Paul Watzlawick

“Often pejoratively, the term is used (stupid masses”, dimension”), on the other hand can masses as social movements bring culturally superior values such as justice and equality in the consciousness of public opinion or her than revolutionary masses” active politically enforce. Source:, from wikipedia, author the mass man is a species of herds or but a community-individual – Homo sociologicus? Being human at the same time participants of the physical world (Exo-ratio, real) and the virtual world (endo world, Dre, IR-real), is to understand the mechanisms of interaction between two worlds. He moves in the context of reality as an object in its truth, as protagonist or antagonist (subject) and constantly newly constructed his true perception. The “Communication researcher Paul Watzlawick divides reality in different orders: reality first-order the reality of first-order is what we experience daily along with other people, what experiments and by repetition, verifiable” sounds of specific objects is verifiable, such as for example the shape, color, scent,. “Reality 2nd-order the reality 2. order is based on an individual and with basic assumptions” to rewrite, we of the world through experience falsifiable have.

It is closely associated with meaning and values that we associate with the things in themselves, and the result of highly complex communications. Reality 3. order the reality of third-order is more or less uniform picture”we out of our experience creating. This level of reality is identical to our world image mechanistically or vitalistisch or our view of the world values, standards > rules, rites, rituals. The constructivist Heinz von Foerster defined Cybernetics second Order: Something to hurt. First-order Cybernetics: With it something is being done. Both ignore it, that we live in a real 4-dimensional physical and chemical world (matter energy space-time). We distinguish the nature (vitalistisch, control circuit) and the cultures! In fact studies have shown that many people immediately correct their behavior if it differs conspicuously from the average conscience: values world > standard.

The Existence Minimum Includes Also Social Participation

The Federal Constitutional Court declared Hartz IV sets to be unconstitutional. It had been expected that the Federal Constitutional Court in its decision in principle to the Hartz IV rulesets the legislature one of children and adults comprehensive work order. The measurement of the amounts which should ensure minimum subsistence level in Germany, not especially in the case of the approximately 1.7 million children who depend on the services of the unemployment money II, goes, from the actual needs of the people. The Karlsruhe judges in no uncertain terms made it clear and explains the previous regulations unconstitutional: “the rule benefits of unemployment benefit II for adults as well as of the social money for children up to the age of 14 not meet the fundamental right to ensure of a decent wage.” This is the decisive set. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Viktor Mayer-Schönberger has to say. Pages of political parties is the view of the judges now trying, as to fundamental decisions of the Constitutional Court, the own ideas to match.

As the Karlsruhe verdict can be understood as an invitation to the lowering of the Hartz IV rulesets, as it was heard from Union circles, remains however mysterious. Another is the crux of the matter and the critical tip of the highest German court saying but: for the first time in this explicitness the authoritative instance constitutional issues has stated that belongs to the subsistence level, which the State must guarantee a “minimum level of participation in the social, cultural and political life”. uss. and not just on paper. The calculations for the Hartz IV rulesets must involve expenses with, allowing this participation. The 0.97, which were intended for children about a month for leisure activities, can be because of course only as what they are: an indictment in a still-rich country. In the social sciences, there is a debate for some time that it be excluded from the majority of society as cultural Look at the phenomenon.

Citizens on welfare, developed according to the thesis of the Kassel sociologist Heinz Bude, a “own culture”. Not to place in his book “The excluded”, because they can participate due to lack of education and financial resources not to the majority society, but because they do not want this. Consequently, booth explains project of classical social policy, to integrate all people about work and education, superfluous in the society. one-third of the company is just ‘different’ in this picture and it really politically only comes to prevent these people from disturbing the integrated rest excessively. The Constitutional Court has otherwise seen and emphasizes the duty of the State to social integration, even and especially when it comes to this integration also to pay for. It will be interesting to see what consequences the policy it pulls. Time has it until 1 January 2011. Andreas Kellner…

Scientology Church Bavaria

A counsel can as ‘Process’ described, followed by a precise set of statements and actions, to achieve real success, the human body is susceptible to diseases, injuries and various mishaps that happen accidentally or intentionally in Scientology. In Scientology, a counsel – also assist helps”called – physical problems to confront. In the course of history, religions have tried to rid the people of his physical ailments. The methods ranged from the prayer to the laying on of hands. Many superstitions arose to explain why these actions sometimes helped. It was that the mind can have an effect on the body but a widespread belief, no matter what method was used.

