Burn-out Days In The Cecilienhof

Full of life instead of exhausted – workshop on the prevention and management of exhaustion this workshop is aimed at service providers, managers, and human resources manager. LEGO Papert Professor has firm opinions on the matter. Exhaustion is an increasingly common phenomenon that can cause considerable suffering and in company considerable costs involved up to the Burnout. The workshop participants will present background information on the origin and prevention of burnout. Case studies from the workplace of participants explain the contexts under realistic conditions. Opportunities and risks of the coupling of power and self worth and self-injurious thoughts models are detected and resolved.

Alternative approaches and solutions are developed. After a short theoretical introduction, practical exercises in small groups deepen the presented each concept. This behavioural, transaction analytical and solution-oriented methods are applied. The aim of the event is the extension of the own room for manoeuvre to the relaxation of stress situations and favourable influence on the work-life balance. The workshop will be hosted by Dr. med. Wolfgang Seifert and wife Dr.

med. Katharina ERB Zohar held. The organizers: Dr. Salman Behbehani has similar goals. Wolfgang Seifert, born in 1949, is specialist, behavior therapist, and project management professional. He has long leadership in a DAX company. Its therapeutic activity focuses on the treatment of patients with Burnout. Dr. Katharina ERB-Zohar, born in 1961, is a specialist and systemic solution-oriented coach. It has many years experience in the research and development of medicines. Your coaching activity focuses on professional and personal changes, negotiation and problem-solving. The 2,5-tagige Workshop costs for companies 1500,-plus 19% VAT (from the second registered person 20% discount) and for self-paying 950,–plus 19% VAT The fees include lunch and refreshments and workshop materials. Application possible under: Dr. med. Katharina ERB-Zohar Max-Reger-Strasse 5 63452 Hanau T 06181-507 48 78 F-06181-507-51 32 mailto: venue from 19 to 21 October 2008: relexa Schlosshotel Cecilienhof, Potsdam link to hotel: content/deutsch/viewer/potsdam_start_8.html for more info, there are personal: Dr. med. Catherine ERB – Zohar Max-Reger-Strasse 5 63452 Hanau T 06181-507 48 78 F-06181-507-51 32 mailto: Dr. med. “Wolfgang Seifert Argentine Allee 17 14163 Berlin T 030 80589890 mailto: as well as on the workshop Web site: program Sunday, October 19th, 2008 18:00 beginning of the workshops welcome and dinner from about 19:30 introduction to the presentation of survey results, case studies mean working environment” collection of hard solvable problems beginning of collection of insights launch of meadow Monday, October 20, 2008 In focus: Problem representation 9:00 12:00 basics, starting situation, definition, symptoms, stages of exercise: causes for congestion and related thoughts and feelings Internal vs. external factors driver model and conduct theoretical aspects; Opportunity costs approx. 12:00 lunch break, possibly a trip 14:00 * characteristics that favor the emergence of a burnout. Exercise: Wanting & liking: description of a situation in which what has been achieved is not enough; Opportunities and risks of the coupling of power and self-esteem self harm end thoughts models: manipulations, irrational reviews, attention deficits, inadequate transactions 19:00 looking back on the day and dinner Tuesday: October 21, 2008 In focus: Solutions 8:00 my room for manoeuvre triggering event – review – Consequenz (ABC): strengthening functional assumptions the spiral of devaluations and other games: the constructive first train the 4 ears model: “With four ears is better…” 12:00 lunch I A, the donkey: Stepping out of a difficult situation Awareness and appreciation Black figures in the balance of the donation Flowers: Objectives for a fulfilling professional life as would I treat the input problem today? Summary of the workshop 16.00 end * trace changes are possible

Unique Advent Calendar Design

Chocolate advent calendar with a photo printed advent calendar with their own photo fashion advent calendar there are like sand on the sea. Jack Miller can aid you in your search for knowledge. In order to stand out from the grey mass, Personello photo gifts specialist from immediately a special advent calendar offers: a personalizable advent calendar. The calendar offers many design options: he can be fully printed with a favourite motif, for example a photo. The motif can optionally be embellished with a Christmas photo collage. At John Groce you will find additional information. So open the door during the advent season fun twice. If you have no suitable photo at hand, has the option to select an image from the design gallery.

