to each cerebral hemisphere. The key to success, is to look at the negative things with a mind and attitude positive, so that when each look in the rose thorns, your look roses, if they see failures, your see experiences, if others see problems you see opportunities.

This is a good illustration of positive mind: A manufacturer of shoes sent two employees to explore areas of market, in a faraway village, to return the two employees with the report, said the first his boss; Lord is not a good idea this kind of market in that place, because nobody there used shoes, would be a waste of time and money to do that. To reach the second with your report said his boss; Lord do not lose more time and money, go immediately to that place because it is an excellent opportunity, because there all need shoes. Do you realize the difference that makes having a positive mind? the two attended the same place with the same mission saw the same people but with different mentalities. Conclusion which is the key to success? That your own, your thoughts determine that kind of life you want, with your mind and positive thoughts you can conquer your success which is the right of all to be God’s creation and God provided it everything so that nothing Miss. You don’t forget to leave your comments, and what are your frustrations when it comes to conquer success.

Princess Fiona

In the depression the person sees itself, the events and the future negatively. Anxiety disorders tend to interpret certain concrete as threatening or dangerous situations. Shrek presents a clearly irrational thoughts: I’m not more than an ugly and stupid selfish OGRE I’m better alone. You understand that your appearance according to the ugly and horrible, not make acceptable to the rest of the world and anyone you can to love him. For this reason, lies behind multiple layers that used as shields to protect themselves from the outside. They are immersed in a vicious circle of bad thoughts that are causing a huge emotional suffering.

These irrational thoughts are those that cause you to feel abandoned and rejected permanently. His conduct – incorrectly treat others to let him only my swamp is mia, mia and nobody else, and less of a useless, pathetic and talkative donkey – is a consequence also of these thoughts, because really does not feel this towards donkey. You can overcome this suffering only if he can consciously replace them by others more reasonable. Their mental processes have supremacy on their emotions, and tries to hide them by isolating the world and focusing on himself. Princess Fiona, who has been bewitched and changes its appearance (the day is a Princess and night an ogra) has a few thoughts similar to Shrek in the sense that if they discover their nighttime appearance be undesirable and rejected by all. Thinking that it may be discovered when is an ogra makes you suffer greatly. Based on the list of cognitive errors presented by Beck (adapted by Feixas and Miro, 1993), can identify hasty conclusions, based on his perception that ugly people are rejectable applies to itself without justification and presupposing what others may think. When given the end of the spell in the wedding and realizes that, despite not being a pretty Princess but an ugly ogre, Shrek wants her and fully accepts, begins to perceive events real and not biased, i.e., that the fact of being ugly doesn’t mean that it can not be loved.


Spain is a country which in most lives from tourism, but the same in all places appears always passes us the typical unpleasant waiter serving us with disdain and disinterest that dirty profession colleagues. Be polite abounds lately, banks there is always someone dismissive, public bodies must also in it, nobody has because pay their bad days but sometimes happens. Imagine the typical officer of hacienda that treats you with arrogance and bad ways to party behave as if the money he manages out of yours. Always same happens after a long tail and when these already tired man asks that you review your documents and asks you bad so the form that you need. I don’t think that being kind cost both but it seems that salutes is not fashionable, now people nor to enter or leave the sites thing that denotes that education is not at its best. Being kind is a fact that appears to be in danger of extinction, and that is bad for a country of services and tourism as Spain, that increasingly is more expensive to come to sightseeing, between high prices and lack of warmth of the one people think we are not going in the right direction, let’s imagine that we are entering a restaurant and treat us as if we importunaramos and might become annoyances which must be removed from the medium quickie, wouldn’t say much of the local, because this behavior is very common in some bars and cafes. Once already happened in a cafeteria and I asked him politely to serve me a breakfast, the man looked at me with surprise and said I do not serve breakfasts, I thought that large commercial vision.

Recently between in a cafeteria at lunchtime and asked to prepare me a snack, man me espeto not I have bread very reluctantly, while background a female voice told me happens that there is still something and you can prepare something I thought to myself that the man was not friendly but if womenIf all is well more of one you will be astounded by that behavior. Not being friendly makes flee people, with reason tourists are fleeing to Croatia, are cheap and kind, in Spain we treat kicks and so we are going, every day worse, we’re losing something that does not cost money being kind, which makes open many doors. Hope to regain what was lost, kindness and civility that made us an attractive site. Original author and source of the article.

The Pilot

Always, upon awakening should ask ourselves: who leads me today? Because some of us to perceive the first signs of the new day, ask: where am I? And so each one we ask some questions to the awakening. There are pilots to pilots, there are some that can lead us to perform wonders never imagined; others on the path of the eternal quest; but we could have assigned a pilot that could well lead us to our own misfortune. As well, hence precisely lies the importance of making a kind of test or test, every morning to know what is the Mission of the pilot who leads us. There are some who call the pilot the other, but I have always ensured that it is not, when less not the same program or goal that it moves them. If you are Catholic, dear reader, right outside that Christ would be its pilot; or the Holy Spirit, some call him the Blessed Sacrament. But now that we are in the era of Robotics and cybernetics, already accuse a tendency to navigate without limits, exploring the universe of communication that moves through space. We advise us constantly updating that programming, because there are all kinds, and if we ignore that someone might be us programming or manipulating, because then it would be that you have to give us that we can build our own destiny, we would say that that wasted time. There are some techniques to rid of possible handlers, because even the marketing is designed to predispose us to consume or purchase certain products or services, and if not enough money, we must learn to invest our resources, when less having clear that is the main thing in our daily. Moral: If you don’t want that they predisposing, learn how to build your own destiny.

