The Human

Today, as in ancient times, using certain biological substance, a person is able to influence the rejuvenation of the body, but only a very limited extent and in the short term. However, work on the discovery and creation of necessary protein components – mikrogormonov can be quite significant progress in this direction, especially when able to install the control factor generation data mikrogormonov. In conclusion I would like to note that the energy code of human aging probably hidden in the very purpose of human existence, which is to understand and to which must learn to follow during his life, everyone. Such a simple truth a person can understand, pondering over the meaning of his thinking process, which created and produced throughout the life of human thought, and then forming his views and aspirations, it is quite logical and natural to read a person's cognitive system Creator. Michael Steinhardt has much experience in this field. And only when man's thoughts will coincide with the ideas and aspirations of its Creator, is likely only in the human gene opens the door to his immortality.

That is why the pa "people's happiness" – is a public organization, and one of its aims is to improve the human as a social being, trying to comprehend the true meaning and purpose of its creation and existence, which most likely is the key to achieving person's own immortality. We also have no doubt today, and that awareness of a man of such notions as "luck" in the end will allow many people in the beginning of the III-rd millennium immortality. After all, no wonder today we still hear the legend of Shambhala – a perfectly happy country, where people are valued, understood and developed their happiness where they lived in Paradise, not knowing the fear of sickness, old age and death. But people in Shambhala possessed not only immortality but also intimate knowledge of the consciousness of the universe, the wisdom and power of the Creator and the Creator. Today in our country, as well as throughout the world, a lot of rich people who, despite his wealth, susceptible to disease, old age and death.

And here comes a time when they were finally able to their money, not always received the righteous path, to return not only to satisfy their own ambitions, but also to the fact to try to acquire immortality. And it is quite possible that only they can understand the purpose for which nevertheless was created man of his Creator. In all likelihood, they will be able to understand well what is the main meaning the power of time, limiting the life of a man and invariably compels thinking about how the ideals of this man really is and whether it expects to come with something better. And for those who are not sure, we want to remind that modern technology will very soon allow a person to achieve his immortality, but only under one condition, that the aspirations of the human will coincide with the aspirations of its Creator. And, despite the fact that in our world there is always a lot of skeptics, however, we can always remember that those same skeptics did not believe in his time also in the fact that one person could fly into space.


The echo is fantastic, you ahead of is finished scene and pronounces something, when it is come across with a repetition of the said one, with a resonance that runs away to the timbre that is accustomed. What it says, if rees-echo in the apparent empty space, but in the proper music of Chico Buarque, intitled ' ' Vazio&#039 cup; ' , the setena was given singing that ' ' the empty cup is full of ar' '. How many other elements, do not inhabit the space that imagines uninhabited, giving format to the relegated words to the world. Therefore the world, is ahead of us, no matter how hard let us look at for an emptiness and let us imagine nothing to exist, in that so distant, still thus possible fundura of being reached, is enough to be in the deep one, for terms the certainty of the finitude, and in this in case that, the top that seems inalcanvel. But the echo vibrates of repeated form, returning confronts it done when reverberating of fixed form the word, that we intend to launch against the impensvel, returning with differentiated timbres, demonstrating more audacity that our only one mandate.