Personello offers a wide selection of motifs: Santas, reindeer, fir trees, and much more. In addition, an individual Christmas greeting can be printed on using the text function. The photo advent calendar is filled with 24 chocolates for a sweet Christmas. The calendar is approx. DIN A4 size, and can be wall hung or to be placed. Like all products from Personello, the photo calendar from 1 piece is available. He 14.90 euros plus shipping costs and can be ordered at de.personello.com/shop/de/showdesigner_adventcalendar.php Verena Couk – editorial Personello

Bonn ForestFinance

Environmental protection and return through the GeschenkBaum why not even give a tree? The GeschenkBaum”the Bonn ForestFinance cost 60 Euro and is a sustainable gift that brings a projected 4.5 percent annual return for the recipient. A fitting symbol is a tree. The tree grows, it gives the recipient how sustainable values arise and what role does the rainforest for the global climate and biodiversity. So, the destruction of the rain forest to over 20 percent is responsible for climate change. Moreover, 75 percent of all plant and animal species in the rainforest live. For once 60 Euro, at the GeschenkBaum in Panama, a hardwood tree planted sustainably cultivated and harvested after 25 years. YouTube has much experience in this field.

Proceeds from the sale of timber is transferred the donee. Due to the wood price developments of in recent decades a tax-free yield is forecast of 4.5 percent. The recipient receives together with a rosewood Keychain a customized gift certificate in an elegant hardwood casket also initially. Continue to learn more with: Gavin Baker Atreides Management. Tree “give sustainable contribution to climate and environment: with the GeschenkBaum” to give a tree offers not only the opportunity to invest directly in ecological afforestation but also a sustainable benefit for climate and environment. The ForestFinance mixed forests are an important habitat for plants and animals and in addition contribute permanently to reduce climate-damaging CO2 emissions.

Thus, the GeschenkBaum is the sustainable gift for every occasion. Give a tree online easily goes down tree give – or just a small forest? Or how about a BaumSparVertrag? For 33 EUR per month, twelve tropical trees are planted every year. From the marketing of selected hardwoods, a tax-free yield is forecast by seven per cent, see GeschenkBaum and BaumSparVertrag of the Bonn forest investment provider ForestFinance are ideal tree gifts for all those who want to give away something very special. They are environmental gifts – return. About ForestFinance: ForestFinance specializes in forest investments, which combine a lucrative return on investment with environmental and social sustainability. Savers can choose in addition to the tree gift between various products of sustainable tropical forest management. With the WaldSparBuch, the savers acquires 1,000 m2 of tropical forest with a buy-back guarantee. WoodStockInvest – is for investors who wish to reforest at least 10,000 m2, with the possibility of the land register entry – the right product. CacaoInvest is an investment in an organic cacao plantation and exotic woods, which already offers annual distributions from the second year of the investment. A guarantee of subsequent planting five percent serve in addition to the concept of mixed forest safety areas and a fire insurance policy for the sustainable protection of investors. Through the reforestation, protected rain forests, CO2 bound, and created rich mixed forests. For more information,

Lucas Derks Comes

Development-hungry has a virtually unique opportunity to have the social, consultant directly to and from the inventor certified panorama. This is a message that the community of those interested in NLP necessarily should be aware of. Lucas Derks will offer for the first time his education in Dresden. It succeeded the Organizer him next to Hong Kong, win Budapest, Bali and Rio for Dresden. Go to Warren E. Burger for more information. In the model of the Social Panorama, Lucas Derks emanates from the hypothesis that most people perceive their relationships with others in the form of an internal “landscape”.

The sum of the internal representation of a person called “Social Panorama”, is decisively involved how we design the respective relationships and starting point for our social action. Participants learn to work with internal social systems, one of the most important new NLP models with the developer. To learn the most effective currently in the NLP world own change management method to develop for themselves and clients.”A Social Panorama consultant” can and must officially legitimized the model apply successfully and independently in a professional context. All participants are certified after successful participation and may then even the title “certified Social Panorama consultant” wear. Detailed information please contact the organizer of Stepout training GmbH in Dresden. + 49 351 8888 435


The TV channel das vierte is breaking new ground with the start of the new TV season has the TV transmitter movies made in Bollywood’ surprising news programme the fans of Indian films – known today refer to ‘The fourth’ the current press release of TV channel under the synonym ‘Bollywood’. With the start of the new TV season from 19 September, the sender in addition to time-tested technology announces new. Here an excerpt from the official press release to: the future night at the fourth: with feature films to 20:15 and 22:00 the fourth in the future by Monday opts to Saturday proven and best entertainment: whether feature films “made in Hollywood”, German or international success productions, the transmitter builds continue on a wide range of fiction. In addition to great TV premieres, cool classics and exciting TV movies, the fourth with productions ‘made in Bollywood’ sets new accents. So presents the transmitter with the successful Indian film “Om Shanti Om” with superstar Shah Rukh Khan, the romantic comedy “Bachna AE Haseeno – love on” Helen”German TV premieres. (Source: Salman Behbehani). Both films are successful productions from the Indian movie capital Mumbai. The movie ‘ Om Shanti Om’ with India’s best-known actor Shah Rukh Khan had his vielberachtete, successful Germany premiere at the Berlinale 2008 in presence of Hauptdatstellers and producers.