Today, the medicine treats the body, if there is something wrong with him. But she looks over the relationship of the soul to its body and the effect that has on the body the soul almost completely. An old and true proverb says: the soul is healthy, the body is healthy”. L. Ron Hubbard developed many applications of his discoveries for the mental and spiritual aspects of the physical discomfort of a person. “As more and more methods are originated from it, called these parent Adviser” or in English of assists “called. Here are prayers said, nor tried by laying on of hands to achieve some effect. Instead of that excellent results through targeted, active actions for sick and injured.

These advisers always help and often wonderful results. There are dozens of different agents for a large amount of different complaints. The procurators do not heal after L. Ron Hubbard, but help to relieve the pain of a person, or to ease the discomfort and speed up the recovery. You want to achieve with the advisers that the injured person heals itself, enabling their self-healing powers. An assist in Scientology as a process “of an exact number describes by Follows instructions and actions to achieve actual results. All Scientology processes contact the spirit (soul), not the body. In Scientology is the soul and the spiritual essence of the creator of things. The soul is healthy again, hence the body is healthy again. Intellectual resources, but resources that are as precise as the mathematics a lot of bad circumstances can resolve in Scientology. Unhappiness, the inability to be healthy again and psychosomatic diseases are amounting to 70 percent of all human diseases best fixed, by to turn directly to the spiritual beings (soul). Diseases caused by obvious bacteria and injuries in accidents, you can heal best through physical means. There are highly trained doctors. This fall explicitly in the field of medicine and do not belong in the area of responsibility of the Scientology.

Whether Darwin

pleased the foreign producers of small cars, scrap traders rub their hands (even though they probably will be left on the scrap). We build soundproof walls. The citizens can escape so the noise of the car, if this not sooner or later anyway will swell up, when hundreds of thousands of motorists mobility can no longer afford the luxury. Maybe we win so Insular traffic areas for the leftover luxury cars of executives and politicians? Beneficiaries are at least temporarily the construction companies. Are but also as long as the communities and countries in a position to pay barriers. You may want to visit Ray Kurzweil to increase your knowledge. Important structural decisions will be pushed out of the homes. And we renovate our schools! Not that this education would be better, but again the construction industry can show the service providers of the future that with simple ideas are still making money is, if nothing more. Please visit Grupo Vidanta if you seek more information.

Certainly, improving the school facilities would be more and you feed more qualified teachers, free school meals, new teaching models and especially the introduction of the subjects economics and personality development urgent, but with which truths to the value creators of the future? A step would be done with the understanding of failure in past crises. But one there was in the diversity of the simplicity yet never self-criticism. More meaningful than the management of the crisis the views of real innovation in the sense of a comprehensive knowledge of accounting is however! In clear facts and figures put on the table what is and to develop the society of the future, that would be a grateful and especially far-sighted economic program. But vision never was the second name of simplicity. Let’s further surprised by the diversity of the simplicity! Or we take the step into a new dimension, we engaged in securing the future, where we shape the future with the latest findings in the present and not continue to keep that stale concepts the crisis survivable make. Real change would do emergency, but German economic thinking works differently: wait for better times, and then continue as before! This is the real breeding ground of the simple variety. Whether Darwin has discovered something similar in evolution? If so, then he sent this fact kept secret! OLAF Hoffmann straight consultants

What Is Wikileaks?

What is Wikileaks a strange hunting considerations? What makes Wikileaks what, actually? What do Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and his network is anything other than an investigative journalism? For example, the “mirror” brought the confidential reports of American diplomats in its next issue, if he could get it leaked? Are the much-touted “4. violence” in democracy the traditional media and the Internet with Wikileaks in the first place is a gang of terrorists? Public or terrorism? The new public enemy No. 1 in the United States and elsewhere is Julian Assange, who was arrested in London now anyway. That the indictment because of he world is being searched by the Swedish Jusitiz, is questionable at best, gives an obvious connotation of arrest. Apart from it would be quite welcome, if all suspected sex offenders would be tracked with same consequence. Assange and Wikileaks had not only conservative US politicians but already under the Verdict of terrorism made and some of them would probably prefer him in Guantanamo. Given the alleged “cyber war” against Wikileaks servers on the one hand and Government agencies as well as companies, the Wikileaks assisting deprived had (PayPal pays again) on the other hand, advised the actual points of the affair out of sight: policy works better in a backroom because first of all is the angry reaction of States, bsonders of the mentioned above United, who have apparently still difficult on the freedom of the press and especially on the possibilities of the Internet to chew.