The space, can be a majestical mountain range, to have that magnanimous air, also serves modest cmodo, mainly when before inhabited for objects, later emptied of the same ones, where it seems our voice to desire to take the place, long ago busy for other said things less. We want to fill of sound, to substitute the substance for the force of the verb, an imitation of the divine step in the creation, as displayed in the Biblical writings, the called Gnese. But the echo, would be a reply to ours to launch of words, or the continuation of the verb? Therefore already one says that said word, leaves of belonging in them, becoming something executed, more not being able to control, leaving the abstract field that the imagination privileges in them, if making substance, in the writing or in it speaks. We serve of propellant and launch something spoken, that more being absorbed will not be able for speaks, only caught by auditory way, delimiting the reach of what we project. The echo discloses something still more frightful ' ' men racionais' ' , therefore it demonstrates beyond, in given situation its effect extravasam expectation, while the captation of one is intended another one for the hearing, that would absorviria only one second dimension of the sharp one, in view of the first one to be our proper perception. Echoing makes with that I have an auditory perception of itself, not as recorded form, that a technological mechanism can make, but diverse timbres that are caught in surrounding data, where being folloied, both will have a similar apprehension. Thus, the echo, first exceeds an only expectation, demonstrating that the effect are very beyond the cause presumed, the timbre variation also displays a reality multidimensional, for the great gamma of possibilities, arriving at a transdimensionalidade state, for being something interlaced thing, without the severity of a taxonomy. Also having the hearing, a condition to assume of noises of the proper voice, as effect not only simulated of a writing, but for the repercussions of diverse noises, arriving the parts longnquas. Until when, the effect to lose its force, therefore what we presume to diminish of intensity, is only the demonstration from that the sound if moves away.


Each individual, therefore, allotment of numerous group minds – of its race, classroom, creed, nationality, etc. – also being able to raise itself on them, in the measure where it possesss one I break up of independence and originalidade' ' (Freud, in Psychology of the Masses and Analysis of I). But who was Ayrton Senna? Talentoso, daring and expremamente fast, Ayrton Senna started the billiards in the Kart with the incentive of its father. Symbol of the search of the perfection to the projection, haunted formula 1 during one decade entire. Dedicated and competitive to the extremity, it affirmed that ' ' it was not contented in being 2 better, exactly that this meant the end of carreira' '. For Freud, the secondary narcissism if relates to refluxo of the libido of objects for proper I. The delirium of largeness, proper to these states, in them indicates the way.

Without a doubt, it was born the expenseses of the object libido. The removed libido of the external world was lead for I and thus an attitude appeared that we can call narcissism. But the largeness delirium is not a new creation, as we know, is the magnifying and the unfolding of a state that already existed before. This takes in them to conceive the narcissism that is born of the withdrawal of the investments objects as a secondary narcissism that if it builds on the base of the other, primary (Freud 1914 2006:72 – 3). In 1992, Senna it was determined to win although dasanimo with the new car that presented imperfections. In this year, Senna it was successful in Mnaco, Hungria and Italy and finished the modest championship nor 4 place, losing 3 place for Schumacher. In 1993, it arrived at the end of the year without being contracted by no team. If it offered for nothing for the team of the Williams, its desire was to be part of the winning team, however was hindered for a clause in the contract of Alan Prost one of its rivals.


Under the solipsista point of view, defended for Schlick, the protocolic proposals made reference the sensible data, while the fisicalismo of conceives them to Neurath as referring proposals the physical objects, public, exterior to the citizen. In the words of Neurath: ' ' unified science consists of factual sentences, that can be subdivided in protocolic sentences and sentences not protocolares' '. Protocolic sentences are factual sentences as the others, contend names of people or names of on groups of people of determined way with other terms, which are, in a similar way that those, taken of the common language. The fisicalistas considered that the reference the sensible data made impracticable the objetividade and the intersubjetividade, that must be characteristic marcantes of the scientific speech. Schlick against-argued showing that the sensible data would have to be conceived as composed of two elements: structure and content. Thus, how much to the content, the sensible data would be in fact incommunicable. However, how much to the structure if it could not say the same. It is as soon as, if we cannot know if the impression that a person associates with the word ' ' vermelho' ' she is the same one that another person associates with the same word, is allowed, on the other hand, to support that if they establish the same relations between the impressions associates to the s words ' ' vermelho' ' , ' ' verde' ' ' ' azul' ' , any that are these impressions for each individual: ' ' However, exactly that all its judgments on colors agreed total to mine, I will never be able to deduce from there that it is experienciando ' ' same qualidade' '. It could be that, to the look the green paper, it has the experience of a color that I would call ' ' vermelha' ' ; in the same way, it would be possible, vice versa, that in the cases where red I enxergo, it experiencie the green, however nomine of course ' ' vermelho' ' , and so on.