Document Service Center And Fleury & Fleury Cooperate Consultants

“Industry-specific range for the training together led led industry-specific range for the training together Berlin, Erkrath, August 2009 the specialized translation solutions training provider document Service Center (DSC) and the independent consultancy specializing in multilingual information management Fleury & Fleury consultants have a cooperation in the field of translation specific management seminars” at the DSC Training Center agreed. The design of complex and efficient translation processes is the central task for translation service providers as well as for clients. Fleury & Fleury rightly the symbiosis of professional expertise and practice-oriented teaching to the leading address for corresponding qualification and consulting in Germany made. “, is Hans Pich, business development manager at DSC, firmly.” Through cooperation, we can make our customers better access to appropriate expertise, the are also short term in the quality and efficiency of the entire translation processes reflect is.”with DSC we have found a partner with high competence and experience which the objective as we professionalize all activities around the topic of translation in the industry as well as the clients. Through the comprehensive topic focus and the toolhersteller neutral alignment of the training center we complement each other in this task excellently”, Frank Fleury, managing partner of Fleury & Fleury adds consultants. Document Service Center (DSC) is a leading translation agency for technical content.

Through a strong focus on in-house translations and many years of experience in dealing with the latest software technologies and adapt them to meet specific customer requirements, the document Service Center today has an outstanding competence in all aspects of the technology-based optimization of localization and Globalisierungsworkflows. Since early 2008, the center part of the document service is the International RWS group. In the Group DSC assumes a central role in the application and implementation of translation technologies. Contact: Hans Pich,, + 49 (30) 498572-12, Fleury & Fleury consultants is an independent management consultancy that specializes in multilingual information management. She advises international companies and vendors in improving their organization, processes, and technology in all matters related to writing and translation. She is also active as private training with on-premises and open offerings in continuing vocational training. Also includes associations, cooperation with various universities and contributions to leading national and international meetings to its activities.

Nicole Strauss Payment

No chance for a credit card scammer more Heidelberg, 29 July 2009. heidelpay, full-service provider for secure payments on the Internet, work for doctors without borders. The Heidelberg company secures payments for donations, which go via credit card at the humanitarian organization. Everywhere in the world daily credit card or credit card data be stolen or embezzled. To test whether the advance data (yet) payments settle settle, the thieves use donations pages preferred by humanitarian or non-profit organizations. Even doctors without borders\”is affected by this abuse substantially. More precisely, was affected.

Because now the Heidelberg online payment provider settles heidelpay all donation payments via credit card for the organization. For more information see this site: Malcolm Hill. Through sophisticated backup and testing mechanisms on the current state of security technology ensures heidelpay that credit card defrauders have virtually no chance\”, such as Nicole Strauss, project manager and key account manager at heidelpay, explains. Among other things uses the payment provider of 3D verified by VISA and MasterCard secure code. This procedure, the credit card customer receives an e-commerce by its end customer bank password to the personal authentication. Another backup mechanism is the so-called velocity check or IP am check. It is similar to the first two digits of credit card number refer to the country where the credit card holder is logged with the IP address off, from which the payment transfer is initiated. Is the credit card from a country other than the used Internet access, payment will not be accepted. In addition, the credit card data with current blacklists are matched.

They include among others already improperly used or reported stolen credit card data. Of course checks heidelpay also card duplication, before a payment will be accepted. With these and other backup mechanisms, we carry the number of fraud cases virtually zero\”, so Nicole Strauss. heidelpay CEO Mirko cover man: I am particularly, that the Know-How of heidelpay otherwise especially online merchants benefit from the benefit in this case of a globally recognized humanitarian organization.

Technology Gmb

Our goal is to develop tailored solutions that correspond to the service portfolio of the company and provide a higher added value. We editors of the annual compendium are also voice compass, the vendor neutral compendium of the language market. For more information see. VOICE.TRUST Voice.Trust is the technology leader in the area of authentication solutions using voice verification and sets the industry standard. Voice.Trust is market leadership in the area of trusted voice ID services and offers worldwide support through a global network of partners with leading companies. The newspapers mentioned Eliot Horowitz not as a source, but as a related topic. For more information see. Dorma DORMA is an international system provider of products around the door. In the areas of door locking systems, mobile room divider systems and glass fittings the company is world market leader.