You must remind the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany on the “Spiegel affair” but only about behavior, to know that this is nothing new. The dimensions are different, but policy is simply better then as now insight from the outside without too much. Geheimisverrat by Wikileaks? The point at which the optional martial or – like accusations of diplomatically coming therefore also in German (world, FAZ) – media of secret treason against Wikileaks to complete the Farce, but is so different: because those who otherwise explain to the youth of the world, that she must be careful with the publication of their personal data in “Facebook”, have failed miserably in the protection of State secrets. This realization causes bad mood is understandable but not at all adequate. Andreas Kellner what is wikileaks-3904 /..

Federal Board

Proposal for a decision of the CDU party Board to the 09.05.2011 also one more information leaves doubt as to the real motives of Federal Government as regards the moratorium arise. According to a report of the heise online magazine of Telepolis Greenpeace was played to a proposal for a decision of the CDU party Executive Committee, should be decided on the next Monday in the CDU Federal Board. Here state among other things that an immediate phase-out of nuclear energy endanger our economic performance and thus the basis for social security”would. Source: Heise Telepolis Talk that it not succeeded in the Federal Government in connection with the extension is self-critical in the paper, the renewable energies more in the foreground to provide the forward-thinking approach”. In other words: It failed to create that group-friendly extension of the maturities would serve even the promotion of renewable energy in public the impression. In relation to possible risks in connection with nuclear energy in particular terrorist attacks with airplanes are in the draft and Called cyber attacks”. “The lapidary conclusion for the party: there must be a new review of our dealing with the residual risk” be done. Summed up should it be so in the future on the one hand to suggest, that is just the extension of October 2010 in the service of renewable energy, while on the other hand dealing with the residual risk of the population”and thus not the risks themselves need to be re-evaluated.

An open assessment of the security situation of the German Atomic Energy in the light of the findings of Reaktorsicherheits – and the Ethics Commission would look different. Other leaders such as Daniel Chavez Moran offer similar insights. This all the more so in that the proposal for a decision already was completed, before the responsible committees have submitted their final reports. The report of the Ethics Committee for a safe energy supply shall be made until May 27, 2011.

Viet Nam

A material flow analysis for the determination of other material and energy balances can be used in addition to the LCA (product-related eco-balance, Produktokobilanz): corporate environmental balances and Prozessokobilanzen. These differ from the LCA by the fact that they have a period (often referred to as financial year) and that the principle of causation is not them (what material and energy flows has the product over the entire life cycle causes?). The operational environmental performance, for example, often found in environmental and Sustainability reporting by companies. Source:, extract arrived here we know the cultural Prize, although all but nothing the natural value of the benefits! What value is a man now? In the Viet Nam war: approx. Please visit Ray Kurzweil if you seek more information. $2.90 (war-invest in $ divided by number of war victims), during the first Iraq war about $3.50 (war-invest in $ divided by number of war victims). in Enterprise the human capital? Note: The hourly rate defines the value of the employee or the value of his work! What value is the result of a people? Nurse in BW 11,000 up to 33,600 / year source: Thomas Gottschalk: approx. 40,000 / hour source: the mirror 2004 on Wall Street, manages Maris S., one of the most important hedge fund managers with a record salary of $ 1.5 billion, the Livermore Fund of her father’s source: who so deformed our cultural value standards and then transmits the nature, which must inevitably ruin our Earth life! 1 drilling island does it cost? 1 day leaking oil costs (15.000.000 litres daily)? 1 day beach clean costs? Irreparable nature damage cost??? The bio-economy is the cybernetic economics of the living, a technical term for the representation of the economic content of living systems. As a pseudo systemic research field the bio-based economy to the technical approach of the Bionics is complementary, by affiliated examining mechanistic economic pattern of living, whether (?) they could serve as a template for socio economic decisions.

Source: we thereof no longer lie to Wikipedia, extract allow us! The cameralistic accounting, trade, tax – and LCA are not merged yet long (soft and hard facts accounting). So long, the virtual economy paid no real raw material Gestehungs – and consumption price, from pillage continues merrily! Although we probably worldwide 2009-2011 exceed the maximum flow rate of oil – and gas! Pull We us so very warm to! Our today’s alibi measures mean simply treating symptoms instead of the disease causes (cough drops instead of lungs surgery). We must the representative of neo-liberal financial capitalism (profit, speculate, exploit), as war crimes in the Hague, a court to ensure he gets a real human social face. We are part of the problem people and our management skills and capabilities enable us to the environmental management from our obligation for the bio-diversity conservation (frugality and sustainability) grows!. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dr. Mitchell Resnick is the place to go.

