League Party

The club of Castellon de la Plana has decided to accept the order of Liga de Professional Ftbol. It has not allowed the radio transmitters to enter the field to carry out his work. They offered to the journalists to enter without informing into the party, they rejected but it. The radio transmitters insist on not paying no type of canon to relay. The wireless means did not accede to the interior of the stage of the Madrigal to transmit the party of First Division between the Villarreal and the Seville that abre, next to Real Society-Barcelona, the third day of League in First Division. The club of Castellon de la Plana has accepted the opinion of Liga de Ftbol Profesional (LFP) and has not allowed the entrance from the transmitters to the football ground. Two hours before the hour of beginning of the party, the wireless means journalists and technicians different appeared in the field of the Madrigal to be able to accede and to carry out their work.

The club denied the entrance to them when not being credited by Liga de Professional Ftbol, although to the journalists the possibility was offered to them of acceding to the stage, but with the condition of no to be able to inform into the party. This option was rejected by means represented there. The Villarreal has showed that it is against this initiative, but that must accept the decision taken by Liga from not allowing the entrance from the radios to the stages. For this reason, the transmitters have been a total of six that have not acceded to the field to broadcast the encounter. Source of the news: The Villarreal does not allow the radios to enter to relay the party before Seville


If the encryption to protect used the WiFi signal is WEP, this can be broken of simple form and &quot can be found out in few minutes (; Wired Equivalent Privacy" or Privacy Equivalent to Wiring). The provided keys, in addition, usually follow a landlord alphanumeric predictable, that makes its access to the device simpler. Advice to remedy it most recommendable are to change (whenever they support it to the devices) to the encryption from router to safer other like WPA (" Wi-Fi Protected Access" or Protected Access Wifi) and to make the same with the password to accede to the WiFi signal. In Windows, for example, it is realised from ' Ejecutar' (in the menu ' Inicio') writing ' cmd' and, after accepting, also writing ' ipconfig'. The private IP appears next to " Door of connection predeterminada". When putting those numbers in the direction bar can be acceded when router.

It is there where one requests user and password, that agrees to change. Also the password of administrator of router is due to change (warning the supplier of access ISP in advance, before possible future incidences in which they can act of remote form). Pages Web as Bandaancha.eu and ADSLzone.net have forums and wikis where the users can learn to protect their connection according to the model of router used. If the user decides on an open network it is necessary to activate fire-guards in the equipment and not to share folders and archives. Also it is advised to comprise of some of the Wireless communities that create and manage gratuitous private networks like alternative to the managed ones by companies and that allows to connect to them in zones and concrete areas of geography, like Wifree, RedLibre or Guifi.net. Also solutions created from commercial projects like PHON can be used. Source of the news: How to put the things difficult to which it tries to rob WiFi

Bosh Series

They were hardly 40 seconds for the end of the third party when Chris Bosh decided to take a step to the front. Eclipsed by the double-double one of Dwyane Wade – who contributed 29 points, 11 bounces and three attendances, and by the omnipresent unfolding of LeBron James, – that arrived at 17 so many, nine attendances and three bounces; the night reserved the protagonism to him of the chosen ones. Those that write down the decisive basket. The one that was worth the 2-1 for Miami in the series and who ring knows half if. Bosh contributed 18 points, including seven in the fourth period and the tie to 86 became the hero of the Heat when breaking that Nowitzki had established when overcoming in the last three minutes the advantage of six that had the Heat. " It wanted to leave my track in this series and I believe I have obtained that it; when I wrote down the shot, I had enough to know that to this era da" , socarrn explained Bosh with certain air. Source of the news: : Bosh appears in the photo

Web Monitoring System

Spokesmen of Facebook have admitted in declarations to different means, from Reuters to the BBC, that they would have had to warn to extend his service of labelling of photos outside the USA. ” We would have had to be clearer with people during the sent process to do it accesible”. Facebook is implanting outside the United States its face monitoring system. This function automatically recognizes the faces of the people who appear in a photo and suggests its labelling. The extension of the service, for example to the United Kingdom, has become without a public warning of Facebook. It introduced when it in the USA, network published the social it so that the internauts could deactivate this function. ” If for some reason not desea” the labelling, noticed Facebook, will be able to be deactivated in the privacy configuration. This warning has not been repeated and the internauts can be whereupon they have the service activated without its consent..

Juan Lopez

" The minister of the Interior and (Alfredo Perez) Rubalcaba do not know what to do with paro" and now " he begins not to know how what to not even do with the journalists " , ironiza the popular leader. The vice-secretary of Communication is in permanent contact with the companions of Gorka Branches to stay informed into everything what happens around this case. In this sense, Gonzlez Pons denounces the halting of Branches, that according to tell to their companions " it took place when the journalist was realising his profession, informing through the Twitter account of means digital". The means have indicated that the young person stopped informing at the moment in which the haltings began and, from that moment, has remained isolated in police dependencies, in spite of taking with himself his national identity document and the document that credits to him like journalist. Journalists, photographers and informers the Association of the Press of Madrid (APM) and the Federation of Associations of Journalists of Spain (FAPE), before the halting of several journalists in course of the incidents of these days by the manifestations of 15-M, protests to the security forces that carry far the respect to the professional work of the journalists, informers and photographers. Also, they indicate to the journalists who come to credit themselves like such in conflicting situations. The APM and the FAPE have asked to the delegation of the Government who accelerates the proceedings for the freedom of some lengthy companion these days. Equo requests explanations on the Sun closing On the other hand, Equo has demanded to the Department of the Interior explanations on the closing of the Door of the Sun, which in its fundamental right opinion is harming the citizen and harming. The organization who leads the ex- director of Greenpeace Spain, Juan Lopez de Uralde and who has intention to concur to the next elections, considers in addition one " abnormality democrtica" the Sun closing, with the Meter and the train of Neighborhoods " working of irregular form. Source of the news: The journalist stopped in the load against ' indignados' , attack defendant against the authority

Connection Wifi Remedies

The problems with wifi can have several causes: first it is to begin to discard that one is something related to the supplier. If several neighbors have problems it will be necessary to attribute it to the wiring of the building. It does not agree to have the antenna near a window; in case of obstacles, a larger unidirectional antenna agrees. Programs to manage networks wifi. The loss of signal wifi in an address can be due to multiple causes. When this happens is advised to follow a protocol to discard them until giving with the solution. From Consumer they offer steps to follow when the user remains without wifi in the home, something that not only prevails of connection to the computers of the home, but also to any device able to connect itself to the network, such as movable telephones, tablets, videoconsolas, centers multimedia, marks of digital photographies and, even, hard disks.

Technical service: it is the first point to consider. If the problem has as origin the supplier is enough with calling to the technical service so that an expert it solves, thus discarding any own problem. If the supplier assures that the failure, or the irregular operation, is not incumbent on to him, is due to think about alterations of ” competition domstica”. In this case, a series of strategies can be tried that allow to identify the problem and to solve it. Infrastructure of the building: the failure can arrive by the wiring of the building. If the alterations take place simultaneously in houses of several neighbors it is very possible that the cause is in the cables that hook to the network of the operator in the street and distribute the signal to the houses. If it is thus, the solution requires a work of structural improvement that is very expensive and, according to the law, is responsibility of the proprietor community.

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