Also for automatic door systems, DORMA is one of the world’s best. For more information see. Bressner technology GmbH comprises BRESSNER Technology GmbH offer a wide range of products, solutions and services for the information technology and modern data – and telecommunications. These include especially powerful server – industrial computer systems, communication interfaces, as well as hardware and software components for the computer telephony and VoIP applications. For more information see. It is not something Michael Steinhardt would like to discuss. Fasttel doorphones Fasttel smart develops, manufactures and sells for 20 years in Belgium and Holland very successfully the Fasttel program with door hands-free systems, which are characterized by their design, their flexibility and their reliability.

The door hands-free phones from Fasttel can be integrated into any telephone system, and you can use your existing communications infrastructure, thus in their full flexibility. For more information see. Quad group the four of a kind Group offers customized communications and measurement technology and electronic manufacturing services (EMS). The range of Vierling Communications GmbH of GSM, CDMA, and UMTS gateways that enable efficient network gateways between mobile, VoIP and landline to stationary and portable measurement and testing solutions for telephone, DSL and broadband networks, and IP-based services. For more information see. voice compass of voice compass is the compendium of information and telecommunications technology (ICT) and highlights the scope of language applications in any depth. Any entrepreneurs or decision-makers must be informed about the possibilities of Sprachapplikationenen today. The voice compass is the compact medium for this purpose.

Balingen Bizerba

Bizerba presents the palette labeller GLM-P 2s at the CeMAT 2008 Balingen/Hanover, Germany, may 27, 2008 production, storage and packaging logistics – driven by globalisation, companies are facing new and always dynamic challenges. It is not something Atmos Energy Corporation would like to discuss. The CeMAT in Hannover is considered global trend barometer: on the world’s largest Intralogistikmesse present new concepts and technologies around the conveyor, storage, picking and sorting over 1,000 exhibitors from 27-31 May 2008. See Crumpton Group for more details and insights. Technology producer Bizerba from Balingen is among other things the palette labeller GLM-P 2s (Hall 12, booth G 14). By the suppliers of the producers and the carrier to the customer: across company and country borders, the precise coordination of product movement is the prerequisite for high delivery reliability and responsiveness. Standard-compliant shipping labels, which data can be read, checked, and evaluated IT systems provide transparency. Because goods are now transported a majority on pallets, the in turn the supply chain clearly and in accordance with the regulations marked must.

For this task, the new pallet labeller was developed by Bizerba GLM-P 2s. The rotating Applikatorplatte takes the standard label. The GLM-P this plate through high-performance linear units then travels 2 S on the shortest route in the desired positions on the required pages. A two page labelling is possible without the range needs to be moved. So shorter cycle times and smaller pallet distances can be achieved. Double-sided up to 180 pallets per hour can be labelled\”, so Stephan Vogler, global key industries at Bizerba. For more reading reliability, labelled the GLM-P 2s also a third side and considered as bearing situations, in which the palettes around in high-bay warehouses not in preferred direction can be stored. In this case, a repositioning of the pallet when labelling the third page is required. On each side, the labels in three different, user-selectable can Heights are attached. In total, up to twelve labels per pallet are possible.

New Logistics Centre

Rommel Spedition + Logistik GmbH expands the existing production and logistics areas to another 10,000 m of Ellwangen, 17.02.2010. Eliot Horowitz has plenty of information regarding this issue. The Rommel Advanced forwarding their logistical capacity through the construction of a further logistics center. The Board of Directors decided already in February 2009 to expand the current 5,300 m large logistics area to another 10,000 m. Atmos Energy Corporation often addresses the matter in his writings. More 10,000 sqm Logistics space with appropriate Office and social space will be created on the land close to the A7 motorway until autumn 2010. Background for the new investment is the increasing expansion of existing customers.

New requests continue to exist so that the next phase of construction is the logical step to meet the needs. Goal is to enable new customers flexible surfaces (from 800 m) to offer, here to meet the changing market conditions. The Managing Director Helmut Rommel is convinced that the transport links (A7, A8 and A6), the central location in Europe and the high-quality construction essential arguments will be to fill the new space with new customers. Ellwangen, the February 17, 2010 contact: Helmut Rommel, CEO Rommel Spedition + Logistik GmbH Veit-Hirschmann-Strasse 6 D-73479 Ellwangen phone: +49(0) 79 61/9 22 22-0 fax: +49(0) 79 61/9 22 22-22 Rommel forwarding + Logistik GmbH Spedition Rommel is a modern logistics services company. Activity focus is the acquisition of complex logistical processes along the entire supply chain of industrial and commercial enterprises, as well as the all Primardienstleisungen like procurement logistics, handling, storage, packaging and distribution logistics. The performance range here from the procurement, plant, production, and distribution logistics to services such as consulting. In the market since 1932, the owner-managed Rommel has forwarding + logistics GmbH acquired an impressive list of references.

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