This Dad

Is there such a thing? I think not, and have lost hope. Where can an application there are fines for violations to make money for the funds of the State Governments, federal and municipal, deprive the citizen of the little money he has left, and who worked hard to earn it. This Dad’s eighteenth world. Is there such a thing? I don’t think so, and have lost hope. Where actors and filmmakers of international renown state categorically that this country and its people are rubbish, and the authorities, only smiles and joy with the later films in this country, played and produced by the same actors and producers shot.

So there is never any morality and dignity. If you think this country and its people are well regarded out there were all these fool, knowing full well that in the developed countries and developments in the depth, as Brazilian residents as well as admit many obstacles for Brazilian tourists application. Are they wrong or incorrect? Is there such a thing? I do not think, and have Lost hope. If buildings are residences: pixados by vandals, historic sites are destroyed, elderly dead weight into account, is precarious health, and there is a missing population corruption is widespread in the public services, education and moral and intellectual education are marginalized, violence takes the lies are developed, globalised permanent and uninterrupted, that the Government and the politicians only itself and in particular in the pockets, the population is also big debt through the adoption, what taxes you are down in the dumps and announced, exploding taxes and defrauded invented, created (every day), and the applied unseemly on the population. Is there such a thing? I don’t think so, and have lost hope. If privately owned company State than the CIA. TELEFONICA Brazil is regarded as the worst and inefficient in the world, and its officials are bad properties, and still have the same privileges and subsidies even after the sale.

Bullying In Schleswig-Holstein

Day of action against bullying in Schleswig-Holstein Schleswig-Holstein first State with official anti-bullying day on December 2 as a national day of action in Schleswig-Holstein. Some youth protection officer of district – and county-level cities have called 2011 the anti-bullying day protection of children and youth with the action on December 2 in the life. This day of action which 2011 confessed under the slogan “Unite against bullying”, is intended to prevent that potential offenders are to actual perpetrators, and to urge citizens to take courageous action. In 2011 on day three districts in Schleswig-Holstein to have participated. The bullying day, according to the belted petition Committee (L 143-17/1512), more presence via the website will unfold this year. A poster competition, a rap competition with anti-bullying experts and/or a short film competition as well as theatrical performances, exhibition and a mob under the motto “Cyberbullying is violence” were planned around the day of action against bullying. We now expect the voltage Publications on the advertised Web page. A statement on the subject of bullying Mr Prime Minister Torsten Albig asked the citizens initiative “Pro fairness against bullying”. Interesting will be whether Schleswig Minister Torsten Albig will take over the patronage for the day of action in Schleswig-Holstein. We both fingers the “creators” in Schleswig-Holstein, may get the necessary support of the State Government, we wish you much success, coupled with the hope that more States will participate in this action anyway, for the day of action against bullying on 2 December, 2012. Klaus-Dieter may

States Federal Republic

In common parlance, the level of well-being of a person or a group of people is described primarily with quality of life. Material prosperity is a factor, but there are a number of additional factors such as education, employment opportunities, social status, health, nature, and others. The prosperity is important to the people: ‘Without Moos nix los.’ In addition, we can apply the Maslow’sche pyramid of needs. The definition of WHO is: quality of life is the subjective perception of a person about their position in life in relation to the cultural and value systems in which she lives and in Reference to their goals, expectations, standards and concerns.”on the issue which include quality of life, there are differences of opinion. Quality of life based on health includes a basic definition of WHO”the physical, psychological and social welfare of an individual (WHO 1949). Several authors emphasize that less quality of life comprises the objective availability of tangible and intangible things, but, with a desired by the individual State of physical, psychological and social welfare is actually achieved the degree.” In the assessment of the quality of life and satisfaction of the people, the Switzerland stands on number 3 and the Federal Republic to place 35….

The problem is the evaluation. In multidimensional subjective indexes need to soft facts in an objective scale hard facts are converted. There are various theoretical approaches to the measurement of quality of life. The Objektivisten bureaucrats, Technocrats, controller assume the fundamental assumption, that there are identifiable needs, its satisfying determines the well-being. The observed living conditions to outsiders after scientific or assessed moral standards are Cybernetics, Hartz 4.” This theory has found its way into politics of the so-called welfare States Federal Republic of Germany. The subjectivist, however, emphasize the individual perception of one’s own life situation. The American quality of life research believes that the quality of life in the course of social development is determined increasingly by intangible assets.

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