Time Management

Sin Zodiac Signs Capricorn (at the level of implementation of the powers of darkness in the idea of Capricorn) – the desire for power and indifference to the needs and lives of his soul. Jesus Christ said this: 'For what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? " (The Bible, The Holy Gospel of Mark, 8:36-37). As already pointed out the author, God is not the big boss, and the most intimate and beloved being for the human soul. Virtue Signs of the Zodiac Capricorn – – professionalism, sin Capricorn – careerism. Capricorn is also a material symbol, but the desire to take up the matter is already idea Taurus. Capricorn, as its ruler Saturn in astrology governs time.

Human life, like everything else on earth is temporary. Periods of human life are under the predominant influence of different planets. On how harmonious and expressed (or far from harmonious, and weak) is planet in the natal chart man will determine whether good or bad period of life associated with this planet. Medieval astrologers knew only seven planets (planets Septenary) and distributed the influence of these planets periods of human life. Moon: from birth to 7 years. Mercury: 7 to 14 years. Venus: 14 to 23 years.

Sun: 23 to 36 years. Mars: From 36 to 46 years. Jupiter: 46 to 64 years. Saturn: 64 years before the destruction of the physical body. At the present time has come Age of Aquarius. Besides the medieval astrologers do not take into account the planets, used by modern astrologers. Therefore, the influence of the planets at periods of human life has changed. In the Age of Aquarius Aquarius increases the value of the manager – the planet Uranus.

Feng Shui

Almost all classical Feng Shui tips can also be explained in terms of energy space. So, to the bedroom was a good Feng Shui, it is necessary try to follow these rules: 1. Try to make your bedroom a room in a distant part of the house and place it in a quiet subdued tone. Interior colors should be neither too bright nor too bright, because they prevent you to relax. 2. Opposite the entrance to the bedroom if possible should not be bathroom door, toilet and kitchen.

3. Sharp corners of furniture and walls, and ceiling beams should not look directly at the bed and the bedroom door (Either outside or inside). But rounded corners to your dream did not hurt. Therefore, the problem of sharp edges can be solved if ill-placed to cover the corners of narrow, long decorations, such as branches of artificial plants. 4. You can not put the bed against the radiators.

This is especially true head of the bed. 5.Spalnoe place should not be placed flush toilets. If this is not possible, it will help further soundproofing. For example, a thick carpet on the wall. Surprisingly, the sound of water behind the wall, too, can break the feng shui bedroom. 6. Sleeper should be able to delete from powerful external antenna. In general, if possible should try to postpone the sources of electromagnetic radiation from the bed. Try to get rid of the habit of putting cell phone in the head or under your pillow (you might be convenient to have a phone handy, and your body – not!). 7. Better accommodate the computer and tv in every room except the bedroom. And if this is not possible, simply turn off them at night from the outlet. 8. Desirable to accommodate a double bed headboard to the wall, and child – the side of the wall, while not sleep feet to the door. (We know who have put their feet to the door). It is very important to choose a good bed. Do not be tempted by a stylish metal bed with a twisted back, you much more comfortable 'll feel the wooden beds with high solid back near the head. Well, when the bed has legs. This will allow the energy under the bed does not stagnate and to circulate freely. For the same reason why not recommended to keep under the bed boxes with shoes and other things that we love to hide in this place from outside vzlyad. Let your bedroom is comfortable, and the morning is always good!