Federal Bureau

Note published in some curious facts of offences on the Internet: > money stolen by fraud on-line on average each victim has grown from 5.249 euros in 2003 to 6.383 in 2006. > Spain ranks third worldwide in fraud via the Internet. > The online fraud in the first four months of 2006 in Spain grew 50% more than in 2005. > During the month of May 2006 was recorded an all-time high around the world of Internet banking fraud attempts. > 70% Of malware detected in the first quarter of 2006 was related to cybercrime (spyware, Trojans, bots and backdoors). > 60% Of wireless networks are unprotected. > In Spain, 75% of detected cases of Phishing in 2005 were banks, 20% to companies of online auctions and exchange of money, and 5% to false charges of mobile web pages. > Victims of identity theft employ 600 hours recovering from this crime, (paperwork, complaints, lawsuits) after a period of years.

He makes three years, this average age of 175 hours, representing an increase of 2470%. These hours is equivalent to revenues of approximately 16,000 of potential losses or income not generated (by loss of time). This data, necessary to add that the author can get to steal. > Almost 7 million people were victims of identity theft in 2003, this equates to 19.178 each day, or 13.3 per minute. > Identity theft is the crime of greater increase during recent years in United States, according to the Federal Bureau of investigations (FBI).

> 70% Of malware detected in the first quarter of 2006 was related to cybercrime (spyware, Trojans, bots and backdoors). In the first quarter of 2006 Trojans represented 47% of the total number of new malware detected, whereas in the second it has increased to 54% (source PandLabs). While in 2004 the Trojans accounted for 24.3% of the total again detected malware, in 2005 increased to 40.3%.

India Computer

The senior military commanders of EE UU, have begun work on a strategy of war to cyberspace. In October came into operation a new area of the U.S. air force, under the command of a commander of cyberspace, with around 500 ciberguerreros; part of whom are graduates of the first generation of its own training center. The foregoing is not product of the overheated mind of the Yankees; 2007 will be remembered as the beginning of the ciberguerras; Russia from cyberattacks paralyzed banking, police and Government offices in Estonia. Pentagon officials at the time accused the Chinese military of cracker Office of U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and the British M15, leading multinational, warned that China was investigating its ciberdefensas. Finally mention that, during the last presidential campaign in the United States, the secret service would inform the teams of Obama and McCain, that pirates had entered their networks looking for clues about future strategies policies. The world to changed and developed a new reality.

However it has failed if Brazilians, Mexicans, Argentines, Chileans, or Venezuelans, to mention a few of the countries with more resources in our part of America, are doing something about it; What is undoubted is that if we do not unite efforts, we can do little to protect our strategic information and control centres, even in the face of corporate stakeholders or even individual crackers incursions. It seems that, in the usual manner, we covet having the best armament of past wars; We spend billions of dollars, euros or rubles, in weapons that are currently useless if we do not have computer centers that support them and we are capable of shielding our information, both civil and military, against cyber attacks that potentially, not only neutralizarian our computer centres but that they could lead their use against us. Is necessary, that we do not behave like the Disunited States of America, we have in our young people (including those who have migrated to the United States and Europe), the potential of knowledge and skills to face the future in a world governed by the handling of the information. There is no doubt, however, that our ability to have the technological resources and computer equipment is limited and that not is it justified for a country separately, but if we unite our capabilities, we have still the opportunity to enter with opportunity and success, we have lost in the industrial era, this new was post-industrial information and cyberspace. It must be take into account, in addition, that the youth is individualistic and computer gurus are highlighted in this; We need to create a collective mystique that, without losing the sense of individuality, encourages our geeks to be identified with the Latin set * to the world, to be able to trust that their personal actions will join community efforts.

We have to demand that our Governments which take seriously the future, with the technology and the social psychology of the future; already vast of being late to the party. We are witnessing such a drastic change that the advantages, that developed countries might, are relative and surmountable; We’ve all seen as the India and China have successfully incorporated. Together we have the population and fields of application, enough to potentially have the human and material resources needed, it all depends on that, our rulers, the understanding opens them and unite the resources and the political decision necessary to face the challenges of the future.

John And Elvis Are Dead

Twenty minutes later, with the huge screen behind the Orchestra projecting suggestive pictures space, appeared again on the charts George Michael, who opened the second act with Patience. The disturbing John And Elvis Are Dead gave witness to Roxanne, of The Police, which the author of some of the classics of the eighties led to the land of jazz with the help of efficient choir which has on this tour. This is a new issue, she said the singer before launching into Where I Hope You Are, which preceded You view Changed, which flooded the Madrid campus of melancholy. I remember Amy Winehouse is to serve as the cto of the vocoder, Michael then introduced a futuristic version of True Faith, by the British band New Order, after which came Love Is A Losing Game, which paid tribute to the deceased Amy Winehouse. A powerful revision of item R Russian Roulette, Rihanna, Praying For Time and the glamorous Feeling Good put end to a show that still would have two sequels in the form of Encores. The first hand of a medley composed by three of the classics in his career: Amazing, I m Your Man and Freedom! 90, theme included for liking of staff and which Harrow held each chorus with exuberance. The applause of those present were George Michael to return for the second and last time on stage. He did it to stop a superb I Remember You, which was accompanied, almost exclusively, the melodious sound of the harp. After passing through Madrid and Bilbao, Symphonica tour: The Orchestral Tour will arrive on September 27 at the Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, where all the cities are already exhausted. Source of the news: an emotional George Michael seduces the Madrid public

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