Soon, to understand the conscience as something that constructs the image of the world, implies in only verifying that the mundividncias gain objetividade, from the nexus or of the resistance between feelings and impulses of the psychic life with the values of the world, culture and the civilization. Dilthey defines this tension of forces that permeia all of the life in the following way: ' ' As well as nothing we know of a space situation that would exist before the sensible multiplicity, or of a college to see ' ' azul' ' before the afeces, and the structure, for the opposite, if it converts into sensation alone I stimulate in it, the nature of the diversity of the stimulatons in the sight and in the tato alone it appears as espacialidade, thus also the feeling as the impulse alone appears with the other in whose warp they appear: it swims we know of the structure of the impulsive life before the multiplicity of the stimulatons; they occur at the same time. E, therefore, always has also jointly sensitive multiplicity and felt reality, feeling and affective value of the determinative one, impulse and object of impulso' '. (to see, p-35) Thus, the will to represent the world is for the feeling, in the measure where the conscience searchs to determine the content that is for the will. To this relation, Dilthey calls auto-reflection, therefore all of life if carries through effectively as image of the world for intermediary of the conscientious will of something, the scienter, wants either religious, artistic or Metaphysical. Thus, will if transforms into value of knowledge, since the life of the pensante being if does not separate of the psychic life of the being that feels, it is consolidated in this vital complexo. For this reason, we have a totalizante notion of the life that does not hold of the logical point of view the conflicts between the conceptions it world and the historical conscience. .

The Butterfly Effect

Let's open the tap for all Many times we hear that to solve our problems we should "love others." It is clear that either the concept is not understood or applied for centuries of attempts incorrectly general application of this rule by religions, have not had the desired result and humanity is coming to an unprecedented crisis. Of course the religious proselytes endorsed the statement say that the reason is that men do not love as they propose. So why not listen to them? Could it be that the explanatory and methodological basis is not understood? "Love others" is a special attribute that has nothing to do with the natural inclination to help those in need or do "good deeds." This attribute works like an extra sense that allows a field to begin to perceive reality totally different from our common sense, and that enables people to feel the interdependence of all and the need to fill the other by himself. It's similar to a person love you want to fill the object of his desire. Paradoxically, "love for others" begins its opposite – the revelation of hate, rejection and separation from others.

This is how a man feels when he reveals his total dependence on others. It is as if the tap that supplies oxygen breathing was under control of another person. Discover which depends totally and absolutely the world and we all depend on the correct behavior that we have towards others. He discovers that he is the one that determines their status to sustain or support exploitative relationships with the world. Every day this feeling of dependence grows and you become more dependent on others for basic needs like water, bread, work and safety.

This is how integrated and holistic system is revealed to us and started to verify the Butterfly Effect in action. At the same time, we reveal the hatred of all the people of the world product of our innate selfishness. This image of total interdependence of all people reveals an individual causes feel the urge to "open the tap for all." And, this is "love for others." Rav Dr. Michael Laitman is master in cyber netic, doctor in philosophy and Kabbalah, a professor of ontology and epistemology. He is founder and president of Bnei Baruch and ARI Institute in Israel. More information and.

The Boss

When we are in a relaxed state, our intuitive transceiver operates at maximum capacity and without interference. That is, we are confident in themselves and the forces, know that everything will be fine and it gives a recharge for the intuition that in such a situation will carry up to our mind the most truthful and accurate information. When we are flexible, easily changing our plans and direction motion, it allows us to go with the flow in the most favorable direction. Not every man can abandon his plan when it encounters an obstacle, which is a message from the future. In most cases, a person starts trying to break through the obstacle head, proving to all and sundry, who is the boss. Of course, no one argues that man is the master of his life, but along with it must also have the ability to see and sometimes even hear themselves and the world, and not always go like a bull through. And, finally, to trust life and all its processes.

If you trust, you always win, compared with those who do not trust and doubt. The universe always and everywhere abundant and good to every one of us. And not trusting and closing of it, we create our own problems, which then with great gusto and diligence overcome. For clarity, I would like to tell you how I use intuition in their daily lives. Every morning, for 1-2 hours I walk in the fresh air (of course it needs to have free time).

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